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  1. Batonya's pure art

    We Are Family I miss Owlicious|Owlowiscious|Owloysius|Owlysius JESUS HASBRO JUST DECIDE ALREADY HOW WE MUST SPELL IT
  2. Batonya's pure art

    It's a Bird...It's a Plane...It's Pinkie Pie!
  3. Batonya's pure art

    2 is ready, 4 is up to go!
  4. Batonya's pure art

    Swooosh! Fresh one is here
  5. Batonya's pure art

    Have tried my second non-linear art
  6. Batonya's pure art

    Hmmm, another chibi pony?
  7. Batonya's pure art

    Ya welcome
  8. Batonya's pure art

    I'm using PaintToolSAI 2.0 and a bit of Photoshop CS6, but just for things like filters, if I can't get the wanted effect in SAI
  9. Batonya's pure art

    Old one. Still like it tho.
  10. Batonya's pure art

    Ah, yep. I completely forgot about it.
  11. Batonya's pure art

    Here, link to Deviantart page: Yay!
  12. Batonya's pure art

    Angriest pony in an entire universe!
  13. Batonya's pure art

    Just trying some human-art
  14. Batonya's pure art

    Aye, reachin the sky with Pinkie
  15. Batonya's pure art

    Now I will not say for sure, but I spent somewhere around 3-4 days on a cyborg. It was a time when I did not yet have a graphics tablet, and I had to do whole lineart using SAI's vector. Then I selected the zones inside the lineart and painted them by mouse. All the shadows were done in a similar way- vector of shadow border, selection, color. Ooover and over again. Probably, then I had steel patience, since I managed to draw all this arts with a computer mouse. Then just go and learn. It's not as difficult as it seems. The main thing is not to wait for something amazing at once. At first, we all draw a complete mess, and only in time gain experience.I burned my first "cool" drawings a year ago, because I was afraid that someone would see it Today I'm a little sorry for this decision. After all, no matter how bad they are, they are still a part of me, part of the path that I have traveled. So, if you're drawing mess, then just draw it! Do not be afraid to do something that is not beautiful. Just do it, take criticism, draw conclusions, correct your mistakes. This is the only way to learn something truly, and it's not just about drawing, it's about everything. Well, I'll probably upload the rest of the arts in next few days.