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  1. guys how do i stop the replies my ears will die out
  2. i have a question. should i stop asking people their age in boku no roblox remastered wiki just for the purpose of getting them banned?

  3. Nuggets, and eggs with black pepper.
  4. No. Only like my chin or my hand. and my hair but mostly not my entire face. I don't wanna get kidnapped. Well that's what my mom says.
  5. oh crap my moistake delete this lmao
  6. GTA obviously. Fortnite is what you see in the toilet.
  7. well i may have accidentally got someone to give me ownership of a wiki where i never asked. i never asked to become owner and he gave it to me. it started when i felt unpowered and useless (i dont rememebr saying useless) then i told him pretty extreme. we turned this into a conversation few hours ago. then he said he will just make me owner then demote himself to become a regular user. i never wanted to be owner! then it happened. daaaang hopefully id give it back to him.