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  1. (I know this is not a show discussion. I was going to post in Events but I'm not able to) Forget Area 51! On September 23rd, 2019, we will be raiding Hasbro studios. We need to look for G5 spoilers, renew FIM for a 10th season, and, of course, see them lil' ponies!
  2. I had a crazy idea. If G5 fails among fans (or fans just don't want to leave their G4 ponies), could there be a possibility of a G4.5? I mean, come on! G3 got a G3.5. And I know that there's already Equestria Girls, but that doesn't really count as a G4.5 (just a spinoff). Maybe it could have some more mature themes since everyone who started watching G4 will be teens or adults now. Maybe include the CMC, Daring Do, or someone else as a "mane" character?
  3. I had an thought in my mind. Should Lauren Faust return one last time to write the final episode of FIM?
  4. An Animatic I made using a bunch of vectors. Based off of a Cuphead SFM. And Her Pal Lyra.mp4
  5. #RaraInSeason9Plz This is a (poorly made) parody of "You'll Be In My Heart" by Phil Collins. The parody is basically Applejack obnoxiously explaining the episode "The Mane Attraction" in SONG FORM! The idea was based off of a scene from Nostalgia Critic's Balto Review. You can watch it here. Enjoy! (WARNING! WEIRD!) U_R_A_Pop_Star.mp4
  6. There's this sound effect cursing my mind called "The Diddy Laugh" that plays during a Nintendo logo with Diddy Kong. Here's a link to the sound effect: Has anyone ever heard this sound in FIM, or at least in anything MLP related?
  7. I don't live in the EU, but I think this Article 13 thing is nothing but crap. Things like fair use are the only ways the fandom can survive, especially without the show, which is ending soon.
  8. Making a Part 2 soon... Why? I don't know.
  9. This is one of the most stupid thing I've ever made. Let me just explain each song: 1. Fits PERFECTLY! 2. Umm... Ok? 3. JACKIE CHAN! 4. What happened to your voice? 5. What? 6. Okay, now you're going insane... 7. OOGA CHAKA OOGA OOGA! 8. Earrape. Watch the video here! RARA_SINGS_ANYTHING.mp4
  10. Should there be a spinoff series after G4 ends? And NO! I do not mean Equestria Girls. Something that takes place in the FIM universe. Just in case fans aren't satisfied with G5, with a spinoff we can still enjoy the characters of G4 after the end of FIM. I'm thinking maybe turning Ponyville Mysteries into a series? Or something with the CMC? What do you think about a spinoff? What are some possible ideas?
  11. You mean "Welcome to Care A Lot", right? I hate that show. At least they're bringing Care Bears back to 2d. CGI sucks when you don't execute it right. BTW, I'm looking forward towards the use of TB Harmony in G5. The animation in MLPMOVIE17 reminded me of something out of the Disney Renaissance!
  12. I have many hopes and worries about the 5th generation. Here are my hopes: Despite the movie (and possibly, the series) being computer animated, which is kinda risky when it comes to ponies, I expect the animation and designs to look good. I believe Lauren Faust might even help with any design problems. Old Bronies will continue to watch and enjoy the show, despite G4 being over. Newer Bronies like me (joined 2017-2019) will get to have a new experience. The show will have a similar feel to G4, but will also feel like something truly new at the same time. The G4 ponies will still appear in special events, crossovers with other shows, etc. to keep the G4 fans happy. Sites like these will still exist with the new generation. Here are my worries: Computer animation will not be appealing. Old Bronies will ignore the show and move on to other things. Newer Bronies will not like the new experience. The show will be, like Lauren Faust once said, "a puddle of smooshy, cutesy-wootsy, goody-two-shoeness." The G4 ponies will be forgotten. Sites like these will shut down because of a dying fandom. What do you guys think?
  13. Towards the movies end, before "Rainbow", this mare can be seen walking alone on the Canterlot sidewalks, almost unnoticed, as the damage by the Storm King is reversed by Twilight and Tempest. She appears rather sad, or even old(?) at fist, before lifting her head up when the magic takes effect, having a "Lyra Heartstrings" like appearance. Who is this mare? Let me know in the comments.
  14. I am putting this project aside for now. I am working on other projects first.