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    Being social, cartoons, Nintendo, jazz and 70s' music, drama and theatre, info tech, food, collecting playing cards, foreign languages and cultures, and MLP:FiM (duh)

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  1. Mega Thread Count to a million

    435360 Did I miss anything?
  2. The Corrupted Wish Game

    Granted but they're those cheap transparent thin plastic ones you get at a dollar shop. I wish for a chocolate cheesecake
  3. I came here to devour your frienship (and say hello)

    Hello and welcome! I'm glad that you decided to join us too! I have a feeling you would fit in here just well and make plenty of friends. That being said I do hope you have fun on here and enjoy your stay!
  4. Hello ponies of this place!!!

    Hello and welcome! I'm glad you liked the show and decided to join the forums. Hope you have fun here!
  5. My new profile picture contains my original profile pic (bottom left), @SparklingSwirls (top left) and @Gabosor (top right) 's renditions of it, and my completely messed up take on it (bottom right). Enjoy! :P

    1. Babyyoshi309
    2. SolarFlare13


      what a beautiful profile pic :P :catface:

    3. The_Gobo


      It's very beetles XD
      I can dig it


  6. Rename the person above you!

  7. Nice avatar :derp: 

    1. Bronylicious Wannabe

      Bronylicious Wannabe

      Thanks! Yours looks great too! :D

  8. Mega Thread Answer the question above you.

    And for that, you have me to blame! Maybe teal What's your favorite to write with?
  9. Yay or Nay the ship above you

    He actually just asked me where my avatar came from and when I told him the episode he just took my avatar and added tears to make it "original" lol. Also YAY! How about @SparklingSwirls X @Lightwing yet again?
  10. Hello people...

    Well hello and welcome Dark Shadow! I hope you will meet some new friends here, and have fun!
  11. General Did anyone had a great day?

    It was fine, just sleepy the whole day through!
  12. Salutations!

    Hello Nye and welcome! I'm glad you decided to join the forums and watch the show from the top, we all remember how it feels the first few times telling people you like My Little Pony! But on the forums, you don't have to be afraid to be judged, one because we are mostly friendly people, and two we all like the show just like you! Some of my hobbies and interests would be in foreign languages and cultures, the 60s' and 70s' music, Nintendo, and some other smaller things! But once again, I welcome you to the forums, I hope you enjoy your stay here and have fun!
  13. Rename the person above you!

  14. The Avatar Above You Is Out To Kill You - How Screwed Are You?

    I'm pretty sure I'd be dead unless I'm Fluttershy... So yea, I'm 100% dead.
  15. Draw the profile picture above you in MS Paint

    Whoops, I ninja'd you didn't I... Sorry...