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  1. Wannabrony

    Ask A Wannabe

    *cuddles you*
  2. Wannabrony

    Ask A Wannabe

    I'm just in charge of melting the snow. It's a dull job but someone's gotta do it right? Gotta put these warm hooves to work somehow. And the animal team must have the hardest task of them all, you should be proud of being able to handle such a workload!
  3. Woah. :wacko: Since when did everything on here turn pink and bubbly? Reminds me of a certain pone. :laugh:

    Hope you've all been lovely, wonderful pones! :squee:

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    2. Floofie


      Welcome back!!

    3. Wannabrony


      @Will Guide *hugs back*

      @Twilight Luna Heya! :squee: I did have a pretty good day, I hope you did too my friend! :coco:

      @Stone Cold Steve Tuna Pretty well! ^_^ Just rushing to have some applications done, but it's going well! Glad you're doing alright! :rarity:

      @RaraLover Thank you!! :yay: We haven't interacted much, but I remember seeing you a lot around here in the few times that I've been back, but I hope that you've been well too! I think the new layout looks pretty good too! :P

      @Floofie Thank you Floof!! :kindness:

    4. Floofie


      @Wannabrony You're welcome c:

  4. Wannabrony

    Ask A Wannabe

    I am two years late, but I suppose I can answer some questions for my younger self! I haven't been playing a lot of video games lately, but when I do it's usually platformers and rhythm games! They're really the only games that I'm decent at. I've been playing Mario Maker 2, Arcaea, etc. I got into the show mainly because I really liked the friendships between the ponies, and their bond grew on me too, in a way. Seeing a group that are so close-knit with each other, it warms my heart, it's just a really heartfelt show. Oh, and the humour is on point too. I used to be
  5. It really has been a while right? It's been too long, I'm really glad to be able to see you and everypony again! Almost! I'm almost there! Just need to pick up some mayonnaise tomorrow from the grocery store, and I'm ready to go! (And no, the mayonnaise is not for cooking, it's a present for someone... ) TPAM believed in Santa at one point or another in their life.
  6. Does a brohoof count? TPAM is procrastinating on something they should be doing right now
  7. Awwww, you flatter me! Wish that I had even a quarter of her knowledge though, the only fact I know is that the square root of 546 is 23.36664289109! But I think that you'd make a really good Twily yourself!
  8. Has been forever since I came back on here, but the answer is still yep! Still got it...
  9. Oh that was such a long time ago, let me think... Hm.... I do believe it was @Nightfall Gloam... Right? I don't remember very well...
  10. Happy birthday MLPF and thank you for making a place where all of us could chat about the show and build new relationships. I may not be online anywhere as often as I once did, but this place still is very close to my heart. Thank you MLPF.
  11. Boo. :orly:



    Happy Spoop Month everypony. :P

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    2. Wannabrony


      @Twilight Luna I'll try to visit more regularly and see you and the others more, even if it's just a status update. :rarity: I'll see you all soon.

    3. Tacodidra


      I've been fine, thanks! :) I hope you are too, my friend! :kindness:

      I hope you come back again soon! :twi:

    4. kinda deleted

      kinda deleted

      Hey you have been gone for 10 years

  12. I will literally eat any egg that's presented to me... I even like those century eggs that people love to hate on! But as for best egg... You can never go wrong with scrambled.
  13. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! :squee::balloon: 

    I hope that you had a wonderful day of birthday bliss today, and perhaps a little sweet treat to indulge in... For example, a cake? :nom: I'm not sure, but I wish that your day was truly a good and enjoyable one. :rarity: Happy birthday, my friend!

    1. Tacodidra


      Thanks, my friend! :D The day was an amazing one, thanks in part to the wonderful people here! :rarity: And there were indeed some treats included... :pinkie:

      I hope your day was a good one too! :kindness:

  14. Happy birthday! :yay: I wish you a wonderful time today, and that you perhaps will have some delightful cake if you would like! :nom:

    And on a lesser note, congrats on 888 posts. :D

    1. Sovereign Leader Rarity

      Sovereign Leader Rarity

      Thanks a lot for the support in both fronts. Eight is my favourite number, so it feels appropriate to end it this way.:-D

  15. I'm constantly talking to myself when I'm alone. It's fun to chat with myself when I'm getting bored and no one's around me, or when I'm frustrated with myself and to let out some steam. It's very helpful for me in helping me calm down and to keep myself sane, although I look like anything but that when I'm talking to myself.
  16. Wannabrony

    Mega Thread Answer the question above you.

    I have a giant gummy bear that weighs two pounds in my room, does that count? What's something you think no one really find valuable but you?
  17. I won't say that I'm truly happy, but I can't say I'm unhappy at all. I don't really think I've experienced true unhappiness yet in my life. Excuse me if that sounded like a brag, but I didn't mean it that way. I'm still relatively young and I haven't been through a lot yet, but as of right now, I've had everything in my life handed to me. I've never had to face any serious dilemmas or hardships and I consider all my problems are minor ones. I'm really in no position to complain about the first world problems in my life, I know many people have their lives much worse than me, and I know
  18. Broadway/Showtunes would be at my number one spot, but following closely behind in second place would be jazz. Although I'm not sure what are the rankings after that... Maybe rock and roll? I'm really not quite sure, I don't really have a particular genre which I dislike, even the ones that aren't that great have some good songs that come out of it!
  19. I'm not a shipping person, so I don't even ship any characters together in My Little Pony. Although there is one ship that I've rooted for intensely from the beginning outside of this fandom... It's LAPIDOT. Raising The Barn was heartbreaking for me
  20. Wannabrony

    Mega Thread Answer the question above you.

    Lay on my bed and procrastinate on important school projects! What's something that you wish someone said to you?
  21. I'm in tip-top shape, and I never have to tell myself to start working out and still end up laying in bed doing nothing, because I already exercise regularly! I live a healthy lifestyle.
  22. I'll fight you with some delicious Ribena served warm.
  23. I use them pretty often in real life, maybe a few times per day. I'm usually not directing those swear words at someone or saying them in with a negative connotation, I try to use them playfully and it just comes out naturally for me. (I blame my best friend for introducing me to YouTube, it was a spiral down the rabbit hole from there. ) Or you know, if I stub my toe or something.
  24. Rarely, even though I don't consider myself as a private person, I just think that the internet doesn't to know that much about me. I don't hide a lot when it comes to personal information (which I honestly should ), but my face is one of the things that is best to not be exposed to all that has access to the Internet. My face may be found on places like my friends' Facebook accounts or some of my very old YouTube video. But for updated pictures of myself, I don't think there are any public ones on the internet (that I know of ) other than being synced onto my private accounts for storage pu
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