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  1. After much deliberation, I have realised I no longer come on here enough so I am going to be leaving.

    I've sort of grown past the huge part of my MLP fandom, and while I still enjoy it very casually, that's all it will remain. I'm moving on to bigger and better things, and adjusting my life accordingly.


    However if you still want to chat me up, you can find me on Discord *Cosmic * Castaway*#1357

    It's been fun, good bye everyone.


    1. Anti-Villain


      Godspeed in your future, then.

  2. Here is an idea of what is going on: https://tmblr.co/Z-nDQr2eaDTVJ
  3. Earl Grey Ghost

    Food Do you eat meat?

    Then my statement of "whether you are or not..." applies, which insinuated that I left open to the idea that you weren't. So there's that. What this all comes down to is culture. Choice. That's what we keep saying. None of us are telling you you're wrong in choosing your particular diet. Just some of the claims you're making on technical or scientific levels. What you do, is up to you. What other cultures do, is up to them. Healthy or not healthy. You have to realise that with evolution comes deviations. One culture, might have adjusted to eating one particular diet, and because of the a
  4. Earl Grey Ghost

    Food Do you eat meat?

    This seems like you're trying to argue, whether you really are or not. Personally, I won't get into this with you, as an individual in the science field because I can already see it's going to be like talking to a brick wall on the matter. You've made up your mind, and that's fine. But badgering others about why they chose this or why they chose that----personally I don't see anyone who eats meat on here constantly asking you "but why do you not eat meat? Why? Why? Did you know that------" Only you seem to be doing that. But to make a point with this, yes, for a while humans did eat m
  5. So here's the thing with this topic, and a lot of people refuse to believe this is true but here it goes: Everyone has a masculine and feminine side reguardless of your gender/gender identity This is because "masculine" and "feminine" are just words. Now in definition masculine is: " having qualities or appearance traditionally associated with men, especially strength and aggressiveness." But note that it says "traditionally", which is not definitive. Such as this definition says: "As a social construct, it is distinct from the definition of the male biological sex. Standards of manlines
  6. Earl Grey Ghost

    Food Do you eat meat?

    Of course I eat meat. It's one of my favourite things to eat. Now, don't get me wrong, I love fruits, and some vegetables. But since I run off of a very high protein diet, meat is my favourite place to get it from. I also like my meat pink (except for chicken, and pork, they obviously have more of an inclination to sickness when not done through), but my steaks, you better give it to me bleeding on a plate, or it better bleed when I poke it. Juicy and flavourful. Animals eat other animals. Humans are animals. Omnivores, which humans are listed as eat both animal and plant. Which means we
  7. Best picture is best
  8. You know what, you're right about me contradicting myself. I guess conversationally in my head what I meant to say didn't come out right on text lol, so I'll try to make myself more clear, while I do agree that it shouldn't matter who your heroes are, male or female----I on a personal level, do wish there were more male characters just mainly because that's just me. While I do think it doesn't matter, for me, it does. So again, from my own perspective, yeah, I find it hard to relate to female characters. I can see great qualities that they have and find them commendable, but I can't relate. My
  9. I can't say I'm familiar with that character, but I'm going to guess he has decent skill. Up against my avatar, he has no chance, up against me, well I might struggle.
  10. Hmm, 6/10, because it rarely changes, but I gotta give points for subtle text changes and trippy guy.
  11. Earl Grey Ghost

    Mega Thread Rate the Avatar of the User Above You!

    9/10! I like Soarin, and I really like the effect!
  12. Earl Grey Ghost

    Mega Thread What is the poster above you known for?

    Known for fun YGO cards! (I love that website by the way, I've spent hours on there before XD)
  13. Not with my feet because then it gets my shoes and pants wet. However, I love driving through big puddles and making a dramatic SPLOOSH!! TPAM likes Chai Tea!
  14. Fry is always appropriate
  15. Earl Grey Ghost

    Mega Thread The Banned Game

    Banned because the recent Venom movie was awful lol
  16. Hah, thank God no. Those films were horrible. Sure, they're fun to laugh at, but I wouldn't spend money on those! In the vein of horror movies, do you own any Nightmare on Elm Street merchandise? Movies included.
  17. Earl Grey Ghost

    Mega Thread Answer the question above you.

    Black Liquorice. I hate that stuff. What's the most pleasant thing you've ever eaten?
  18. A more simplistic version of this. That's for the OC directly based on me. But for my other OC, Memento Mori, he has a lavender flame, wrapped with curling black ribbon.
  19. Nope, Memento Mori is stark white. Grey mane and lavender eyes.
  20. Yes, yes and uhm... ah, I'm gonna say Yes. While I get the 'demographic' they originally shoot for, you know the creators are not blind to the audience it has in some males. I think that more balanced out would be nice. Every time they go to introduce a new character, I'm praying it's male, because the show is inundated with females. Over-saturated. Males can also be kind, cute, likeable. And who cares what gender your hero is, as long as you have a hero, right? Male or female, it shouldn't matter. It's the heroes attributes, their qualities that matter, so all these people arguing for
  21. While I agree that you should watch what you enjoy and forget about what people say, the phrase "it's about as straight as you can get" I'm going to have to disagree with just on terms of that not really statistically holding water. But that's just nitpicking Counterpoint: I'm a gay man, I enjoy watching it, but I'm sad there aren't more male ponies/characters in the spotlight. Because I want to watch men. I like men, very much. I can relate to them. Female characters, not so much. In fact, MLP is a bit of an anomaly for me, because I normally don't like very female heavy shows. I have nothi
  22. Oh of course I do! In fact, I used to ride professionally in competition! I adore horses!
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