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  1. I think you misunderstood the meaning of my whole post. While I didn't explicitly state it, as I thought it was obvious: yes, there are people that grow up together and don't fall in love. But your specific question was "is it rare for a pair of childhood friends to fall in love?" as in, you were only focused on the statistics, "how rare is it?" I just gave you a website that might give you a baseline for how "rare" it may or may not be. That's all I was doing. ^_^;.
  2. King Blanketfort

    General What are you doing this summer?

    I suppose I can agree with the Hollywood aspect of that, certainly. That we can see eye to eye on. I though am still on my stance with Manga artists though, and I highly doubt that will change. If they indeed get that much per page, then we actually come out decently cheap with Mangas having more pages than a usual american comic, at only 10 bucks a book. It seems decently fair to me. But I've been in the art selling game, and in the Manga buying hub for a while, so I'm used to the price I suppose.
  3. King Blanketfort

    How's is your life doing so far?

    Is this a shocker? More people statistically nowadays are single, and that's not because they are unlikable or unattractive, it usually just makes life a little easier and less emotionally tangled/drama. Of course, this is subjective, but it's not really that big of a shock. @Rainbow Dash Have you possibly considered learning how to balance a checkbook to keep track of your spending? (I'm in my 30's so apologies if you don't know what this means, I don't know your age), so let me go with a more "hip" idea. There are plenty of apps on google play you can download for free that can help you with budgeting ^__^. If you need any resources or suggestions, please let me know! I know the struggle myself, been there, done that!
  4. King Blanketfort

    Youtube Problem: Gray Boxes and Circles

    Not at all. Have you checked your firewall status or the strength of your internet connection? These things can have effects on the videos and other streaming devices that you use.
  5. King Blanketfort

    General What are you doing this summer?

    I'm usually not one to judge, but isn't that to a slightly lesser degree the equivalent of pirating movies? You aren't paying for that product, therefore the revenue is not received. That revenue fuels more entertainment, pays the actors you love, and keeps the industry alive. While we aren't always happy with what Hollywood produces, it certainly can put in a dent overtime with increased activities such as this. It's like how the Anime industry was hurting because people were just downloading illegally episodes and fan-scans of mangas. The creators of these, especially the Mangaka (manga artists/writers) were not receiving the money for their hard work, therefore suffered financially. In fact, Tite Kubo, the creator of Bleach, had an announcement some years ago that he feared he couldn't finish his Bleach series because he was too strapped financially. No one was buying his work anymore, they were pirating it. This began a whole new movement, thus things like CrunchyRoll happened that partnered up with many companies over in Japan where you pay a subscription fee for access to some of these things. Do as you will, but just remember, that artists need to eat too.
  6. Indeed, but taking a look does no harm, and it would give you a decent idea of where to springboard your thoughts from. Multiple sites come up with the questions you seek, and their validity can be checked. There are many scientific works done in the field of relationships and human interpersonal connections. While some of these things are subjective, as in, some people experience "Yes! Best friends can be lovers!" because they had a positive experience, while others can go, "No! That's a bad idea, it ruined a friendship of mine!" it all comes down again to that individual. However, scientific basis such as these act as just that, a basis. This is a statistic to show you the overall percentages and experience of a wide variety of peoples. It's called a "control" group, in scientific experimentation and does serve as a great starting point for more studies to branch off from, which are usually the results of anomalies that they wish to investigate further.
  7. King Blanketfort

    How's is your life doing so far?

    Yes and No. As Niko said, more or less, sometimes... sometimes not. The best thing about my life is my husband. Marrying this man was the best decision I have ever made in my sad little life. He is the only thing that makes it worth living. Thanks to him, I have the strength to get up every morning and move forward. Without his support, I have no idea where I'd be.
  8. King Blanketfort

    Mega Thread How are you feeling right now?

    Apprehensive. Me and my husband are moving, and it's always a stressful hassle. /____\ New beginnings though! We can only hope!
  9. King Blanketfort

    Food Is anypony a chocoholic?

    Never apologise for sounding British lol, why would you? I don't like the term "chocoholic" because it's really a made up word by housewives who think its cute to put a harmless name to their guilty pleasure of indulging in their little diets; using it as an excuse. "oh I'm just a chocoholic! giggle giggle, I really shouldn't but---oh I just can't help it! Giggle giggle!" -gag- But personally, yes I am a fan of chocolate, though I like to pair it with fruit flavours! Especially dark chocolate with things like strawberry, pomegranate, raspberry and lemon.
  10. I guess no one checked out my statistics link, which answers a lot of questions here.... <___<
  11. King Blanketfort

    Summer Sun Celebration 2018

    Happy Summer Solstice everyone! June 21st 2018, officially the longest day of the year! I love the sun, I love the warmth and I adore Celestia, she is best pony besides Spike! <3 I'm originally from Nashville TN where the summers get enjoyably hot (at least to me!) and my dear sweet husband is from Las Vegas, Nevada! We are used to the blessings and warmth that the sun bestows upon us and we enjoy it's radiating energy and uplifting spirit! I am also the Zodiac of Leo the Lion who's ruling planetary body is actually The Sun! And Gold is one of our power colours! THANK YOU SUN!
  12. King Blanketfort

    Whats 1 good deed you have done for a stranger?

    I also received a food gift card with like... 25 dollars on it for the holidays one year, and I put it in my wallet and forgot about it completely until about a month or so later, when I pulled up to a stop light I saw a homeless man and rolled down my window. I told him that I may not have any cash on me at the moment, but I could at least offer him a good meal at a steakhouse. He even asked me if I was sure when I handed it to him. I said "Oh of course, I completely forgot I had it, and I think you need it more than I."
  13. King Blanketfort

    General What are you doing this summer?

    Working. : / That's about it.
  14. This calls for science and research. There ya go.
  15. King Blanketfort

    Summer Sun Celebration 2018

    It reached a gorgeous 100 degrees out here in Oregon! The sunshine was beautiful, the heat was amazing. Keep it up! <3