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  1. Are high school friendships meaningless?

    I agree with Raritas here. The 'friends' I made in high school didn't last. Even someone I considered a best friend, whom I had known for the majority of my childhood utterly dumped me as a friend because I wasn't a Christian and wasn't "saved". After all the years we were friends, it didn't make a lick of difference to them, but as they got older they got brainwashed by religion and felt that they no longer wanted to be well.. "a good christian" and love me no matter what. Ya know "thou shalt not judge" and all that, part of the 10 Commandments, but hey, whatever. Other friends just didn't make the effort, and to be honest, you're a different person in high school than when you go into college or graduate college and become an adult. Some people keep their friendships because the relationships grow with them, but outgrow those friends.
  2. General What is your religious orientation?

    Pagan worshipper/follower of Death.
  3. Tell us a truth about yourself?

    My second favourite holiday is Valentines Day. First being Halloween (Samhain) of course.
  4. What were you scared of as a child?

    This is going to sound completely duplicitous, but I was quite the fearless child. I can't really recall anything I was particularly afraid of. I was always the one going head-first into everything. Dark places, scary pathways---I was overtly curious. That and most of the friends I had were a little more fearful and cautious in nature so I was brave for them too. Or I was a show-off. After all, I am a Leo.
  5. If you could move to North America where would you go

    I certainly want to get out of the U.S. So I would choose somewhere in the UK, Canada, or perhaps Switzerland, no---scratch that----New Zealand.
  6. Have you ever accidentally hurt someone?

    Now when you say "accidentally hurt someone" are you meaning physically or emotionally? Or both?
  7. Say something totally random!

    That exasperated look you make when you accidentally try and pair a Chilean Sea Bass with an aggressive Zinfandel. Wouldn't that be embarrassing!?
  8. Shaun of the Dead. Great movie by the way "And Shepherds we shall be For thee, my Lord, for thee. Power hath descended forth from Thy hand Our feet may swiftly carry out Thy commands. So we shall flow a river forth to Thee And teeming with souls shall it ever be. In Nomeni Patri Et Fili Spiritus Sancti."
  9. Do you really care about what people think about you?

    I certainly don't. If you live your life concerned with what others think, you won't live your own life to it's fullest. Now by all means, do be socially mindful. That's understandable. Don't be disrespectful to others. Like, don't start screaming in the middle of a restaurant or start climbing the handrails on the bus, but ... XD. In terms of perusing the career you want, or liking the hobbies or interests you do----who cares? They need to keep their nose out of your life and focus on their own. I actually have a quote that I love, from Dr. Seuss and it goes: "Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.".
  10. General Do you like parties?

    Depends on the kind of party. A big soirée, I'm not to particularly keen on. Granted my husband throws the best parties. But he does it mostly for the community we are in. We do conference gatherings of those in our profession, and sometimes we do wine tasting parties. Little cocktail parties, but the guest list is manageable. Now if you're talking anywhere with extremely loud music, with lots of people, huge crows, bumping into each other. No, please, no, that's such a hassle and a headache. I prefer quiet get-togethers with classical piano or soft jazz playing in the background while people actually enjoy their food and drink with good conversation. Our wedding of course was going to be a different story in the terms of guest list! We ballroom danced. None of that jerking, hip-hopping, bumping, grinding "twerking" nonsense. We actually would have kicked someone out for that disrespectful vulgarity.
  11. Do you Believe in Ghosts/Spirits?

    I certainly do. I've had experiences, mostly with shadow people. I've also witnessed a cup being lifted off my dresser and thrown across the room. That was an interesting apartment. And for the record, I wasn't alone, someone else witnessed the same thing I did. Anyway, most people who do not believe haven't had extremely vivid experiences, and tha's' okay too. But keeping an open mind is key. I'm also a Mortician. I have....seen some things.
  12. Don't you think that is a little harsh/sexist? "Dumb-ass guys". What a poor over-generalisation. I'll have you know, I'm a "Dumb-ass guy" thanks, and we aren't born monsters. In fact, I've had more negative experiences with women than I have with men. And I can go on and on about how "dumb-ass women" are cruel, catty, back-stabby, emotionally manipulative, etc... and I'll admit, for a very long time that left me severely sexist. But I won't. I've grown past that. Honestly you just have to realise that both genders can be equally awful individuals with ulterior motives. Basically any and everyone can/does suck. For clarification, if needed, I'm a homosexual male.
  13. I'm not quite sure how to go about doing that, would you be willing to assist me?
  14. What's The Weather Like Where You Live?

    Well, it's cloudy with 50% chance of rain at 48 degrees F.