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  1. Bas

    Rarity Fan Club

    Benchrity What the hay Suggestive ? Proud smile
  2. For most no, as there is a deposit on most bottles, even plastic ones. For those that are not there are glass containers in the streets.
  3. ^Just ask @ridaranka Eh, you both are!
  4. I wonder if you could still have some fun in Ponyage: Chronicles, nonetheless.
  5. I actually thought Soren (not Sören) would be a dutch, norway, finnish or swedish name...but given you were at BC 2019 that seems rather unlikely. :x

  6. Dw, just an ambiguous remark about your art.
  7. I better not hug first. Couldn't hit anything there were mosquitoes on stuff.
  8. Phosphor is a pony?:blink:

    Phosphor is a...princess!??:D

    1. Phosphor


      Phosphor is a... phosphor-coated pony  :P

  9. I could be in legal trouble if that happened 2years before.
  10. Don't worry about facebook collecting data for targeted advertising.

    I just got an ad to order 12 condoms for free.

    They certainly hit the wrong target audience there...

    1. Bas


      My guess is because I followed a link and read 2 articles on a site focused on flirting.

      You don't even have to have fb opened or it directly shown in the site. Even if just the like it button is shown, not even clicked, there is a connection to the fb servers collecting data.