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  1. Unsafe apps or wevsites? When we got internet, i was already 17 lol. Kids and technology these days...
  2. TIL there is a youtube short series about creating a memory book for Flurry haert's_Heartfelt_Scrapbook

  3. What is the second Nightmare night Episode called? Scare Master Hm, got them all now. Anypony needs help somewhere? Also, i found this pretty itneresting trivia myself: WHAT THE HAY If you are willing to use this, you can check the wikia page on derpy EQ and just search for that movie/special. You will find your answer there.
  4. Looks like I should wear gloves while sleeping again. :worry:

  5. Today I played the MLP TCG for the first time wtih a 2p starter deck (Maud, DJ3-Pon/Vinyl Scratch). While there were some hind and forth with the rules and checking back in the rulebook, overall it was pretty clear how it works and the rules seem to have been gotten quite a lot of thoughts. :)

    Felt overall pretty clean, and was pretty entertaining, despite me scoring 0 points and my opp like 5 when we had to abandon.

    Also...cute pics, cards and quotes. :pinkie:

  6. TIL there is an EuroBronyCon in Austria this year. Maybe I go attend? @Deae Rising Shine~ @IronM17 @Sunamena @Lord Valtasar @Rikifive @Pentium100 @Splashee @Latecomer @DasCapschen

    Not sure if I understood correctly and someone specific from here is helping on it in some way...

    (I don't want to spoil in case that pony won't like to make it public, or not yet at least)

    Could try to pursue some IRL bronies near me to drive to there.

    Rather close - for European terms I guess.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Bas


      I am not sure if there could be some driving collaborations within the brony con or MLPF.

    3. Pentium100


      That place is about 1100km away from me. I do not know if I'm going to go there, but I guess I have something to think about.

      But if I don't go and you want to visit Lithuania ... I could take some time off work to show you around :twismile:

    4. Bas


      Hm galacon in Germany is also this year, 1st and 2me August


  7. TIL the MLP TCG is now basically (close to) free to play, as the newest sets are not sold anymore, created digitally only by a community group, free to download and print, seemingly endorsed by enterplay, the previous publisher (distributor?).

    Also prob only simulators to play it for free over itnernet. Anypony wants to give it a try?

    1. Bas



      This is the first print and play set, but overall this is the 11th set in the game


  8. Bas

    I know someone at discord who has just your mane style. :blush:

    red toothpaste mane-iacs

    1. Blivy


      Ohhh you should share the oc here! 

    2. Bas


      Not sure whether he is a dev of one of the mlp rpg games 1-5 or another game. Hit me up to remind me if you want to get inivited into that server.

  9. Rival electric pony. :okiedokieloki:

  10. 8/10 She totally looks like this in the series.
  11. Jailed in for being a hairy public nuisance.
  12. You favorite electric pony, now in 4k.




    1. Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      Is the electric in 4K though?

  13. That's an assumption, you don't know whether it is true, and some are prob not doing these for commissions but rather their own projects. Despite this, just google on that matter: Do these result help?
  14. There is an anime called Girls and Tanks.

    I wonder what that is about.:ooh:

    @Emerald Heart

  15. Happy late birthday, sunniest of the foxes.


  16. TBH I wonder if a lot of the stuff that the med drug deliver can be produced by the body as well and doing activities would help. Also, maybe I should play Pokémon Go against my depression. And I am being serious about it helping.
  17. Not anymore, but that's likely because I know I am too aggressive on them if they lie around, so I simply dodge that by barely buying any. The typos with my phone laying on the keyboard:
  18. Wasn't aware of it existence, TBH. I am not sure how SU is going to introduce new villains or dangers now.