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  1. Bas

    Gaming Any MTG playing Bronies out there?

    I wondered about why not simply increase the scry, I noticed though, you can now see more information before deciding for the possible next mulligan. I always wondered a) Why the current mulligan rule took so long to come up with and b) if the way-too-many non-games are healthy and couldn't be reduced by another mulligan rule.
  2. Bas

    I have returned

    Welcome to these very forums! Sit down and enjoy your mug of cider.
  3. Bas


    Welcome to these very forums! Enjoy your ride to the fun station and have a good time!
  4. Bas

    The Cutest Couple Contest

    Should every couple in this thread mentioned put up on the poll? Because I am missing one.
  5. Bas

    Is this fandom mature enough?

    You will find such people in every community, trust me, especially if those grow larger and larger.
  6. Bas

    For those who care at all

    As offered, I am there if you want to talk about it as it would also giving advice easier. Anyways, often it can help to simply accept the situation for what it is and not interpret stuff or ask yourself why the things are the way they are. I also advice going more optimistically into a therapy, you also have to do something during it for it being successful. (Coming from someone who is therapy right now)
  7. Bas

    Rarity Fan Club

    I think I really like your mane vectors!
  8. I don't even know where to find these streamings.
  9. Bas

    The legacy of FiM

    Not going anywhere, but unfortunately I am not good at creating stuff or can't bring up enough motivation to do so.
  10. I hope I don't sound blaming in any way. I think if you are living in such a country it is way more likely to simply recognize it in daily life, esp if people have been watching that channel. I must admit I might have also missed that because I only joined MLPF and to that extend the fandom at the end of 2017, despite watching MLP for years. Oh and yeah, I certainly didn't keep me up with any pony news, I still have issues doing that today, no idea how others are doing that if we don't count EQ (which I don't visit).
  11. Bas

    Pardon the dust

    J did rename Sugarcube Corner to Potato Corner for a very, very brief time.
  12. Bas

    friendly hello

    Welcome to these very forums! Sit down and enjoy your mug of cider.
  13. Bas

    The Gate Of Tartarus Opens...

    HELLBOY PONY You need 5 posts. Note that some forums areas don't increase the post count. Refer to the forums index to find out which.
  14. TBH he is innocent until proven otherwise, but with some possible mob coming out into the daylight...there might be something to it. Anyways, it isn't for us to judge him anyways, let's leave that to the professionals. We also might simply not get enough insight ourselves.
  15. Bas

    The recent purchases thread

    TIL @Buttonmash1973's last purchase is either decades ago or he is a VG messy.
  16. Bas

    I think the voice acting is getting awkward.

    Now we finally know what Jeric is doing all day when he is not working on the forums or sleeping.
  17. (TPPG) I am actually watched the reboot at the end of Season 2 right now and love it. I don't get all the hate. Must admit, I never saw the old version, and kinda only started to watch the reboot - okay, I am 2/3 done already, lol. Isn't that part up to interpretation though? She could mean it ended for her personally as well as in the job. Can't recall what they were tbh.
  18. Bas

    Idea: James Cameron as G5's showrunner

    He must have directed it!
  19. Bas

    What were you like 5 years ago?

    Now this made me curious which properties you laid off and got instead.
  20. Bas

    Being naked

    Not naked in the whole sense, but sometimes not wearing much, esp. the first hours after waking up and before I go to shower or 30-60 mins after it because I crawl into my bed and watch cartoons (TPPG atm). Anyways. When I am showering or whatever the window is sometimes open enough you could peek in if you want to see my sexy body (OK, nobody will want to see that). If it makes anyone happy, I don't care about it (Disclaimer: My body will make NOBODY happy, I am quite sure about that.). I don't know, stripteasing for a physician or the like might still feel embarrassing to me.
  21. Bas

    How many tabs do you have open in your browser.

    Three dozen? Last time I visited the website I ended roughly with THREE HUNDRED:
  22. Welcome to these very forums! New user? BETTER HIDE
  23. Bas

    What were you doing this time last year?

    Are they any better meanwhile?
  24. Not when you aren't living in the US nor Canada.
  25. Bas

    The Gate Of Tartarus Opens...

    Welcome to these very forums! Enjoy your ride to the fun station and have a good time!