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  1. "Friends"
  2. The wrong Missy (netflix) Aside from me having slightly misread the movie's title, it somewhat under-average I suppose? The female actor is kind of like an IRL Harlequin, but unfortunately not just for the best. She is hyperactive, crazy and likely not the smartest either. She will be, while different from most actors we are used to, totally nagging on your nerves. For the rest of the plot, it is totally foreseeable - OK, given this is a thing for romantic comedies by default, we might forgive on that. But I felt the jokes weren't funny for the most part, and when neither the plot is exciting nor the comedy good, not much is speaking for a comedy then. Rating: Roughly 3/10 I suppose.
  3. LOL what :< For me, I think Penance of FF X is pretty hard, and only you need very precise strategies, you also need luck and each try can take lake 3 hours with 12 million HP I suppose? It simply isn't fun to do either, a huge tank and even a bit luck battle I guess.
  4. Welcome to these very forums! Care to join our tea party?
  5. friendship Edit: More seriously though, self-acceptance and -revelations. And keeping our own humanity.
  6. I just inserted my avatar here: And you thought you would be in trouble before!
  7. Don't worry, I am aware it wasn't of ill content and I know you well enough about that. It is merely if someone new at any platform with such an avatar - associations are made and that user would be suspicious, at least. @Will Guide
  8. Bas

    Applejack Fan Club

    @Lucky Bolt ⚡ at work be like
  9. Welcome to these very forums! Who loves a hug? Who loves a hug? You do! You do!
  10. Would ban anyone in my forums with that as avatar lol.
  11. Watching: Total Recall.

  12. image.png.b84747723218b110ffe00e9553821901.png

    Definitively misread that title! :blush:

    I suppose the preview image didn't help with that either.

  13. To her defense, these have been without packaing and with their fruit hull.
  14. Poor CMD just wanted to get some feedback, and then you sandwich him instantly. The very one. Whoops, looks like I missed it! Late birthday! Do you always wear that bandana? I must admit, I expected you to be - not from the picture, for that matter - roughly 5-8 years older. Looking at the pic, now I miss my mid-twenties.
  15. Merely informational. I personally rather observed bi/pansexuality being prominent pretty much. However: Independent of whether we are speaking of FtM/MtF ratios or sexuality, we need to be aware of pitfalls. Neither is more right or wrong than the another. We need to avoid thinking that trans people have to be MtF, or that they are homo or bisexual by default. It is a dangerous territory, and while not with ill intend, we might just give fodder to those who already have prejudgements. I am not addressing you specifically, you haven't said anything wrong as far as I observed.
  16. What has she done to deserve that cruelty? A question she will surely ask herself as well. Albeit I am not without guilt and can cite something similar. Me: Don't wonder about the bananas in the freezer. Jenny: Why are there bananas in the freezer? Me: I told you not to wonder about them.
  17. SM64 Not a game I expected YOU to play! Can be also easily an emulation issue of the emulator or it's settings.
  18. iigschneit <-> to be snowed in, stuck in a place because of snow fall

    Did not expect that one.

    1. Princess of Bolts ⚡🔥⚡

      Princess of Bolts ⚡🔥⚡

      The only thing I learned from 5 years of german is:  Ich bin doof

    2. Bas


      äxgüsi <-> from french "excusez", sorry

      That reads it was meant to be verbalized the same but the swiss people adjusting it to German pronunciation.

    3. Bas


      What I am citing is not strictly German, it is...Swiss German. :yeahno:

      This means I am not understanding everything of it either.

      Prob an example of that.