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Everything posted by Bas

  1. @Sparklefan1234 @Narcissus @Emerald<3












    1. Sparklefan1234


      Cool! Thank You for sharing, My Friend! :squee:

    2. Emerald<3


      I love the last two @Bas

  2. New motto: Old and bold.

    I switched to a more fitting avatar picture. :maud:

    1. Partialgeek514



      ONE PUUUUUUUNNNCH!!!!!!!!! :muffins:


    2. CypherHoof


      Isn't that more old and bald?

  3. New motto: Old and bold. I switched to a more fitting avatar picture.
  4. Not that it bothers me personally, but I thought I better just report it.
  5. I think I never saw Schindler's list, or at least not fully. Time to correct that.

    Probably a great man.

    1. Bas


      1h in. Tough to watch really tough.

      A few times I felt the urge to vomit already.

    2. Bas


      Probably important to watch (and feel that way) nonetheless. Just to remember what a disgusting my country did, and to known how important it is to never happen ever again. Even if watching it hurts.

    3. Bas


      I want to ask anyone voting for right-wing extremists or populists to watch this movie and if they don't feel anything they just have proven to not have any humanity left within.

  6. TIL US and most other countries (?) don't have deposit bottles, esp. in supermarkets and discounters.

    1. Bas


      ...and I wonder if people actually know what they are or how they work, outside of Germany.:ooh:

  7. When you open your own status updates to save the pics to your pc.



    Yes, I save like almost every single pony pic I encounter at MLPF with a single click.;)

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    2. FeatherStream


      uhhh analog ? im not good at art words xD lol

    3. Bas


      The old informative magazines.

    4. FeatherStream
  8. Someone going to work in confidence! Me trying to showcase my pink shirt which isn't pink anymore. Hey, at least my dome isn't as visible from more afar!
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    2. Bas


      I tagged venom because I wrote my male cat just look like hers. :)

    3. Bakugou Is My Man ❤

      Bakugou Is My Man ❤

      Awww! So cute! ♥ A fellow black cat owner ~

      What's the name?

    4. Bas



      He isn't the brightest star on the firmament.

      He very much look like your cat. ❤️

  9.    Ponies3




  10. Ponies2. Prob also some suggestive ones along.:worry:




    1. DivineSoul1000


      @Bas They’re all so... beautiful... Again!

  11. Ponies. A few a bit suggestive.:blush:





    1. DivineSoul1000


      @Bas They’re all so... beautiful! :pinkie:

    2. FeatherStream
  12. Happy birthday! ❤️ post-35644-0-09720200-1453207354.jpeg.8b8757a409cbbdd62fc5292d209403ae.jpeg+

  13. BgSpnveCUAAA7el.png.c95826bddddf0bfd0d6a861064a1e55a.png

    Happy birthday! ❤️

  14. @KashikoiPai need to award scores if not done. @Nsxile needs to ask the next question. Regardless the question on whether animals can think. I just watched an interview with an behaviour scientist. Chimps were taught sign language. They were also giving pens and paper to draw, and one was just drawing cycles, and it completed it somewhen. It was asked what it would be, and it answer it should be a ball. Unlike us, he drew the motions of a ball, though. So they can describe things if they are taught, however, they can not seem to describe things to have happened in the past or future.
  15. An inside joke I snagged today at the center; I am not interested in doing dirty stuff with pans...just because I am pansexual. Pans and puns.
  16. The BRock a Rooster.

    1. TheRockARooster



      That's a good one.

  17. Meh, I hate mazes in 3D games, especially from the end of 90s and in dark atmosphere and without much light.

    I just played through The Body of The Many in System Shock 2 yesterday. It is so stupid and confusing when you are either not seeing corridors at all and can't distinguish between them at all because they are all so dark. I cheated by increasing the gamma brightness in the video options. :yeahno:

    Other games include (whichever?) Alien on the PSX and Alien vs Predator 2  (2001) for PC.  For the latter, it felt REALLY uncomfortable to me and I could barely play that game.

    1. CypherHoof


      I think everything after Doom II was redundant :)

  18. During the last 3 hours of the playthrough: WHAT THE HAY I CAN UNLOAD WEAPONS!? I could have picked up tons of free ammo from dropped guns. :°(
  19. dump048.thumb.png.2d7d6dfddc4fda0fd8b11dfa94c6b41e.pngdump049.thumb.png.3ed66f5760bf05a1ddf00f335c45daeb.pngThese are some pretty weird hex addresses. This is what the future will be! :yay:

  20. I actually wondered overnight what you are doing since I somehow missed you on the forums.

    You alright? :)

    1. ILoveRara


      Yeah, I'm alright. Thanks for asking. :D

      I don't go on the Forums often due to having a busy life in Year 12. The workload is crazy and I have to prioritise my school work at the moment. :okiedokieloki:

      I do go on every now and then to check for any new events and stuff. (Or when I'm procrastinating...) :derp: 

      Once I finish Year 12 (which is in like 2 months (after exams :unamused:)), I'll be most likely going on the Forums a lot more often. So yay! :) :yay:

  21. 2048 upvotes.

    I Feel like i am 2KiB Now. :)

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    2. Bas


      Used space is red,

      free space is blue,

      your storage space is bad,

      that sucks for you.

    3. Bas


      @japano guy: You might be able to delete then by Shift + DEL in Windows as this skips putting the files into the recycle bin.

    4. 碇 シンジン

      碇 シンジン

      Yeah that was actually while back. Your post just made me think about it. Iirc I used ctrl x to cut them from the disk then deleted