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  1. This is more educational or entertaining than other of my posts here, I suppose, and less surprising. Today, I stumbled across my school report from 2nd grade, where I was about 9 years old. It lists different behaviors and judges them, aside from simply subjects. I am described with difficulty to socialize, to dislike PE/sports, liking games, not too interested in helping others, bad handwriting, organized. This isn't true for all of them, but I am baffled how many of them stayed true even still today (games, handwriting, sports). Or stuff I did struggle for a long time, such as socializing, or didn't see a value in for a long time (helping others). So we seem to preserve quite a lot of our quirks through life, it appears, or for quite some time. But I wonder - Likely we get under huge social influences even on a very young age. I am not even talking 9yo. I am talking about 4yo, maybe even 2yo. I think we are absolutely underestimating how society shapes someone. This let me question whether some of this attitudes simply developed by what my environment taught me.
  2. lol, OT but so true, the American cards are of much worse quality than these printed in Belgium for Europe, we instantly can guess which cards are from America. They are looking way more grainy, and it is apparent which English products come from US and which not, most of us prefer English cards, but are often like Oh, that is American print? Nevermind then. Too bad the promotional products are like all printed in America. And to my surprise - even the foreign language versions: Yes, the German promo cards are printed in the US. It drives me insane each time I see I get an American card.
  3. May I ask for your preferred pronoun?
  4. You sandwiched me in the vest topic and might not have seen my first reply.

    1. WWolf


      Iโ€™m not too inVESTed (Lul), but whatever youโ€™ve said that I did readย is goodย 

    2. China (100% NOT China)

      China (100% NOT China)

      No, I mean I just posted two posts right away, you only quoted and replied to the second, and I just wonder if you have overseen the former. That's all.

  5. Instant thoughts: You are either gay, a girl or just like the comedy if you like BL.
  6. BL? Dr. Stone 76% Seraph of the End 88% One-Punch Man 72% God Eater
  7. You need to see how it might come across to black people when a card is called Cleanse, says Destroy all black creatures and is showing black persons caught in an explosion on the art. Just for context. I absolutely agree on banning such cards for tournament play in general, albeit I would be willing to disagree on specific choices.
  8. Maybe code geass, Rn watching the dark series on Netflix, but I am not quite overwhelmed by it. Heh, finally someone is reading and commenting on my blog lol Short suggestions if you like action anime Akame Ga Kill! Black Bullet Hunter x Hunter (2011)
  9. lol,that stereotypical bad ass voice at the end!
  10. Happy birthday dude!

    Letze party!





    Now give me thuna.


  11. Noodles with mayonaise Fried noodles or rice with pieces of toast in the pan.
  12. May I ask what do you want from such a relationship aka why you are searching for it? Is it to receive private romantic moments? Or someone caring for you, having a regular talk? Or is it related to that you would want to have answers and feedback from a woman for these subjects? I am asking this because...maybe someone else could fit into that role what you are looking for without getting into a relationship with you, aka it not being necessary. Let me know if you feel any pressured or uncomfortable with me asking these things. I don't mean to make you feel like that.