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  1. I wonder if I should confess serious ethical sins - by my own standards, independent of legal/crime status - here as I did with in my blog... To clarify, I am absolutely willing to do that and condemn my own acts. The question is rather - Are you willing and able to take them?
  3. Take right literally. Yes, the the far right extremists of the protestors. Who cares about the blacks? You surely don't. 404 source not found Orange sexual abuser racial jerkfacegorilla goes again with his distractions and blamings. They dont do enough about the lies and progaganda by the far right extremist Republican Party either. Or about the tweets of racist duckface president of the USA BWAHAHA I CAN'T EVEN !!! Year 2068, promised released tax returns still not revealed I am baffled how this an absolute simple, yet no less genius and concrete summary. Just using the same methods Trumpists do, when they cite a single person that voted Dems and then switched to Reps. The TLDR; that everyone knew already. #chinaLies I am not afraid to say what needs to be said either: @realDonaldTrump is a lying, duckfacing, reckless-to-everyone racist. *POTUS jerkface in a nutshell.
  4. Maybe I will post these regularly. Sounds like fun! :kirin:

  5. Heey jerkface, these anarchists on the video are totally bringing chaos to the world! Don't you see how violent they are? Jerkface, let's make a deal: Leave in all radical left and anarchist and jail in every single racist One way to get rid of a racist US president. Intended date for establishing the tyranny. Trump jerkface distraction number 56734, let's talk about something random instead of racism that is happening. Riiiiiight. AND THIS IS ANTIFA BECAUSE I SAY SO AND I GOT US HISTORIES LARGEST WIENER Occupy wall street. Black lives matter. The same mindset. I don't see any indication of jerkface having a brain at all. Declaring his critics as fake news without any proof is just in line with North Korea, Russia, China (likely) and Turkey, I suppose. Jerkface you are a freaking walking fake news yourself jerkface correct horse battery staple apples And we all know, fake news and the Democrats are the next on the list. RACISM & POLICE MURDER & CAPSLOCK WRONG YOU STUPID JERKFACE Come up with sources or it isn't happening Evidence is pointing to the very opposite of your saying Better sue twitter for correct your facts I am fed up, I will create a twitter acc right now and reply this stuff to these.
  6. I know you haven't been online much recently, but I still hold fond memories of you being a pretty rad guy. ;)

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  7. OMGash Envy with LGBTQ flag in mouth is so cute!! :wub:

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      Good avatar is very good. :BrightMacContent:

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      China (100% NOT China)

      Me be like Oh, Envy is looking so cute with that flag in her mouth! Oh, wait, she is lesbian...:sealed:

      Me little charmer, the chances are not much higher than 0. :P

  8. Lucky car! Not sure whether you are coming from a beach or sunbathing or are just posing in underwear in public. Don't worry dude, you look fine!
  9. Did had to draw or create keyframes for that?
  10. Instead of lookig for an objective definition you need to come to a subjective one with your partner.