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Hobbys: Magic the Gathering, MLP, Boardgames, video and computer games, IT


The Wisdom of age taught me to avoid some conflicts as some minor things you are fighting about are not worth your energy investment and I might do some favors to others without costing me much.

I once bought an unemployed man a bread and another one some noodles.

Let's watch MLP eps 2gether!

MLPF users: Virtual meetup MLP fan games regularly - Sugarcube Corner - MLP Forums

Guess I am always interested in people doing stuff online togehter., like watching MLP episodes, fanworks, playing (also MLP-themed) games together or voice chatting.

Also, if you feel down, are facing some bad things, are unhappy with your environment or you just want to talk, send me a message here or even better, at discord and have friendly chat! :)

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Overview free MLP games in the fandom - Sugarcube Corner - MLP Forums

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I Feel like i am 2KiB Now.Β :)


When your diskspace is at redΒ  and you cant delete anything becaus it is too full.

I know the feeling


Used space is red,

free space is blue,

your storage space is bad,

that sucks for you.


Just another US government or Donald Trump especially case of Oh look, I got the hugest dick in all of US' world's history! - Show it. - NONO, you gotta believe. It is that way! I swear. Or you are just a jerk or this is just a witch hunt all vs me or I didn't say THAT. or you are just a bad, bad, very bad person or China is behind all of this .