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  1. The stuff on my pizzas reads like correct horse battery staple
  2. I think the more interesting question is: What do they think of you?
  3. It can be small things. It matters you did something that felt like a success to yourself, not to others. It is about finding some positivity! For me? I went outside, took a drink at the baker café, bought groceries, did write down a schedule for my structure of the week and sewed two pants, hoping it will do the trick on fixing these small holes and holding together. @Deerie
  4. Not really or often anyways, except I was going to visit a queerbar more often and then...well that happened. I noticed I got surely quite a lot of social insecurities regarding that, with some plans to help myself and workarounds for the next time. And for clubs especially, but also bars...I used to avoid them, out of thinking they are not fitting for me, maybe afraid of dancing or talking to someone. Those who know about my development meanwhile know that I am not going to restraint myself any longer on such plastic excuses.
  5. You


    Welcome to these very forums! Enjoy your ride to the fun station and have a good time! According to your username...are you a Maudinist? Also, in case you are interested, I did create an informational topic for covid19: The Coronavirus informational topic - dos and don'ts - General Discussion - MLP Forums
  6. Taking a cut off it is prob not going to do it? :<
  7. No Country for Old Men (netflix) Honestly, this is a pretty standard western movie, and surprisingly, somewhat new. TBH, I didn't feel it was really original, but OK to watch. Plot Spoilers: Rating: 6/10 Watched by (IIRC) @TBD 🚬's rec.
  8. So my jeans/pants had a hole and I spent an hour or something stitching it. Seems to have worked, albeit I might continue just using up the stitching thread.


    1. Deerie


      Best victory of the day 👌

    2. Samurai Equine

      Samurai Equine

      Cool. :fluttershy: I'm terrible at stitching.

  9. Come on dude, don't be so negative! I mean I will turn 31 in 2 weeks, and I haven't had a relationship. It is all about the spirit! And people have found love, or a new, or an additional love with being twice as old as me! On topic: 683 days later, people still think I had a relationship.
    1. Samurai Equine

      Samurai Equine

      ...If it weren't for the fact that All Might is canonically Japanese, I might be okay with that.

  10. Just removed my last post - it might have been...pretty unfitting to say the least. Anyways, you did an awesome (and cute) job!
  11. Got discord?

    1. Buck Testa

      Buck Testa

      I do, though I hardly ever use it. 

    2. You


      Bas#0679 on there.

  12. correct pony stairs awesome staple
  13. Same lol, albeit I made need to make a decision to do so after covid19 ends.
  14. image.png.6c599443ccb11e1d2b5a5400d90be5ba.png

    1. Samurai Equine

      Samurai Equine

      Oh no... That puppy is dry clean only! DRY CLEAN ONLY!! :BornAgainBrony:

  15. They are quite chubby? 3 of them look scared :/ People on mondays. Still member your first kiss? Patchwork family. Look dude, life is hard I know, but my feeding dish isn't filling itself ^_^! What the hay is happening on there!?
  16. Does cuddling and hugging hurt the other with these ears?
  17. On Status Replies, you can get brohoofs for anything.


    1. Pastel Heart

      Pastel Heart

      I eat day old pizza

    2. You


      correct horse battery staple

  18. You


    Take the covid19 serious. Wearing a mask and stay away some meters won't cost you much. That can safe lives. And I tell you that as non-US citizen. I am not subject to your national media. The Coronavirus informational topic - dos and don'ts - General Discussion - MLP Forums