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  1. Paranoia Agent, one of my all time favourites but I rewatch it all the time. As for newer anime, Girls' Last Tour. It was way better than what I expected it to be.
  2. Tomo

    When did you first feel like an adult?

    I'm 20 but I'm told I act pretty childish. Probably doesn't help that I look much younger than my age. Really I don't feel like an adult at all honestly.
  3. Tomo

    Gaming What Games Got You Into Gaming?

    Pokemon Crystal and Metroid Prime. Using the Gameboy link cable to trade with my cousin is one of my best memories. And Prime was the first game I managed to complete all the way through so they both hold a special place for me.
  4. Tomo

    General What's a anime you like?

    My favourites: Serial Experiments Lain Kino's Journey Blood+ Ouran Host Club Shakugan no Shana Anohana Haibane Renmei Full Metal Panic Vampire Knight Little Busters Refrain
  5. Tomo

    Movies/TV Teen Titans Go: The Movie

    No thanks. I'll be watching Trouble in Tokyo if you need me.
  6. I wouldn't mind living in a Kibbutz in Israel. To this day it's one of the few communities that follow socialist ideals the right way, not the "socialism" of say Venezuela or other dictators who use it under the guise of equality. My only issue with living in the Middle East would be the constant violence.
  7. Tomo

    Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

    Don't forget 2009! Probably my favorite line up with McElroy, Ingram, and Jones all there.
  8. Tomo

    What languages do you find the most complicated?

    I had trouble trying to learn Korean. Even today I can't hold much of a conversation with it. Aside from that I'd like to learn Russian but the alphabet is very intimidating.
  9. Tomo

    What are your thoughts on Canada?

    Well as a Canadian I guess I'm a little biased but I've also lived in America so I can say that I like both places equally. I'm not a political person, so I won't really get into that. As for the environment, I would say the stereotype that Canadians are always nice doesn't always hold up but we still have kind people in general. Both countries are very patriotic, believe it or not I think Canada is more patriotic than the US. I'm not a big city type, so naturally I like the more rural areas in Canada and America, they're similar in a lot of ways.
  10. Tomo


    I'll go with a Mountain Fizz
  11. Most of the friends I've had have been girls, but I have a feeling that it was easier for me since I'm not straight. It's ridiculous that society makes people think that men and women can't be friends, I mean I'll be friends with anyone if they treat me well and I'll treat them the same in return
  12. Tomo

    Pony Transformation Hypnosis

    Hm I've never really thought that hypnosis videos work but I might do this because it would be nice to at least mentally feel that way for awhile and can still be reversed.
  13. Tomo


    Yo nice to meet you! I love the Starlight phone case by the way (might have to try getting one designed myself :3 ) Hope you like it here, this is a pretty friendly forum so you should have no trouble fitting in
  14. Once you pick up Okami you won't be able to put it down! If you have any interest in Japanese culture I highly recommend playing that game all the way through, as it deals with Shinto myths relating to the creation of Japan itself. The game is very open world, almost like a Zelda game in structure but with more functions and combat abilities you can learn. The best part about Okami is you have something called a Celestial brush that can use different powers from the gods to solve puzzles and defeat enemies. Not only is the story and combat good, the art is just amazing, probably the most beautiful I've seen in video games as it uses Japanese watercolor painting styles to give it a more mythological feel. Hue sorry about the long paragraph, this is my favorite game so I had to chime in
  15. Poofy hair but she's always cute :3