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  1. It's time for a change, this profile account has become too toxic thanks to my ADD, and autism, it's time for me to leave this account and start over. A fresh start, hopefully.

    1. Ninetales


      I hope you wnjoy your life my friend. Take all the time you newd.


  2. There is one theory I have. Since Spike was his Equestrian name not his parents given name, perhaps his dad will call him something else, two perfect names to rename Spike, either Slag (meaning: stony waste matter separated from metals during the smelting or refining of ore.) or Garam Masala (meaning: blend of ground spices common in cuisines from the Indian subcontinent.) I'm going with "Slag" it's a much better name.
  3. Wh..ohhhh I get it, your just trolling, funny I'll admit.
  4. Okay then, here's one. Let's just say, the world kingdoms did in fact use friendship against the ponies, and let's face it, easily conquer Equestria, now the leaders of The Dragons, Changelings, Griffons, Hippogriffs and Yaks must now divide the lands of Equestria between them, who would get what? Again, this will never happen, this is just a what if thing.
  5. Yeah, but it's creepy. I'm fine with love but not "love, love" Spike is not gay, he has been around many males that heterosexual females and homosexuals males would consider attractive, and he has never been attracted to one, so he's not. Also, Let's not forget the Polymorus relationship(one dsana, a popular deviantartist and Spike fan favorited) SpikexEmberxThorax, yes that is a real thing. Sorry people that's waaaaaaay to "progressive" even for MLP. (not being homophobic, just pointing out a fact)
  6. Really? He's a kid. Kids get crushes all the time. when I was a kid I had a crush on Kiera Knightly due to Pirates of the Caribbean. He just needs to get over it, find a new crush, and Rarity needs to do this.. maybe be offer him the red gem back(but we know he'll say, keep it) but again, it's like ripping off a leach, it hurts at first, but you feel so much better when it's off. something like this Rarity: Spike..." She started. "I'm flattered but... I just don't feel that way about you." Rarity sensed that Spike was getting even more upset and quickly said. "Don't get me wrong, darling. I love you, I do. You mean the world to me. But I love you like an older sister would love her little brother. Besides, I'm too old for you. You... You know that right?" Best idea I've read in fanfics was he wanted to get over his crush on Rarity cause he knows it ain't happening, he asks his good friend Discord for help, so Discord gives him a potion from his dimension that can make you lose all interest in the one you have a crush on, he forgets however to warn him to take only a sip each night for it to work properly, and Spike drinks the whole thing, at first it seems to work, he no longer "loves" Rarity, but soon a new feeling has come, hatred. He starts pulling cruel pranks on her, messing up her dresses and throwing cake at her with comments like Spike: Take that fatty! Spike: (nasty chuckle) You should see the look, on your ugly, stupid face! (Falls over and laughs)
  7. Spike x Thorax Really?! Why?!
  8. What you described is right up there with the original plot of Zootopia. Fitting the ruler class needs and punishing the lower. And again, do you see a Dragon raising a foal?
  9. There I think that proves my point. He need to be with his own kind. Do you see any dragon raising a lost foal?!
  10. They called them animals like Fluttershys animals in Dragon Shy have made multiple speciest comments in past seasons, look on tv tropes. In my book, this is unforgivable.
  11. Then by all accounts, the ponies have been speciest from the start. Which in my book, is unforgivable. He's going to grow into a GIANT! So I think he'd be better off in a place where he does not stick out like a sore thumb. You ask me. This dragon is trying to help him.
  12. But, he's not. Species Is not the same as race. Humans are humans. Species are different. Brain Dump's review of Zootopia explains this.