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  1. Screw it! I tried bot to get involved but I need cuddle So! *cuddles EVERYONE*
  2. You know S7 had a partly tangeable plot arc. Turns out they told us all those legends for a reason. It wasn't much but it was a start.
  3. More random hopes (look, I've gotta get these off my chest okay.): -more trixie and starlight -another "slice of life style" episode -more derpy -previously unused pony combos -more info on equestrias foreign relations -more celestial and Luna (when they're acting like normal ponies instead of royalty) -at least one mention of death slipping past the radar -that it comes to Netflix in the USA -more references to other stuff
  4. Captain plasma still got more screen time than sombra.

  5. You turn into tyrant!celestia and now have an obsession with banishing people TO THE MOON!! And you think this solves every problem.