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  1. *boop* Hai! :3

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      @Milkmare Alexis Do you do requests?

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      Milkmare Alexis

      You I do

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      Can you do him:


      his right (our left) eye is red, his hat pattern and his cutie mark are the pansexual pride flag, and his scarf has a yellow and purple checkerboard pattern. His pupils are also slits (he's half-bat pony).

  2. I haven't been on here in forever, wow!
  3. Merry Birthiversary! 

  4. This has happened over the corse of several to multiple months, if you heard of Five Score Divided By Four, you might know what I'm talking about, maybe. So, a few of my friends have been have first person dreams as their ocs, and these dream are on the full blown real life detail down to smallest fur hair. They are like memories, dormant memories, which are possibility triggered by the coming age of 25. Why 25, it's the book and the title is a math problem, ( 5 * 20 ) / 4. Now hears my theory, what if the events of the book happen during the new generation of mlp and the events of the book commence. I have my had some experience with these dreams in the past but right I've been having ghost limbs. I sometimes feel like I have tail, horn or even wings after I feel small pain spikes where these parts are located. Which also possibility support my theory. If you have experienced any of these yourself, please let me know in the comments below.
  5. I miss when I post something and a lot of people give me their opinions or questions, back on my old account. I miss those times...

    1. Snow


      My opinion on that statement is that tanks are the best. :proud:

    2. Milkmare Alexis

      Milkmare Alexis

      *confused alicorn noises*

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      Appley Hooves

      *gibs apple in place of opinion cuz too sleepy for them thought things*

  6. There is a good possibility that there were people with those personalities, but also possibility from how the world is going right now, they gone and or worse.
  7. "Hello Everyone, here you can ask me pretty much anything" Alexis said, having her uniform on "so, ask away!"
  8. Anyone heard of the Brohoof Forum, if so pm me cause I can't find it...


  9. Hello, I was wondering if there was a way to make a character sheet, I'm unable to and I wanna know why that is.
  10. Thanks for the follow hope you are doing well :)

    1. Milkmare Alexis

      Milkmare Alexis

      Yeah, welcome to my new account btw


  11. Even though I haven't left the herd in General
  12. Hello, so, if you ever seen or followed the user DrawingSign. Well I'm back and now using a new oc by the Alexis Lamontagne or also me now, I'm transgender male to female irl and haven't started transitioning cause of fear. Anyways, I do art, music and I role play and yes my new oc is a Milkmare but she's more SFW than NSFW (she knows a hidden spell to hide things will in public, so don't worry!) Hope to see see a lot of later on and do some art and rp.
  13. Anyone that still follows this account, this was my old account, a lot my stuff on this one are gone, would be best to come to my new account for updates now.