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  1. Kitty_Cat

    Private 1x1 w/ Jedishy

    Twilight looks at Winter. “I’m not sure what is going on, but it looks like Vincent is... sleepwalking. Based on what he’s said so far, he may be having a nightmare of some sort...” I look at Fredbear with frightened eyes. “B-Besides, that happened so long ago...” Fredbear is still angry. “That doesn’t matter... I can tell you still want to kill.” I’m shocked. “No I don’t! When was the last time I ever killed!?!” Twilight is confused. What was I talking about? I back up into a corner and turn white in fear. “Wh-What are you doing?? Stop this instant!!”
  2. Kitty_Cat

    Private 1x1 w/ Jedishy

    It’s very quiet tonight. I don’t hear anything. Suddenly, I feel as if Fredbear were to be right behind me. I turn around and see Fredbear, who looked very angry. “William, I have recently realized why you put me on stage long ago... So I could kill those children...” I’m confused. “What do you mean?” I ask. Twilight looks at me in confusion. “I didn’t say anything to you, Vincent.” I don’t reply directly to her. It’s like I’m talking to a ghost. “No really! I never intended for that to happen! Not ever!” I say, voice escalating a bit in fear.
  3. Kitty_Cat

    Private 1x1 w/ Jedishy

    I’ve only been asleep for a few minutes, and then I wake up... In the office? Was it all a dream? What if I’m in a dream now? It can’t be dream; it all feels so real. I get off if the floor and check the time. My watch isnt working for some reason. According to the lights though, it’s night shift so I stay in the office. I pick up the monitor and... everything’s static. How long have I been out? What’s going on? Meanwhile, Twilight has heard some things from my room. She walks to my room and checks it out. When she enters, she sees me standing on my hind legs holding nothing but air in my front hooves. I’m still asleep apparently.
  4. Kitty_Cat

    Private 1x1 w/ Jedishy

    I jump slightly as Winter has gotten my attention. I follow Twilight to her castle. When we arrive, I can’t beleive my eyes. It’s all so pretty! It’s so beautiful, I have no words. I just gaze at this magnificent citadel with open eyes. Twilight pokes me in the midst of my gaze, startling me. I jump back and nearly scream, but I hold back. I laugh at myself and Twilight laughs along. We enter her castle and she shows us our rooms. Once again, everything very neat and just beautiful. ”Thanks again for everything, princess.” I yawn again. “G’night.” Twilight smiles and says “Good night, Vincent and Winter.” She goes to her room to sleep.
  5. Kitty_Cat

    Private 1x1 w/ Jedishy

    “I can help you with that, Winter. Cmon, let’s go to the castle. Vincent is starting to look a little sluggish.” she says while facing me. Meanwhile I’m just standing there with my eyes half closed already. I say nothing, as I am occupied by thoughts again.
  6. Kitty_Cat

    Private 1x1 w/ Jedishy

    “I’ll run and you can fly. How’s that?” I say. Twilight nods. I yawn. I’m starting to get kinda sleepy. “I’m getting a little tired... I’m gonna find somewhere to sleep...” ”You can sleep at my castle for the night if you two want to. I’ve got plenty of guest rooms.” Twilight offers. ”Oh really? Thank you, princess.” I reply.
  7. Kitty_Cat

    Private 1x1 w/ Jedishy

    “Do you really think so? I may not be a Pegasus, but boy am I fast! But to be honest, I don’t know how fast I can run in MPH... heh. Anyway, we should make a start and a finish point. What do you think would be great points, princess?” Twilight thinks for a moment. “How about you guys do the Running of the Leaves? The race is tomorrow.” ”I think that sounds good. What about you, Winter?”
  8. Kitty_Cat

    Mega Thread Song Stuck in your Head Right Now

    This is a really good song!!
  9. Kitty_Cat

    Private 1x1 w/ Jedishy

    I shake my head. “Nah, it’s all yours. You need it more than I do, heh.” Pinkie places the pie onto the counter. “Here ya go! Hey Twilight, do you want anything?” Twilight replies “No, thanks though. I only recently ate.” I look to Winter, who looked pretty excited. “Hey, I can tell you’re the competitive type. Wanna race someday?”
  10. Kitty_Cat

    Private 1x1 w/ Jedishy

    I saw what had happened. I’m quite impressed at the save. I’d clap for him, but I don’t know how so I just compliment him. “Nice save there, Winter!” I say. Pinkie is also impressed. “Great job! Thanks for that. Here, I do have a slice of cherry pie for 10 bits.” she says.
  11. Kitty_Cat

    Private 1x1 w/ Jedishy

    We all go to Sugarcube Corner, which wasn’t too far away. We are immediately greeted by Pinkie Pie. ”Hiya Twilight!! Ooh who are these?” Twilight replies “This is Winter Bolt and this is Vincent.” I wave. ”Coolio! So, how can I help ya today?” Pinkie asks. “Do you have anything under 10 bits?” asks Twilight. ”Yup! You can get two cupcakes for 8 bits!” Twlight turns to Winter. “What do you think?”
  12. Kitty_Cat

    Private 1x1 w/ Jedishy

    Twilight grins. “Why of course we can go there! In fact, one of my friends helps to run Sugarcube Corner and I have another friend at the Apple Farm too if you want to see them. Also, I’ve got plenty of empty paper you can write a letter with.” I’ve started to get lost in thought. I say nothing and stare at the ground.
  13. Kitty_Cat

    Private 1x1 w/ Jedishy

    “Oh really? Sometimes I can run so fast you can’t even see a blur of me. Like I said earlier though, it takes a HUGE amount of energy. I would only be able to sustain that speed for 20 minutes tops. A different way of transportation would likely be necessary.” Twilight nods. “Maybe we can find other ways in the books of my castle.” I smile at the idea. “I think that’s a good idea. What do you think, Winter?”
  14. Kitty_Cat

    Private 1x1 w/ Jedishy

    “I have a paper map of Equestria in my castle that we can use. It’s not too far from here. Regarding your letter, Spike can send it. Travel is going to be an issue though...” Twilight says, thinking of a quicker method of travel. ”I can run really fast.” I say. “It takes a lot of energy though... Hmm... I wonder...”
  15. Kitty_Cat

    Private 1x1 w/ Jedishy

    “Here, have this. It’s not much, but it’s better than nothing. Heh.” I take a bag with toast in it and toss it to Winter. “And maybe you could find a job of some sort while we travel if you join. Always gotta keep hope. I learned that the hard way, and I’m gonna show ya how to learn it the easy way, heh.” I put out my hoof. “So, ya joining?”