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  1. Kitty_Cat

    Private Roleplay with no fixed plot

    Twilight: “Wow, just last week? It sounds really interesting! Of course we can play!” (behind them are the normal sounds of an arcade, although right now it seems really competitive.) “Wow, today’s quite a competitive day, huh?” She says this as she gets ready to play.
  2. Kitty_Cat

    Private Roleplay with no fixed plot

    Twilight: “That makes sense. Maybe later we could practice a little bit of that.” ”Woahhhh! This looks amazing! I cant wait to start!” ”So, what game do you want to play first? The variety is too big for me to choose, haha!”
  3. Kitty_Cat

    The Corrupted Wish Game

    Granted, but the weapon is terrible. I wish it wasnt so hot outside.
  4. Kitty_Cat

    Private Roleplay with no fixed plot

    Twilight: “Oh yes of course! Ive seen other unicorns do it on rare occasion since its so hard to replicate and get enough magic to do them. Kitty does them too, but she gets them from different dimensions so it comes for her easily. Maybe after you get really good at other magic, you might be able to do some of those moves.”
  5. Kitty_Cat

    Private Roleplay with no fixed plot

    Pinkie: “Youre welcome!” (she smiles in glee) Twilight: “Ok. Thats sounds like a good conversation.” Pinkie: “Got it! Byeeeee have a good timeeeeee!” (Twilight and Dynamo leave the castle) Twilight: “So, what’s your idea?”
  6. Kitty_Cat

    Private Roleplay with no fixed plot

    Kitty: *Yes, they are very close. Twilight: “I dont know where Rainbow went. Pinkie, do you know?” Pinkie: “She went to her Wonderbolt practice. She should be back in an hour or two.” Twilight: “Ok, thanks!” (she turns to Dynamo) “Hey, since most of the others are busy doing something, I’d like to go to the arcade and see what they have there What do you say?”
  7. Kitty_Cat

    Private Roleplay with no fixed plot

    Kitty: *I found the bottle around the border between Klugetown and the Arimaspi Territory. *Kitty’s horn glows orange and puts her horn close to the glass.* *Looks like its got a lot of magic power in it. Very strange. *Kitty writes it down on the paper in what appears to be either another language or just really messy hoofwriting.* *Well, I’m gonna investigate more. If it gets in the wrong... hooves then I don’t know what could happen, especially since it has a lot of magic in it. I’m getting some ideas on what it could be, so uh, check back soon, k? Twilight: “I will soon. This sounds interesting to me!”
  8. Kitty_Cat

    Private Roleplay with no fixed plot

    *Well that’s fantastic!! Getting teleportation and a laser down in one day is very impressive! *she sniffs the weird bottle again to try to get more info about it. She opens it and takes a peek inside.* *........ *I cant see it through here, haha. The bottle’s opaque and I’m just covering up the light. *Kitty makes a glass out of thin air and pours the substance into the glass. The substance is a dark red color.* *Kitty investigates it more.*
  9. Kitty_Cat

    Private Roleplay with no fixed plot

    Kitty: *The mission was like a normal one. Just a little argument between two people over what material was better for making blankets. I decided to try to combine the two marerials and something actually pretty decent came out, and they were happy with it. *Oooh I love awesome! Do tell!
  10. Kitty_Cat

    Private Roleplay with no fixed plot

    Twilight: “That was her second mission. The first one took two days.” Applejack: “Yeah this one was fast compared to the last one. Cmon, lets go see her!” (The enter the map room. Kitty is sitting at the table writing on a peice of paper with an orange bottle with a cork in it next to the paper. Kittys hair is a mess.* Applejack: “Are you ok sugarcube? Also, whats with the bottle? Kitty: *Oh yeah! It went great! After I did that Sonic Rainboom, my hair got all messed up. I tried to get to fix it while I was at Klugetown but no luck there haha. *Oh, about the bottle, I found it on the way back. It looked really intriguing, so Im investigating it. Twilight: “How’d the bottle get you intrigued?” Kitty: *The looks and the smell. The smell is weeeeeeeird, and the looks of the bottle are recognizable....
  11. Kitty_Cat

    Private Roleplay with no fixed plot

    (Twilight and Applejack help Dynamo stand up and they lead him back to the castle) (When they arrive, Pinkie has some news for them) Pinkie: “Guys! Kittys back! I heard her woosh back into the map room. Wanna go see her?” Twilight: “I think that’ll be great to see her again. It has been a while.”
  12. Kitty_Cat

    Private Roleplay with no fixed plot

    Twilight: “Oh my goodness, are you ok?!” Applejack: “We should get back to the castle and get you some rest. Using a lot of magic in a short amount of time can really tire someone out. Do you want us to help you get back?”
  13. Kitty_Cat

    Private Roleplay with no fixed plot

    (As Twilight watches Dynamo he breaks more targets and includes teleportation along with the laser to break even more, her face shows she’s impressed) ”Amazing! I think you’ll be great for battling when we need you someday!” Applejack: “I think that you have about half of Twilight’s ability now, but I don’t know magic too well so I may not be right.” Twilight: “I think Kitty will be impressed as well when she gets back and hears about all this!”
  14. Kitty_Cat

    Private Roleplay with no fixed plot

    Twilight: “That was amazing!! You did it so well! Im so proud that you did it!” (she walks over to Dynamo and hugs him) (she quickly lets go) “Oh, sorry. I got carried away. I mean, I know you like hugs, but that one was just sudden.” (she laughs in embarrassment) (Applejack is shocked by how Dynamo literally destroyed the target. She is left speechless because everything went so fast before her eyes, and she hasnt had time to collect everything.)
  15. Kitty_Cat

    Private Roleplay with no fixed plot

    Twilight: “That could be possible. Try adding more magic into your spell if you can.” (Applejack is staring at the sky, studying the cloud patterns for any storm possibilities.)(random setence because stinkin’ thing is too small and I have no other ideas lol)