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  1. Kitty_Cat

    Private Roleplay with no fixed plot

    *Kitty laughs along with Dynamo as her team goes back in their designated Pokéballs.* *Maybe. That would be cool if we did, heheh! *Oh, yes! I’m definitely ready! *she smiles in excitement and anticipation.*
  2. Kitty_Cat

    Private Roleplay with no fixed plot

    Kitty: *Eh, it doesnt really matter. Im as confused as you are regarding ‘mythical and legendary’. I always call rare Pokémon a legendary just ‘cause I dont really know much better, heh. *Recently scientists have discovered Pokémon with strange auras, tints being the most common. The reason why Pokémon have them is unknown, but theyre hoping to get some answer or theory soon. So far, auras dont affect their stats or anything like that, they just look cool. *Heh. Thanks. I think you should have your team by now. Maybe you should go check the computer in there? If you see any Pokémon you have in your game in there, your current team should be in there already or are currently looking for you.
  3. Kitty_Cat

    Private Roleplay with no fixed plot

    Kitty: *Alright! Pokémon, Go! *she throws them all down at once. The following Pokémon appear:* Gardevoir, level 67; Delphox, level 46; Raikou, level 87; Mew, level 28; Flareon, level 69; and a Pichu with a strange pink tint, level 84. (this is actually my party from Pokémon games I played on ROBLOX.) *Heh... what do you think?
  4. Kitty_Cat

    Private Roleplay with no fixed plot

    Kitty: *Sometimes Pokémon do wander off a far ways... Its pretty odd. *This is a female one, although I do hold a male one as well. *I do have a full team, but this Meowstic isnt part of my main team. I was just carrying it around for training purposes. The rest of my team is like in the 40’s to near 90’s.... except for one of them, heh. *Hang on, lemme swap out my Pokémon. *she enters the Pokémon Center again and swaps out her Pokémon.* *she walks back out with her real team.* *Ya ready?
  5. Kitty_Cat

    Private Roleplay with no fixed plot

    Kitty: *Indeed, you are correct. *I guess I’ll battle it. *she goes toward the Pokémon.* A wild Doduo has appeared! *Hmmm, whats my weakest Pokémon...? Aha! *she takes a Pokéball out of her bag.* Go, Meowstic! (a level 23 Meowstic has emerged from the Pokéball.) *she snickers to herself.* A level 9 Doduo against a level 23 Meowstic... Ha! *Meowstic, use Psychic! (the Meowstic attacks the Doduo with said move.) The wild Doduo has fainted! *Well, there we go! What do you think of it?
  6. Kitty_Cat

    Private Roleplay with no fixed plot

    Kitty: *Yes, there are many people. Theyre almost finished with it already. Maybe a couple more minutes and it’ll be linked. *I sense some wild Pokémon nearby. They dont come to the towns very often. Perhaps you’d like to catch some? Im currently satisfied with my team, and around here theyre pretty easy to beat for me... heh.
  7. Kitty_Cat

    Private Roleplay with no fixed plot

    Kitty: *Its totally fine! *Heh, its no problem! Anythin’ for my friends! *they walk inside. Kitty buys 5 ultra balls and 3 great balls. She then goes to the built-in Pokémon Center and heals her Pokémon.* *she waits for Dynamo to finish his shopping.*
  8. Kitty_Cat

    Planning OOC of roleplay.

    Its ok, was just wondering! ^^ Im kinda busy with life too. xD
  9. Kitty_Cat

    Planning OOC of roleplay.

    @Dynamo Pad Hello? Its been a while, you ok?
  10. Kitty_Cat

    Private Roleplay with no fixed plot

    Kitty: *Yeah Im fine. Its nothing, haha. I multitask a lot, but Im usually not so clumsy. Eh, I think its just one of those “growing-up” things. *She has nothing else to say at the moment, so she decides to hum to herself, trying not to disturb Dynamo if he gets annoyed with it. It seems to be high picthed and fast paced music, as if she were singing anime battle music.* *They arrive at Pewter City.* *Here we are! *Feel free to look around, or you can come with me if ya want to. Im gonna be the shop if you need me. *Oh, I almost forgot. Have this whistle. If you wind up getting really lost or if its for any other emergency, just blow it. I’ll be able to hear it from anywhere. *she give him the whistle. It looks like a regular silver whistle.*
  11. Kitty_Cat

    Private Roleplay with no fixed plot

    Kitty: *I dont know the name, nor have I seen him. If he’d just show up, Id finally be able to get my last stinkin’ badge! *Hang on, Imma go get someone to see if they can link your Pokemon save file to you. *She continues walking to Pewter City, but she kinda walks a little clumsily and sometimes stops in her tracks, mumbles stuff, trips and falls over, and runs into trees. After a few minutes, she replies.* *Theyre linking it to ya now. Should take only a couple of minutes. *she realizes she accidentally cut herself a bit. She makes a bandage out of thin air and applies it.* *Heh. Sorry ‘bout all my clumsiness.
  12. Kitty_Cat

    What is your opinion on brohoofs on this site?

    I enjoy brohoofs. They can signify quite a bit. Theyre often used as a sort of ‘like’ button, but they can be used to show that you agree or relate to something. Also. BrohOOF :>
  13. Kitty_Cat

    Private Roleplay with no fixed plot

    Kitty: *The gyms are usually opened. If we can get you some Pokémon, you can get your first badge at Viridian City. *Perhaps your save file on your game has a connection to here. Since youre not from this dimension, your Pokémon arent connected to you. I can go see if someone with access to the matrix can connect you with your Pokémon. It will also give you the items that you currently have saved on your game.
  14. Kitty_Cat

    Private Roleplay with no fixed plot

    Kitty: *Its impossible to get separated. When I touch you you are counted as a part of me cause our atoms are touching and so we’re both transported to the same area. *Oh, yes many times! *Oh thats totally fine! I understand your worry. *Ok, lets go. *She touches Dynamos shoulder as he wraps his arm around her shoulder. There is a sudden zip sound and then they feel as if they are on grass.* *Ok, you can open your eyes now. *We are currently in Route 3 facing Pewter City. I was gonna buy some Pokéballs there, but i had some issue then forgot all about it, haha. Wanna go there? Dont be suprised if people call you a new Pokémon and try to catch you, theyve done that to me. They’ll eventually get used to ya.
  15. Hey I have a question xD Whats the pokemon on your pfp? xD

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    2. Hybrid Theory

      Hybrid Theory

      it is a shiny furret, as mentioned by one of my good friends, kyoshi.

      Although you would not believe the sheer amount of stress I went through making this avatar

    3. Kyoshi


      Did not notice the shiny bit. Woops. :P ALSO. That is not the avatar you showed me in the Discords. :o

    4. Hybrid Theory

      Hybrid Theory

      it is not. Because i was having one tartarus of a time trying to get the file size down, however that was sacrificing quality, so i decided to use a sprite against a generic background.