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  1. Video Stuff

    No idea why i made this
  2. How many my little pony plushy did you bought or have?
  3. Rainbow dash with a baseball bat

    Hey guys i just made this logo for my channel what do you guys think? feel free to say your opinion thanks!
  4. General Did anyone had a great day?

    Anyone had a great day today or no? Mine was ok how about you?
  5. Say something very kind in 3 sentences

    Not bad nice!
  6. Say something very kind in 3 sentences

    Say something kind in three sentence good luck!
  7. The best gift you ever had in your whole life?
  8. The fandom is great!

    Hello my names Ron. I just became a brony for about a couple weeks ago and i would like to say this fandom is very interesting and full of good people. So thank you for welcoming me you guys are awesome! Brohoof! /)*(\
  9. Derpy hooves booping incident

    Hello check out this video i made about Derpy hooves getting booped yeah this is my second time making the animation don't forget to leave a like, comment, share the video and subscribe! thank you Also i'm new to this stuff so yeah it's gonna look a bit bad.
  10. Hello Bronies my names Ron and i'm from the Philippines and i'm here to say that i am new to the fandom and i would like to say the MLP fandom is awesome.