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  1. I do not know if this was already asked or not, but what Era or Year such as Medieval and Ancient Etc. Do you like or interested in? Mine is the Renaissance era.
  2. Video Stuff

    No idea why i made this
  3. How many my little pony plushy did you bought or have?
  4. Rainbow dash with a baseball bat

    Hey guys i just made this logo for my channel what do you guys think? feel free to say your opinion thanks!
  5. General Did anyone had a great day?

    Anyone had a great day today or no? Mine was ok how about you?
  6. Say something very kind in 3 sentences

    Not bad nice!
  7. Say something very kind in 3 sentences

    Say something kind in three sentence good luck!
  8. The best gift you ever had in your whole life?
  9. The fandom is great!

    Hello my names Ron. I just became a brony for about a couple weeks ago and i would like to say this fandom is very interesting and full of good people. So thank you for welcoming me you guys are awesome! Brohoof! /)*(\
  10. Derpy hooves booping incident

    Hello check out this video i made about Derpy hooves getting booped yeah this is my second time making the animation don't forget to leave a like, comment, share the video and subscribe! thank you Also i'm new to this stuff so yeah it's gonna look a bit bad.
  11. Hello Bronies my names Ron and i'm from the Philippines and i'm here to say that i am new to the fandom and i would like to say the MLP fandom is awesome.