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  1. Feeling pretty relaxed. Just browsing the forums makes me feel this way a lot of the time.
  2. The last show I watched was the season finale of The Owl House. Yeah I don't watch much TV.
  3. Nothing just browsing the forums. Mmm how fun.
  4. A CUTIE!! Thanks so much! Also starting to use her more often again.
  5. I use it to play fun games, share/request art, or just chat and socialize with others!
  6. Been really rainy and cloudy here the past few days. I don't mind it though, I personally love the rain!
  7. I'm feeling alright.I'm just a bit tired is all.
  8. Savy

    Hi :3

    Hi there and welcome to the forums!! ^ ^
  9. Savy

    Hiya there

    Hi! Welcome to the forums!
  10. Not bad today, but tomorrow.... It's supposed to be hot as hell... :/
  11. Savy

    NEW ^-^!

    Hello and welcome to the forums!
  12. I just wanted to say that I love your Hippogriff OC very much she's so adorable :ticking:

  13. These seem pretty cool! I'll definitely a couple of em!!
  14. Aaaa I just started watching The Owl House recently, and I already love it!! :O It's such a good show ngl