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  1. Lyrin

    So who bakes muffins on saturdays?

    You can but its not the same for me. Besides i like using recipees and working for it, just adds more sensation of it as a hobby.
  2. I like to do it. So i am wondering. What about you? Its easy to make and is fun.
  3. Lyrin

    Luna Fan Club

    If Luna is the moon, does she praise the moon
  4. Lyrin

    Do you like conspiracy theories

    But considering this theory about the missing link. I am just saying its plausable. Edit: Also this is a video about a mayan contraption, looks very highly advanced.
  5. Lyrin

    Do you like conspiracy theories

    If aliens made stuff from ancient civilizations on earth. Is it possible they created the human race?
  6. Lyrin

    Do you like conspiracy theories

    Its harmless speculation. You can always debunk them if you wanna join in the discussion.
  7. Lyrin

    What are your names in real life?

    I'm gonna choose Ramona. That's a very common name some places. Edit: I'm gonna have to guess Randi Rita Ronia Rebecca Rhonda
  8. Lyrin

    What are your names in real life?

    My real name is Lars Erik. Lars the first name and Erik being the middle name.
  9. Lyrin

    Rainbow dash with a baseball bat

    Its great, i love it.
  10. Lyrin

    Web Favorite youtuber

    I am currently following TopHatGamingMan and ClassicGameRoom.
  11. Lyrin

    "Hot Horse"

    It makes me think of that video here
  12. Lyrin

    Do you like conspiracy theories

    I think the president is at fault. He was warned of the attack beforehand. Maybe he got some guys inside to weaken it as an excuse to invade other countries in order to make USA look good in fighting evil. USA are good at content creation though, but that is just something that might be true. Because USA live much on imperialism, globalism doesn't benefit the US as a global economy. Its also a way for people in power to lose jobs, so this is a way to keep the jobs while running the green. So the idea to adapt to globalist narrative is not profitable. So they most likely set this up in order to war with other countries i think. For example the EU was made so that they could get more money from their neighboring countries after the war without working themselves, as an excuse it was to cooperation and lack of future wars and to prevent fascism while they create jobs for re-education system and engineers. So that way no more wars could happen, and all the cash these countries make is something the EU takes it all in. The fishing industry, everything if you are in EU. Its all part of the big world.
  13. You should be friends with whoever you like. You don't need to believe what others believe. Just believe in yourself and you'll be fine.
  14. I got a green warm scarf. Which i am very thankful for. Helps me to keep warm during the winter.
  15. Lyrin


    Would it be bad to say i don't really drink soda. (with exceptions to Christmas times or parties)