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  1. Like instead of running from war and terrorism or civil wars for a better place. Instead we would take our video games, food and computers in these places and play concerts that overflow these places. And then they'd ask questions like "who are these idiots". Imagine this being on the news. What do you think would happen further? : D
  2. I hear people saying its bad, its lots of wars and stuff... But they do have the view, and deserts.
  3. I like working with computers. But the job i have is ok but its an isolated room with a server with no windows and i really have hard time to think when i work on checking the modems for faulths due to the noise the servers makes
  4. I dont work with servers. I work at servers. But sounds cool!
  5. Me neither. The noises kills me. I have been working in a room with a server. And i just want to die. If i can't quit soon i may do something dumb as jumping off a bridge. Just like the must dumbest non contributing ways to die. Just sucks so much balls being in that room is like cancer. I have complained now dont worry. But i friggin hate it. I dont think i care if they take away some stuff, they havent helped me out in work since i was here. So i dont care. I wanna quit soon, period. Edit: I mean as in real work, i like working but not in such a depressive state. I rather work than not work but there is limits, benefits whatever, just not this junk. though i seriously hope i can get out of this welfare trash. But its really the job that i just cant stand.
  6. Only if you are miserable, but i'd rather become an alcoholic. Work sucks. The loud servers in a room with no windows. Its almost tempting, almost.
  7. He's a great figure of keeping chill though. As much as i disagree with his policies i can't dislike the guy lol..
  8. Like just the sheer amazement of turning it on. Seeing it come to life. Before you knew about internet trolling, political religious fundamentalist extremeism online. Was pretty much easier time in the early 2000s, i had no idea about those. Now i see it all the time on the internet. Even on YouTube. So yeah. It is kind of nice to be nostalgic or well the more simpler ways of dealing with it. But it is also good that it doesn't create echo chambers either. To sort of be open to adapt to new environments and stuff. But yeah i do love to be nostalgic about the more simplistic ways sometimes. But considering not all here is born in 1991. I am just curious to your first experience?
  9. I think we need to adapt this from the Japanese.. or whoever came up with it. If you dont know "Seiza" is a sitting position with knees on the ground. Usually by a mat under, i prefer the typical excercise mat, have it infront of a table because here is why its better. Its good for your butt and overall acceleration. You relax aswell as not being too lazy. Its better than standing or sitting. You sit on your ass too long... not the best thing. I mean sure sitting in chairs sometimes i can deal with but this is just way superior than a chair. I can link it if you wish but its just much more better for gaming on TV and PC aswell as feeling of going on a walk (though i guess this depends on the individual), but it just essentially feels better in my view. Now not sure about studying, but not saying its impossible. Either way you can always have chairs for options. But to me i find this just overall superior.
  10. Do as me. Put in My Little Pony Tales or any old gen in weekends before going to Gen 4. I dunno... Why is it always so sad when i listen to "I'll be there right by your side" gen 1 opening, i always get sad inside of happy joy of something when that touches me. And i never saw this as a child. But essentially here is how you do it. Get a Playstation 2, buy Soul Calibur 3. Get a "floor mat like the ones you usually do sit ups on or something "considering those are the ones that exist" and like go in (Seiza) mode" have a table infront of it, get your PC up. And watch it while playing, if you wanna go for a walk then do that too. Its pretty cozy that way. Or you can always play RPG games. But Soul Calibur 3. Well its just that a tune in Character Creation theme sounds exactly like it does in some music cues in My Little Pony Tales, so i guess thats why i enjoy it that way. If you wanna tell me the best way you enjoy watching MLP. Feel free to say it. I love to hear different views and opinions on it.
  11. A mirror that transforms you into that being when you leave back and forth. I feel like this everytime i wake up and see my hands... I think of this.
  12. Not mountain dew. Water only, during summer with shirt and shorts. I think Australia is not so lazy yet that they rely on technology as much as the rest of the world too much more than needed in terms of outdoor life. So kudos to that. But its great to be out among the trees. Ever hugged a tree... Its great. But its more just wondering. Its cool during the summer but i am no sports junkie or anything, but not a food junkie either. Just in between : 3.