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  1. Request OC voiceover needed (Open)

    Can you provide a good more amount of insight? Are they a girl or a boy? And could you make an example voiceover? And/or make a small script?
  2. Spoiler How hyped are you for S8?

    Whenever I think of season 8 premiering soon, I get a weird feeling of giddiness like I am a 5 year old boy wanting an action figure; (Or is it mobile devices now?) either way, pretty much that feeling.
  3. Get well soon @Jeric! I’ll be praying for your full recovery!
  4. I had a great school day today and yesterday! Yesterday I made rocket fuel in Chemistry II, and today I tested my blood in Anatomy & Physiology. I am type O-. So I can donate blood to anypony who needs it! :D 

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    2. They


      @Sure @Everyone I'm assuming you two are talking about the mentions from the boop/cuddle threads. People can still mention you with your old display names because the most frequent posters on those threads usually, if not always, copy and paste the names. The links from those names have already been linked to your pages from when they first entered them, so when you click on it they will still direct to your page despite you having a different name. Yea, this thing boggled my mind too so I tried to figure out the reasoning behind it. :P 

      Hopefully that answered your question. :D 

    3. Sure


      @They @Sure did answer my question. Thanks! :D

    4. The_Gobo


      I hope that continues for the week :3

      Good times :D


  5. Who is your biggest fictional crush right now?

    I have a crush on somepony...
  6. Boop a snoot, any snoot

    @You forgot me! I am not a pronoun, but I still joined the squad!
  7. Hey Everypony!

    Welcome to the herd! Enjoy your stay here!
  8. I’ve finally finished my rough draft sketch! :D 



    Any critique I will appreciate! 

    1. The_Gobo


      Gettin' some good progress :3
      Wokin' on the anatomy I see :D


    2. Sure


      Yup! I figured I’d start practicing that from the get-go so that I don’t mess up later.

    3. The_Gobo


      Fantastic choice!
      Keep up the good work :D


  9. Wait, you make music? Do you by any chance have a sample of any of your music online somewhere?

    1. Sure


      Sadly no, I don’t know how to get the songs I’ve made into my computer. I just make songs on my keyboard when I am bored.

    2. Me.


      Aww... Is it not as easy as transferring it to a USB and then uploading it to a place like Soundcloud?

    3. Sure


      I have no music software, and I don’t have a good way to record it. :( 

  10. I like your new profile picture!

  11. I recently found a great comparison which uses Tank and Rainbow Dash. As you can see, Rainbow Dash (Pony is still about 3 feet in height.)
  12. I @Sure am glad @You followed @Me.!

    1. She


      @She is glad @That @You followed @Me. back!

  13. This post is an apology for my attitude.

    I personally think Dash is too focused on Wonderbolt performances and weather clearing to look for her special somepony. Still, a pretty silly argument telling people who can and cannot be shipped.
  14. That isn’t very accurate realistically. But it’s my head canon. In all seriousness though, I think ponies are like 3 feet tall. But they are measured in hands or something. @We. we had the same idea!