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  1. Gender Race

  2. Lunar Eclipe's Art

    This latest one made me lose it Great work as always Lunar!
  3. Visual Art Flakith's works

    Whoa, that's some neat art you got there! Good job with the shading and coloring!
  4. Can't believe that I haven't already congratulated you, my Scottish friend and loyal subject of the Brittish Crown, for the recent royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle! I know it warms your heart to know that future of monarchy in your country is secured! Long live the Queen!

    Thank ye for follow and sorry to poke fun at ye :smug:

  5. SALUTATION!!!!!

    Welcome to the MLP forums @Silly Pony! Hopefully you'll enjoy your stay here with us. Have fun making new friends! And don't worry about grammar too much, people will ask if they don't quite get what you meant. (it happens to me all the time )
  6. Old Fan, Just wanted to reintroduce myself. XD

    Welcome back @MaresFillies and congratulations on your graduation from college! It's always great to see old fans returning and even more so if they acknowledge the superiority of the book horse! As said, welcome back, looking forward to see you around.
  7. Greetings and Salutations Everypony.

    Welcome @Lonely Trails! There are plenty of roleplayers here in the forums, I'm sure that you'll fit in nicely. Hopefully you enjoy your stay here with us!
  8. Greetings!

    Welcome to the forums Dalkrin! I hope that you'll make many new friends and have fun here. Make yourself at home and enjoy your stay!
  9. Gender Race

  10. Gender Race

  11. Gender Race

  12. Gender Race

  13. Gender Race

  14. Gender Race

  15. hello equestria! ^~^

    Well hello there Nic, welcome to the forums! I hope that you make many new friends and have fun here. Enjoy your stay! And don't worry about grammar too much, your english is perfectly understandable