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  1. Divine plywood

    Hi! New here, looking for some friends!

    Hi @DJ_Vinyl.Scratch_3 and warm welcome to the forums Have fun making new friends and enjoy your stay!
  2. Divine plywood

    World Cup 16 - The Moon vs Wonderbolts Academy

    "What a lovely little contest you ponies have arranged! Of course I -being a princess and ruler of whole Equestria- sadly don't have enough time to take part on these kinds of minor events. Luckily however, my dear sister on the other hoof seems to have all the time imaginably to lavish playing those games of hers. I'm sure she is able to find room from her oh-so busy schedule and amuse you peasants while I administer the country. Go Wonderbolts, et cetera... Oh, but just look at the time! I must make haste, important official princess-business. Goodbye! Ta-ta! Oh, one last thing. Have I understood correctly that winners will pick member from the losing team to join their ranks? So there's a tiny, minuscule change that I might become common rank-a-filler in Team Moon... lead by my sister...?" "Wonderbolts! As your ruler I command you to win this thing! We can't afford to lose! Not to her!"
  3. Divine plywood

    World Cup 16 - Rainbow Falls vs Klugetown

    Match is far from over.
  4. Divine plywood

    World Cup 16 - Manehattan vs Dragon Lands

    Ur calling us stoopid?
  5. Divine plywood

    World Cup 16 - Manehattan vs Dragon Lands

    It's ok to like shiny gems, but at least we don't have thieves in Team Dragon Lands!
  6. Divine plywood

    World Cup - Manehattan vs Dragon Lands

    Somehow I feel like supporters of Manehattan will get banned for a day during the voting and Buffy wins by a landslide...
  7. Divine plywood

    World Cup 16 - Trottingham vs Las Pegasus

    Sin city United is the real winner of this match! Talk about dedicated fan base If team only wouldn't have all those EG characters, Midnight Blossom's gang would have had my vote with ease...
  8. Hi friend! Please vote for Trottingham Team! I voted for your team during the last poll!;) Thanks!


    1. Divine plywood

      Divine plywood

      Team Trottingham truly has superior propaganda department! ^_^ Very well, your lobbying was succesfull and I shall give my vote for Flutters (not like you would need it, outcome of that match seems pretty self-evident...)

  9. This reasoning just earned new vote for Tenochtitlan Basin Go Team Derpy!
  10. Happy birthday Phosphor!

    1. Phosphor270


      Thank you very much! :-D

  11. Divine plywood

    About Me

    Welcome to the forums Moonlight! Hopefully you'll enjoy your stay and have fun here
  12. Divine plywood

    Request Shop Free Pony Customs

    So you want the full artistic freedom when it comes desinging pones, that's more than understandable. I might hit you with a request later on when I come up with enough details for the character
  13. Divine plywood

    Cloudsdale vs Ponyville

    Enemy Rainbow Dash used Glare. It's not very effective...
  14. Divine plywood

    Cloudsdale vs Ponyville

    Oh yeah? Fans of Team Ponyville are literally behind and in front of their favorite pony
  15. Divine plywood

    I Have Returned To The Brony Fandom

    Hi and welcome back! I think that first you have to post 5 or so times and only after that you're able to change your profile and pic.