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  1. Fresh, newly washed bed sheets Also, walking in the forest after rain or the first snow
  2. Sometimes the best things aren't nothing too special, rather the opposite. Are there some normal, average things that makes you feel happy or for some unexplainable reason give you joy? I, for one, have always found ironing clothes strangely relaxing. Warmth of newly printed paper is also something that never ceases to delight me
  3. Not sure if 'invaded' is the best word, but occasionally some small swarms of fruit flies occur. Probably from the dirt of my plants. And every now and then there are some silverfishes in the bathroom. Nothing too major or out of ordinary, luckily
  4. The Truman Show It have been years since I last saw this absolute gem of a movie. Had almost completely forgotten how enjoyably camerawork teases the big reveal in the beginning. All those bizarre angles and carefully thought positions. Sadly, this is one of those films you can't experience fully again after seeing it once and learning the plot twist. Still, Jim Carrey is flamboyant as ever, one of his best movies. Ultimate nostalgia trip and, dare I say, feelgood movie. 90's man, that decade seems so comfortable novadays I wonder how modern youth feels about this film, them being grown custom to 24/7 entertainment/surveillance, spy cameras, youtube, Big brother etc...
  5. Feeling extremely good! Our national soccer team just mopped the floor with their opponents Great end for a great day!
  6. Yes! I love plants, both indoors and in the garden Just bought few new houseplants last week
  7. "South of the Border, West of the Sun" by Haruki Murakami
  8. Congrats bud! Have a purrr-fect birthday! :catface:


  9. Finishing up Dunkerque-themed film marathon: Their Finest. During Battle of Britain and London bombings, Ministry of Information's film team starts to make morale-boosting movie about Dunkirk evacuation. Absolutely delightful comedy-drama, proper BBC quality! Though after this I may need long break from this topic Yup, WWII
  10. I think we're talking about two different movies that just happen to have same name
  11. After The Darkest Hour, only logical choice as the follow-up movie was Dunkirk from Christopher Nolan Despite film's proportion -majority of it taking place either on the vast open sea or nearly empty shoreline- at times atmosphere is almost claustrophobic, in the best sense of the term. Nothing too much, nothing too little. Aviation scenes especially were surprisingly ascetic, an welcome exception to other war films (and some of the director's other works...)