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  1. When you find out that the complete art history book set you saved from university's wastepaper bin is worth over 200 bucks! :ticking:

    Kuvahaun tulos haulle mlp book

    Those are some pretty nifty books though, I may end up keeping them myself.

  2. Divine plywood


    Welcome to the forums Hopefully you'll enjoy your stay!
  3. Divine plywood

    Movies/TV Pokemon detective pikachu The Movie

    This movie looks like a weird mix, but I'm definitelly going to give it a fair chance. Some of the things in the trailer made my hype levels go through the roof, but there were also things that felt just... wrong. I didn't know it was possible to make Mr. Mime look any more creepier than it already is... That face *shivers* Ryan Reynolds weren't the first actor that came on my mind when I was introduced with the idea of a talking Pikachu, but based on the trailer, his performance is slowly starting to grow on me. There's no chance whatsoever that this movie could flop in the box office, but hopefully writers have at least tried to come up with a half-decent script, instead of just planning to ride with nostalgia of old fans
  4. Divine plywood

    Food SPBBL - Serious Pony Brewers Beer Lounge

    Good evening y'all, it's once again time to try bump this thread Hopefully you had a wonderful Halloween! Though I absolutely despise said holiday, there's one good thing of it: pumpkin beer! Importers make sure that markets and liquor stores are packet of it for the rest of the years
  5. Made it to November and through Halloween without seeing any pumpkins, ghosts, witches, skeletons or trick-or-treaters of any sort. Mission completed!

    In this time of year, good ol' Clint here is my spirit animal :unamused:

    Aiheeseen liittyvä kuva
    1. Yu Ziyuan

      Yu Ziyuan

      Only thing I saw was some teachers at our school in witch costumes

  6. Divine plywood

    Unusual ways you have gained money?

    I once bought jacket from a second-hand store and found 20 euros from it's pocket
  7. Divine plywood

    General Your favorite color and its meaning to you?

    I have always liked green, not sure why though. I would like to think it have been my own choice, that it's simply a color I fancy over the rest, but there's more to it really. Having multiple siblings kinda "forces" you to pick one color. Older ones can pick their favorite but after that it becomes more or less just a way to keep things organised, different color for each children. My sister had blue toothbrush, blue towel, blue mug... Same thing with the rest of us children, green, red and so on. Don't know if others still prefer those colors they were "given", but I like shades of brown and green and how practical they are. They also remind me of nature. Being it job interview or hike in the forest, you can't go wrong with calm and subtle colors. Guess I'm too down-to-earth kinda guy to wear red jeans or yellow shirt
  8. Divine plywood

    Hi! I finally joined an mlp forum!

    Welcome to the forums CinnamonStrings Enjoy your stay and have fun making new friends!
  9. Divine plywood

    Annual Turkey Call

    To sound like a turkey, you have to think like one. And to think like a turkey, you have to become one
  10. Divine plywood

    Hi! New here, looking for some friends!

    Hi @DJ_Vinyl.Scratch_3 and warm welcome to the forums Have fun making new friends and enjoy your stay!
  11. Divine plywood

    World Cup - Manehattan vs Dragon Lands

    Somehow I feel like supporters of Manehattan will get banned for a day during the voting and Buffy wins by a landslide...
  12. Hi friend! Please vote for Trottingham Team! I voted for your team during the last poll!;) Thanks!


    1. Divine plywood

      Divine plywood

      Team Trottingham truly has superior propaganda department! ^_^ Very well, your lobbying was succesfull and I shall give my vote for Flutters (not like you would need it, outcome of that match seems pretty self-evident...)

  13. Happy birthday Phosphor!

    1. Phosphor


      Thank you very much! :-D

  14. Divine plywood

    About Me

    Welcome to the forums Moonlight! Hopefully you'll enjoy your stay and have fun here
  15. Divine plywood

    Request Shop Free Pony Customs

    So you want the full artistic freedom when it comes desinging pones, that's more than understandable. I might hit you with a request later on when I come up with enough details for the character