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  1. Belated birthday wishes! :blue_baloon:

  2. Just finished watching new mini-serie adaptation of Agatha Christie's 'ABC murders'. Not quite sure what to think about it. Since the original book and the tv film from the 90's are timeless and iconic, I don't really feel we needed a new take on the classic story. If it's not broken etc... As far as I remember, original plot was completely different so this didn't even feel like something Christie would have written. Not bad, but still bit of a let down in some areas Though John Malkovich was superb in the main role, as always
  3. "Perfetti sconosciuti" ("Perfect strangers"), an italian drama comedy from 2016. Excellent writing and acting!
  4. Hallo, and welcome to the forums! Great to see new people joining in even though tv show ended. Have fun and enjoy your stay!
  5. I would like to thank all of you EQTV staffers for finding time to put together and host these events. I have found many new and memorable movies thanks to you
  6. Cow brain goulash Surprisingly tasty, but still disturbing
  7. At first Disney/Pixar movie about elves sounded bit lazy and done to death on paper, but this could actually be worth of watching. Though I'm not huge fan of how Disney uses same (voice) actors over and over again. Tom Holland and Chris Pratt, oh where oh where I have heard those names before?... Still, trailer looked quite nifty. They had me at pet dragon and trash eating unicorns



    1. Tacodidra



      What a game that was! :awed: An amazing game from an amazing team! :wub: No words really do it justice, but that was awesome! :rarity:

  9. Why did clicking on my picture take me to your page!?

    1. Divine plywood

      Divine plywood

      This was only the first phase of my evil master plan...

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  10. Hi and welcome! Don't worry, you picked a perfect time to join in now when the season 9 is about to begin. Have fun here in the forums and enjoy your stay!
  11. What comes before or after said episode wasn't my point. All I'm saying is that family fighting against dementia could be maybe little too hardcore for this show I don't see how an episode where character turns into a husk of her former self and forgets her grandchildren's names could fit in this cartoon. That is if we're talking about proper memory disorder and not just some cute memory loss gimmick.
  12. I get what you're after here and while it might be interesting and even therapeutic if done right, I still have to slightly disagree here. While there are cases when cartoons have been able to address and pull off things like this successfully, I guess that our colorful ponies might not be up to this particular task. I mostly watch FiM as an "escape" from the everyday life, something cute and harmless. I watch this specific cartoon when I don't want to think about my death relatives, family members with memory disorders etc. (But that's just me of course) If Granny would get severe dementia and started to forget names of her loved ones, it would feel little out of place, especially given that the show is about to end. I feel that this kind of matter should have more screentime than one or two episodes squeezed between other themes. Picture this: there's one bittersweet episode where Applebloom understands that her grandmother won't be there for her forever, but the previous and following episodes are about Pinkie eating too much cotton candy and Twi losing her marbles because of a missing library card... Idk, I just feel like some other show could address this important topic better than mlp. But you're right, we could use more Granny Smith episodes And sorry to hear about your family member