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  1. Divine plywood

    Lunar Eclipe's Art

    Ooh, I didn't realise that you had posted new art until now! Looking good as always, though that last pic about Lunar wearing a beanie is particularly adorable
  2. Divine plywood

    Movies/TV Last show you watched?

    First season of The Handmaid's Tale
  3. Divine plywood


    Beside shorter or alterned versions of my real name, I have been called everything from lumberjack to rabbi due to my beard. Occasionally my friends also call me Lenin because my balding hair. Back in army I was called as 'reverend' and when I was little my mother called me... bolete. Yes, her nickname for me was a bucking mushroom! It had something to do with some children poem or something similar
  4. Divine plywood

    General Are you Introverted or Extroverted?

    Ugh, I hate when people see it necessary to label others or themselfs as 'introverted' and 'extroverted' I probably woundn't have problem with this if it woudn't have became an online trend couple years ago. Suddenly every place - were it clickbait headline or frontbage of newspaper- were crowded with lines like "Top 10 jobs for extoverted people" or "Are you and introvert? Dont worry, you can still be usefull in your workplace". I honestly don't see the point why we should try to categorise people by using only two words! You woudn't even try to divide all the animals on the planet only with terms like "big scarry ones that will jump on you and eat you" and "ones that are harmless". Crappy example, but the point I try to make is that all people are individuals and when it comes to personality traits, there's no absolute black and white. Don't get me wrong, these are rather nifty terms and can be handy at times, but why, why on Earth we can't describe people like we used to, before this nauseating extroverted/introverted sorting became popular? I for instance aren't just one extremity, I'm blend of both of them. I might be reserved at first and might not always be as emancipated around stangers as some others might be. Then again, I like meeting new people, I enjoy working on a customer service sector, I'm often the loudest one in the crowd and I like attention. If one can fit themself on this bipolar definition, that's fine. But were it color scheme of an art piece or someones personality, why should we restrict ourself as if adjectives would cost something? Why not be thorough and precise? Sorry about the rant
  5. Divine plywood

    General What were you doing just 10 minutes ago?

    Taking fresh batch of bread out of oven
  6. Divine plywood

    digital Night Sketch

    Those wings looks just great! Nice work, what program did you use when making this?
  7. Divine plywood

    Food What's your favorite kind of chocolate?

    "My mama always said, life is like a box of chocolates. Dark and bitter." For me it's definitely the dark chocolate, darker the better Though I like the other kinds too
  8. Divine plywood

    Do you buy art to hang it on your wall?

    I don't like empty walls, at least ones in my apartment. If I wouldn't have any art on my home it would fell too empty and somehow 'asymmetrical', since my pieces of furniture aren't that tall. Without paintings there wouldn't be anything in the upper part of my flat. When I moved in my current apartment it took me a while to figure out why it looked so off... Couple of posters I had as a 'first-aid' fixed this and made the place look more balanced and less empty. Hanging some paintings or framed photos on the wall is an easy way to make room feel more lively and warm. As Cerberus put it, I have more art to put in my walls than I have room for them Some are real paintings I have bought from artists I like and some are just framed postcards and pages of newspapers that I think would look nice on the wall.
  9. Divine plywood

    The Salg Arrives

    Hi and welcome to the forums! It's always great to see former lurkers stepping from the shadows and becoming visible part of the community Make yourself at home and don't hesitate to ask if you have questions, folks around here are super friendly and helpful, no need to feel shy
  10. Divine plywood

    MLP in other countries

    Pop culture in US = pop culture in western world. While that might not necessarily be 100% accurate, I would say that novadays kids and adults alike watch more or less same shows and movies, wear same kind of clothes, follow same instagram celebrities and listen same music around the globe. People here in Northern Europe no doupt would recognise MLP characters as they would instantly identify Pikatchu or Spiderman. Even though show isn't as popular as it was some years ago, it still have vast fanbase among little girls. MLP toys are still sold in every supermarket and dubbed version of the show is currently aired almost every working day from two separate channels.
  11. Good job! While I really like your artstyle it can be maybe bit too two-dimensional at times. That blurry three trunk fixed this and really helped rest of the picture pop up more. Background is really well done too, often it is the little things that make the biggest difference. Maybe only thing I would change are those shadows. Maybe making them little longer?
  12. Okey, I missed the Friendship day a.k.a. the best pony day, but you can't say that I wouldn't have tried my best ^_^

    I'm currently visiting my friend in another city and I temporarily don't have acces to internet. Last night I casually asked if I could borrow my pal's laptop for "school work". Of course what I really wanted was to sneak in the forums and take part on Friendship Day celebrations and earn that coveted, desirable event padge. Well, my diabolic scheme didn't quite go as planned... While my friend sorta knows I'm brony, I didn't want to make huge deal about it and borrow his computer for something as juvenile as logging in to a pony fan site. So, under my friend's supervision, I ended up answering e-mails and writing an essay for a full hour while trying to sneak to the forums behind his back. :P It certainly was a productive evening even if I didn't plan to use my time as sensibly


    Right now I'm writing this on a public computer on local library :laugh: I hope you all had a wonderfull Friendship day yesterday and keep having one also today, since after all, isn't every day is worth of celebrating friendship?

    1. PhoenixGER


      Yeah everyday should be friendship Day. Celebrating with the important persons in your life (your friends) that you met and that you experienced so many things together. 

      Sounds like a funny story with your friends computer

      I wish you a great time with your friend.

    2. CHA0SXIII


      I have been doing nothing but running up to complete strangers and repeatedly booping them for the last 24 hours. Now there is a massive manhunt for a "serial booper" and the police have been ordered to shoot to kill on site and there is an angry mob armed with torches and pitchforks looking for me as well, plus talks of bringing back stake burning's for me. Thus far there has been over $73,029,903,350.12 in damages caused, having lost their faith people are leaving their places of worship by the millions with "doomsday boop-cults" rising to fill the void, the walls have begun to ooze green slime, cats and dogs are not only living together but also talking in reverse Latin - revealing shocking information about everyone's birth certificate, and the President of the United States of America has declared both a state of national emergency, but also declared me a living national disaster - yet, I boop on, not sure what else my actions may yet wrot.

      Sooooo, how ya do'n? :3   

  13. My brother's cat may be able to convert me in to a cat person if I spend any more time with that adorable puss. :catface: Earlier I never really got why people could be so obsessed with them, but this little fellow is really starting to grow on me ^_^ I still prefer dogs though

    1. Simply Cerberus

      Simply Cerberus

      One of Us. One of Us.One of Us. One of Us.One of Us. One of Us.One of Us. One of Us.One of Us. One of Us.
      \(^・ω・^)/ \(^・ω・^)/ \(^・ω・^)/ \(^・ω・^)/ \(^・ω・^)/ \(^・ω・^)/ \(^・ω・^)/ \(^・ω・^)/ \(^・ω・^)/






      (^・ω・^ )ノ

    2. AJ2489


      I gotta say I love cats and dogs equally in different ways XD

  14. Divine plywood

    Hi everypony (insert Dr. Nick joke here)

    Welcome to the MLP forums RuyHeart! Hopefully you'll enjoy your stay!
  15. Divine plywood

    If each of them had a disability/mental illness...

    Bulimia? Well, maybe not