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  1. Cow brain goulash Surprisingly tasty, but still disturbing
  2. At first Disney/Pixar movie about elves sounded bit lazy and done to death on paper, but this could actually be worth of watching. Though I'm not huge fan of how Disney uses same (voice) actors over and over again. Tom Holland and Chris Pratt, oh where oh where I have heard those names before?... Still, trailer looked quite nifty. They had me at pet dragon and trash eating unicorns



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      What a game that was! :awed: An amazing game from an amazing team! :wub: No words really do it justice, but that was awesome! :rarity:

  4. Why did clicking on my picture take me to your page!?

    1. Divine plywood

      Divine plywood

      This was only the first phase of my evil master plan...

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  5. Hi and welcome! Don't worry, you picked a perfect time to join in now when the season 9 is about to begin. Have fun here in the forums and enjoy your stay!
  6. What comes before or after said episode wasn't my point. All I'm saying is that family fighting against dementia could be maybe little too hardcore for this show I don't see how an episode where character turns into a husk of her former self and forgets her grandchildren's names could fit in this cartoon. That is if we're talking about proper memory disorder and not just some cute memory loss gimmick.
  7. I get what you're after here and while it might be interesting and even therapeutic if done right, I still have to slightly disagree here. While there are cases when cartoons have been able to address and pull off things like this successfully, I guess that our colorful ponies might not be up to this particular task. I mostly watch FiM as an "escape" from the everyday life, something cute and harmless. I watch this specific cartoon when I don't want to think about my death relatives, family members with memory disorders etc. (But that's just me of course) If Granny would get severe dementia and started to forget names of her loved ones, it would feel little out of place, especially given that the show is about to end. I feel that this kind of matter should have more screentime than one or two episodes squeezed between other themes. Picture this: there's one bittersweet episode where Applebloom understands that her grandmother won't be there for her forever, but the previous and following episodes are about Pinkie eating too much cotton candy and Twi losing her marbles because of a missing library card... Idk, I just feel like some other show could address this important topic better than mlp. But you're right, we could use more Granny Smith episodes And sorry to hear about your family member
  8. Hi Blade and warm welcome
  9. In general I don't mind if athletes have different backrounds or roots than the majority of the country they reprecent. If they have citizenship, it should be the only thing that matters. Tone of one's skin or where their family originates from shouldn't be an issue. However, there's always the "but"... For some time now, certain countries like Bahrain, Qatar and Turkey have aggressively scouted for talented foreing sportsmen/women - most notably African runners from Kenya or Ethiopia - and straight up "bought" them to reprecent their new homelands in the international arenas. This isn't anything new, but the scale of things have gotten even bigger in the recent years. And it's not only the few rich arab states that are doing this. Many European countries have made some pretty shady deals in order to get top tier athletics under their colours. Sweden for example, hasted the handling of nationality process of Ethiopian runner Abeba Aregawi in 2012- conveniently just before Word championships of Athletics held in 2013... she never lived in Sweden, not before or after she was granted citizenship. To top that, she later gave positive results in doping tests Saddly, few bad apples spoil the whole punch Be it steroids or bought foreing athletics, cheating is still cheating. Politics are ruining sports for good.
  10. Ooh, this sounds like a ton of fun! Count me in
  11. As I see it, 'legitimate career' can be anything that provides you, pays the bills and gets food on your table. As long as you get money out of it, it can be seen as a work/job/career. There are people who make a living by taking selfies(!?) or making videos of how they unbox things(!!??). It's weird, but apparently there are market for entertainment like this... As in many cases, "hate the game, not the player". I personally value "real" old school professions like teacher, factory worker, cleaner etc. more than youtube critics and such, but if someone can turn it into a profitable business, that's cool by me. In some cases, youtube content creators can be like entrepreneurs or remote workers. They don't necessarily have a traditional nine-to-five jobs, but that doesn't mean that some of them wouldn't dedicate huge amount of time and care into their videos. Not all of them, of course... It's also worth remembering that artists, writers, musicians, athletics and the rest can equally be seen as similar freeloaders. They don't necessarily produce any physical goods that other people need, but I guess that's one of the definitions for entertainment and art...
  12. Happy birthday mah dude! :mlp_yay:

  13. I have travelled by plane total 8 times in my years and I think that have been enough for the rest of my life. First couple times were exciting experiences -especially taking off and landing - but more I got used to flying, more trivial it started to feel. To be honest, airplanes are just flying versions of crowded tourist busses. Can't say that I would really enjoy flying too much. Seats are often trash, most of the time all there's to watch is just plain field of clouds down bellow, air pressure and canned, recycled air gives you headaches... list goes on and on Plus, pollution caused by air traveling is something I really don't wan't to be part of. I if want to travel abroad in the future, I'm more than happy to hop on a train. Flying is fast, but it has way too many downsides. I'm happy that I don't have any far-away relatives and that I don't have to do any long distance business trips in my job.
  14. Hi and welcome to the forums Hopefully you'll enjoy your time here and while doing so, will also meet like-minded people and make some new friends!