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  1. Welcome to the forums Sparky! You would be surprised of how many of us originally founded the series / joined in that way It's a slippery slope... Great to have you here, hopefully you have fun!
  2. Welcome neighbour! It's great to have you here in our ranks, I hope you enjoy your time here Can't wait to see some of your art!
  3. A veteran fan, eh? Welcome to the forums Harmony, hopefully you have fun here! It's never too late to join in. ( And yes, time flyes by alarminly fast )
  4. Welcome to the forums! It's never too late to join in, great to have you here. Pleased to meet you too!
  5. Due to everybody staying indoors private motoring have decreased. Air in the cities is much cleaner to breath and pollution rates have dropped significantly
  6. Luckily nothing too major have yet been outright canceled, only postponed for later date. Concerts, theater plays and such... Though I had to re-arrage and -schedule whole bunch of work related stuff, social events and visits to friends/relatives. Same as everybody else. Irritating, but what can you do...
  7. Happy birthday dude! :yay:

  8. Parasite. Oscar for the best picture certainly went to the correct address this year
  9. I like decorating, it's important that place that I call home actually looks and feels like one. I admire people who can decorate their home minimalistically and keep things neat and simple, but blank white walls aren't for me
  10. I enjoy growing plants and vegetables. I guess I'm not too terrible at it since they seldom die under my care, though most of them don't flourish either.
  11. Belated birthday wishes! :blue_baloon:

  12. Just finished watching new mini-serie adaptation of Agatha Christie's 'ABC murders'. Not quite sure what to think about it. Since the original book and the tv film from the 90's are timeless and iconic, I don't really feel we needed a new take on the classic story. If it's not broken etc... As far as I remember, original plot was completely different so this didn't even feel like something Christie would have written. Not bad, but still bit of a let down in some areas Though John Malkovich was superb in the main role, as always
  13. "Perfetti sconosciuti" ("Perfect strangers"), an italian drama comedy from 2016. Excellent writing and acting!
  14. Hallo, and welcome to the forums! Great to see new people joining in even though tv show ended. Have fun and enjoy your stay!