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  1. I guess my folks still have a (broken) VCR, though no-one have been using in in decade or so. I have saved some old VHS tapes from my childhood to be digitalised. As some said above, dialogue or even voice actors might change in newer re-releases, it's good to have those old, authentic copies around
  2. Looking stellar as always Do you use somekind of drawing pencil or just normal mouse?
  3. Dang it, this happens every.single.time. 

    When I'm finally about to sell and get rid of all the old records and cd's I haven't listened in ages that just collect dust, I give them "the one final listen" and end up putting them all back to the shelves!  :ButtercupLaugh: At this rate I'm gonna need to get bigger flat or rent some extra storage for all the old stuff I'm too soft to throw away.

    Curse thee nostalgy! :kindness:

    1. Rikifive


      I always have difficulties with getting rid of stuff, unless something is totally broken or something. :P 

    2. Divine plywood

      Divine plywood

      I know, right? "Oh, this was given to me by my ex, can't thow that away" or "I got this when I was seven, too many memories"  :-D

    3. Rikifive


      Or even better "I might need this later" even though you know you won't. :mlp_icwudt:

  4. Southpaw. Hardly an original boxing movie, but rather entertaining nevertheless. Though ending could have been predicted from the very start, movie still had me sitting on the edge of my seat. Soundtrack was great, excellent workout music!
  5. Happy birthday! ^_^

  6. Welcome to the forums Sparky! You would be surprised of how many of us originally founded the series / joined in that way It's a slippery slope... Great to have you here, hopefully you have fun!
  7. Welcome neighbour! It's great to have you here in our ranks, I hope you enjoy your time here Can't wait to see some of your art!
  8. A veteran fan, eh? Welcome to the forums Harmony, hopefully you have fun here! It's never too late to join in. ( And yes, time flyes by alarminly fast )
  9. Welcome to the forums! It's never too late to join in, great to have you here. Pleased to meet you too!
  10. Due to everybody staying indoors private motoring have decreased. Air in the cities is much cleaner to breath and pollution rates have dropped significantly
  11. Luckily nothing too major have yet been outright canceled, only postponed for later date. Concerts, theater plays and such... Though I had to re-arrage and -schedule whole bunch of work related stuff, social events and visits to friends/relatives. Same as everybody else. Irritating, but what can you do...
  12. Happy birthday dude! :yay:

  13. Parasite. Oscar for the best picture certainly went to the correct address this year