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  1. Divine plywood


    Hi and welcome to the forums Hopefully you'll enjoy your time here and while doing so, will also meet like-minded people and make some new friends!
  2. Divine plywood

    Does collectivism view individuality as evil?

    Collectivism doesn't just mean some big brother dystopia or dictotorship that smothers all individuality. At it's core collectivism "is a cultural value that is characterized by emphasis on cohesiveness among individuals and prioritization of the group over self". So basically, "don't be a selfish dick and learn to share with others". Western democracy is form of collectivism same as Nordic welfare states. That doesn't sound so bad now does it? Yes, Soviet Union and some crazy-ass cult can also be seen falling under the same hypernym, but often those kind of communities are eveything but egalitarian or collective. As we know, Soviet union was anything but communistic, far from it. That's just a theoretical term for a utopistic version of reality. Same goes for all the other 'big terms'. There are no time or place where pure collectivism/individualism would have occured, there are no absolute black or white, only limitless variations of grey. Saying that collectivistic systems/cultures/groups would view individualism as a pure evil is bit overstating. These two can and do excist simultaniously. Selfisness and lack of emphaty, rather than individuality are the key issues here. Freedom of thinking isn't inherently against collectivism It's funny that people who bash collectivism are more than happy to use public services such as libraries but whenever they have to pay taxes to fund said amenities, they start to rage how society should be 100% individualistic. Police and national army, as well as any legislation that protects consumer's rights against companies or other individuals is form of collectivism.
  3. Divine plywood

    Season 9 CONFIRMED to be the last season.

    About time FiM to end to be honest, better quit while you're ahead... Show had a good run but imo lately it have felt more or less repetitive, there aren't really any new stories to be told. Heck, they even had to come up with whole new main characters just to make season 8 interesting and worthwile. Shutting ponies down now can be viewed as an ultimate fan service from Hasbro. I doupt that anyone would be happy if G4 would end up being like the Simpsons... There's a time and place for everything after all This sums it up perfectly
  4. Divine plywood

    Mega Thread Last Movie You Watched?

    Fruitvale station. Though I knew from the start what was going to happen, it didn't make the ending any more easy to bear
  5. Any sports games really. Too much button smashing and weird combos for my liking. My buddies are super into NHL series, but I don't have the slightest interest towards it...
  6. Divine plywood

    Last thing said to you

    "Next time you might want to try not drop and break it. Those are expensive you know..."
  7. Divine plywood

    General Bad roommates experiences

    My story is basically identical to those listed above: Thought it would be swell idea to move in with my friend, founded out that he's a pig that doesn't have the foggiest clue what the hell vacuum cleaner or dishcloth are, ended up arguing, sulking and eventually ruining our friendship for good... Easily the most unpleasant and stressful year of my life, so glad that I got out of that madhouse!
  8. Divine plywood

    Greetings from the middle of winter! <3

    Hi and welcome to the MLP forums Fasu! Hopefully you'll enjoy your time here
  9. Divine plywood

    Movies/TV Does Star Wars work better on the TV Screen?

    I'm not a huge fans of existing Star Wars tv-shows, but as long as some people enjoy them, they are fine by me. They, being targeted to younger audience, haven't quite captured the tone and atmosphere of original movie series and it's universe (though to be fair, neither have majority of the newer films ). Mandaloreans is something I'm looking forwad to fairly optimistically. As long as there are living and breathing actors and even a half decent script, i'm cautiously interested. I don't mind franchises growing to new formats, as long as they stay true to their roots. IMO Star Wars should stay primary focused on the films. It really bugs me when lore introduced by other sources becomes so rich and overcomplicated, that you have to read a ****ing guidebook before watching a movie inorder to understand what the heck is going on
  10. Divine plywood

    Flutter20 Art

    Dude, this is great! Hush now, I would sell my left kidney without a moment's hesitation in order to be able draw faces as well as you!
  11. Happy birthday, bro! ^_^ :balloon:

    Kuvahaun tulos haulle happy birthday quote

  12. Spoiler

    Here we go again... 






    1. Divine plywood

      Divine plywood

      Kuvahaun tulos haulle mlp angry derpy  *frustrated horse noises*

  13. Divine plywood

    General What's the best place to buy nerd glasses?

    From your local optician...? Aren't those fake eyeglasses made from window glass sold in every other supermarket novadays?
  14. Not at all, but the second impression is different matter altogether At first I come across as this slightly reserved, polite dude who chitchat with everyone, compliment things and helps do the dishes afterwards. The second time I meet someone I'm more relaxed, bubbly and unleash all my stupid jokes. My friend once said that the second time he met me he thought that I had been drinking Seriously tho, if it's formal situation like a job interview or I otherwise want to look good, I find it rather easy to leave decent impression of myself.