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  1. I just thought they took away from the more serious tone, but It would make sense for Quasimodo to make more 'silly' imaginary friends.
  2. I agree, but I will say I wasn't a fan of the gargoyles
  3. It saves money, but it's often not top quality either.
  4. Not yet. Broken someone's heart?
  5. Maple Syrup. What do you look for in a partner?
  6. Because it's a children's cartoon, she probably isn't lesbian because angry parents would be attacking Hasbro if they had a gay character. There are characters in other media that some parents assume are gay and they throw a fit. Like SpongeBob, Barny and many other characters. If Hasbro took a step forward and made a character gay, it would be awesome for social reasons but possibly bad on business. So any My Little Pony character being gay is not likely. On a side note, if they make a character gay or bisexual, I'd prefer it to be a more feminine character, like Fluttershy or even pinkie pie, to break the masculine lesbian stereotype and to break the stereotype of masculine women are all lesbians. Edit: A Note on the Kissing Scene. If they did kiss, which I don't believe they did, I don't think it means she is a lesbian. I know many women who are okay with kissing their good friends, even if they are straight.
  7. I'm cool with monday. Just as good as any other day.
  8. Hair, in general, I don't find soft, but if I had to pick, straight hair would be softer because it's a smoother surface.