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  1. MLP has probably altered our lives for the better in significant ways, including mine. But, if I were to pick a specific instance, I'd say (quite ironically since the show seems to make friendships look like paradise) that I'm not afraid to be alone at times, like sitting at the lunch table or in class, albeit I still have friends with whom I hang out with time to time. But if you look at DJ Pon-3, she seems perfectly happy jamming to her beats and still looks hella cool even if she's not hanging out with someone. Anyways, what I'm trying to say is that it isn't necessarily "embarrassing" to be by yourself, and that it's important to have a passion for something, because after all, when you really get into something you love, people with similar interests would come along and naturally become your friend. Isn't there a saying how to have interesting friends you have to be interesting yourself first? Everyone has unique talents, you just need to work hard at it and not give up. I am grateful that I do have a friend on my side (which was not the case for the past couple years when school was completely hell for me) and several track teammates that I can talk to. I know not everyone can just "have a positive outlook", the same way someone with depression can't just "stop being depressed". But, I hope it did help some.
  2. Egg-3

    Ontario, CA

    This is about the most confusing name, because Ontario, CA can mean two different things: Ontario, California (city) or Ontario, Canada (province). Gotta love whoever had the bright idea to name a California city "Ontario".
  3. Today as I walked into physics class I overheard a classmate say something about Rainbow Dash, followed by another commenting, "isn't that the main character from My Little Pony?".

    I really wish I knew what started that conversation. I'm genuinely dying to know, is there a brony in my class? I kinda want to plant a Rainbow Dash image to see the reaction xD

    1. Phosphor


      That's pretty cool. FiM didn't air until my last year of college. Most people at my work have watched it tho, since they have children.

  4. Same! After watching the Equestria Girls series I realized how nice electric guitars sounded and wanted to get one (haven't gotten it yet cuz I spent all my money on a gaming pc )
  5. Egg-3

    How open are you about ponies?

    I would hold out a flyer or my phone and pretend I'm just shopping for a little cousin XD
  6. Just got my wisdom teeth out! They put me to sleep so I didn't feel anything, but I'm really sad because I forgot to ask for my teeth back :sealed::(:angry:

  7. I'm getting my wisdom teeth removed in 2 days and I'm a bit stressed out :sealed: 

    Anyone else had to do that, what was it like?

    1. Key Sharkz

      Key Sharkz

      I’ve never had to do it, but the people I know who have said it’s not as bad as it sounds.

    2. PoisonClaw


      I did a few years ago. It was... rather unsettling. Not painful, as they numbed me first, but it certainly wasn't a pleasant experience. It's a standard procedure though, so you'll be fine.

    3. Phosphor


      I still have my wisdom teeth, since I had room for them.

      Good luck to you.  

  8. Look who came in the mail today ^.^ 


  9. Rainbow Dash plushies and mane 6 figures are pretty common sight, but do you have a collectible that is rarely shown?
  10. Egg-3

    Hearth warming game

    Gift the person above you one thing! Since no one is above me I guess I'll just give DJ Pon-3 some new shades Just thought this forum needed more hearth warming stuff xD
  11. Egg-3

    Respond with a picture

    Books are healthy for you
  12. Egg-3

    Keep a word , drop a word

    Farm house
  13. Happy Hearth Warming everypony :dash: may your day be filled with warm hugs and cold cider ^.^

  14. Online, such as in games, I often name myself "Rainbow Dash" along with my favorite fan art of her, so anyone who is in my lobby can see I'm a brony. Most people ignore it (it's the Internet after all), but some people seem to appreciate the show while others really hate it because they associate bronies with things like furries, weebs and generally view the whole community as weird. I can't entirely blame them for thinking grown ups liking a little girls show is weird. Anyways that's my online experience, although I know in real life it is vastly different. That's why I'm wondering what people IRL things about you.
  15. Egg-3

    Flash Sentry

    Why is Flash called "worst human"? I get he is a brony but I don't blame him for leaving Sunset or liking Pony Twilight.
  16. Comedy skit ideas?

    My senior class is going on a trip tomorrow to a ranch (Legend of the Everfree flashbacks), we will ride horses (heh) and rock climb and stuff, and we will also have this talent show

    I want to do a stupid but funny skit with my friend, what should we do? Any ideas?

  17. Egg-3

    Comedy skit ideas

    My senior class is going on a trip tomorrow to a ranch (Legend of the Everfree flashbacks), we will ride horses (heh) and rock climb and stuff, and we will also have this talent show I want to do a stupid but funny skit with my friend, what should we do? Any ideas?
  18. How much money have you spent on merchandise? I bought two Dashies which is a total of $32 and plan on buying more. I'm trying to stay under $100 cuz I don't have a job xD
  19. Rip my dreams (sorta)

    Didn't make it as captain of my track team :(. I really wish I was more dedicated and showed more leadership qualities, because that's what holding me back even though I can place fourth within my school... I just have too many other commitments to be completely dedicated to track, and also because I'm not very social  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    To be honest Dashie motivates me when running because she is just so awesome :wub:

  20. College applications due today... not going to school because I have too much work to do. :sealed:


    (my first nightmare night since becoming a Brony xD)



    Image result for nightmare night rainbow dash

  21. Egg-3

    Protecc your pony

    So today was the first day of school, so I decided to bring my Dashie along. I put her in my backpack, but when I got home I realized some of the black stuff on my backpack had rubbed off on her plastic nose and ears. I'm wondering how to fix it without damaging the eyes and painting that's on her body, I tried soap but that didn't work. I'm so sorry Dashie
  22. Personally if I was a girl I would totally get a pair of those black tights with rainbow lightning bolts on it that Rainbow Dash wears but otherwise I want a pair of shorts that kind of resemble that, like imagine a pair of regular shorts with stripes going down the sides, but instead of stripes you get this awesome rainbow lightning bolt, is anyone aware of such a thing?
  23. Do you have pony related artworks on your things that you carry around, such as your desktop background, computer stickers/skin, notebooks, cellphone, bags, etc? Here's the artwork I use as my desktop background: I just love this picture - the expression on her face, the absolutely AMAZING hair and tail with the shiny feel, and the simple yet natural background, I just can't help but close all my windows to look at it once in a while (when no one is looking of course)
  24. My new plushie!

    Actually got her weeks ago, but I never posted until now. Absolutely love her  :wub:

    Apparently my mom have no idea what MLP is :sealed: 



    Gotta stay healthy



    1. Ethan Tran

      Ethan Tran

      Oh my gosh! She's so adorable!

      that Gotta Stay Healthy photo is ingeniously cute /)

    2. Midnight Solace

      Midnight Solace

      I Have A 4DE Rainbow Too! (+Twilight)

  25. Egg-3

    Spoiler S08:E23 - Sounds of Silence

    Not sure if it was mentioned already but I LOVE that Phantom of the Opera reference!