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  1. first, that was not a confirmation, agnel was just making fun of her owner and second both characters were never interested in each other.
  2. what I agree with you is that they are seniors in the whole series, But what you say about their ages is wrong. As I already said before, they are definitely 17-21 years old. A teenager cannot live alone at home, nor travel on a cruise ship. That's the reason they're older. How do you explain that?
  3. wake up and open your eyes. 1) don't pretend with their ages that they don't actually have it 2) the human 7 are 17-21 years old and compared to their ponies counterparts who are young adults / teens but different way. All the high schools are not only teenagers, there are also young people in the early 20's potentially attending the same class as well as the university that also attend teenage children, adults. all that what you say does not make sense. You oughta know so much in the real world no concentrating on cartoons instead. A teenager in the real world doesn't look old and
  4. Sunset Shimmer and Twi are seniors and they are capable of doing in their life stage.
  5. They all look older, don't be saying nonsense. You can have a date with them
  6. no, All the time they are seniors. They are 17-21 years old.
  7. Don't pretend their ages. You got this out of your head of what you think about them and considering something is not.. They act like an adult, and they do everything they do in their own way and they live alone in their homes, you don't even listening but say nonsense about what you write. @Lucky Bolt They are not girls, they are quite old. @The Nth Doctor A teenager is always accompanied with his parents in a cruise and, come by them to school. Not only are there teenagers in high school, there are also young adults as in the real world. A boy or girl of any age goes to high school just li
  8. I shipping whatever I want too, but not canonize. understand that ship is made to play. The canon doesn't matter to us.
  9. Immortality is being empty. Discord is not a god or a dictator to bring a living being to life. that would challenge and discourage the cycle of life. Discord knows that ponies are born, age and die. He can't do that.
  10. Soarindash is fake ship. That was never a relationship. Spitfire and Soarin were together for a long time when Reainbow Dash began to admire them and all the skills they showed them gained their trust. Wonderbotls are her best friends and tutors, never a love interest. That is why this relationship is not official, it is made by fans. Rainbow dash and Applejack are together and that is confirmed at the end.
  11. the only ones who decide are the creators, not the fandom.
  12. but the creators decide to create their characters get aged, as well as logan, batman, spiderman etc; etc;
  13. All that he does discourages the life of all living beings. He is not a discoverer nor a god for a creature or pony asking him to share immortality. Logan got fed up with being immortal and so he found a way to die, killing himself by his own clone
  14. it cannot defy the death of a living being, being immortal is being empty that discourages life and death. Discord is not a god to help a being make him immortal, he is an immortal being who can live forever and his friend Fluttershy as her friends are born, live and age and die. they know what life means and what death cannot be challenged. To be immortal is to cheat and have a curse.
  15. soarindash is a pairing made by fans and all the time it was friendship between them, there is no hints between them and never happend because it is not a real relationship and you don't even listening. The writers do not support any ship, you do not claim them as a couple because in reality it never was. don't pretend them
  16. no, they look completely older, what do you tell me about the cruise they did on their vacations, a teenager does not go alone, he is always accompanied by his parents and they live alone in their homes. They are actually 17-21 years old and are young adults like totally spies and princess disney
  17. don't make nonsense. they're look olders, they are 17-21.
  18. In high schools there are some who are seniors (15, 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20), at any age they attend classes such as college. no, All characters sci twi, sunset shimmer, fluttershy, rarity, pinkie pie, applejack and etc; They look much seniors. they're really 17-21, 16-20 years and especially 18-22 old, that explains the way they behave, they live alone in their homes without the company of an adult. They all look seniors. I saw some of them, they have mustaches, muscles, a real-world teenager doesn't have those things.
  19. Soarin with Dash is friendship, don't be thinking things that aren't. Soarin is a friend and don't pretend as you treat him.
  20. Also entire on line existance you are using multiple accounts with that ship as all people are doing without admitting it? (i use them but i don't anymore). Don't believe that I saw them.
  21. Although it sounds sad, G4 has to come to an end. But it will always be on the internet.
  22. In wikipedia didn't say ''likes''. They are friends with a strong bond and friendship and the descriptions also said that and didn't say romance. They've never been interested in each other since they met (I've said that before).
  23. the fandom are the ones who contradict themselves not the crew. because they do and ask for things that aren't part of a relationship or a couple, etc;
  24. This is a tv kid show like barney and all discovery kids shows, and about friendship as its old generations and so shall exactly how the show ends up.
  25. This is not the same. Discord looks like an old creature, he's not young. Fluttershy is adult but very young. They never had that relationship. just friendship, that does not exist that. Spike and angel were just assuming talking about their friendship.
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