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  1. BlyndInstynct

    You know you've watched to much MLP when....

    You have the urge to try and find every mod or add-on related to ponies for your favorite game (ie. Garry's Mod, Skyrim, etc.).
  2. BlyndInstynct

    Hello, everyone.

    Okay! Here's a little one of Tempest Shadow that I did recently. I'm sorry for the quality of the image, I didn't have access to a scanner at the time.
  3. BlyndInstynct

    Hello, everyone.

    I've actually dabbled in .wad making before, though I've never uploaded any of to the internet. Well, actually, I have with one. A small test map, if you want to check it out. Here's the MediaFire link:
  4. BlyndInstynct

    Hello, everyone.

    I personally like them all, but I chiefly play The Ultimate Doom and Doom II.
  5. BlyndInstynct

    Hello, everyone.

    Primarily four-legged things. Dragons, cats, ponies, the sort.
  6. BlyndInstynct

    Hello, everyone.

    Good morning, afternoon, or evening, depending on when you're reading this. I cannot recall when exactly I became a brony, but it was in the early years of this generation (season 2 or 3, maybe). It was up until now that I hadn't created an account on any forum, mainly because I was afraid of someone in my family finding out that I like anything having to do with MLP. I know how to clear my search history, but what if I forgot to? Sorry. Rambling. I tend to do that. My interests besides MLP: FiM revolve around drawing and gaming. I do basic pencil/paper drawing (I stink with mouse/drawing tablet), and my gaming preferences vary. I like to play on both PC and console, and with either console that I own, I enjoy whatever., Microsoft, Sony, or Nintendo-made. I mainly enjoy first-person games of the non-multiplayer variety, such as Doom, The Elder Scrolls, and Postal 2, but I do like any cooperative game, like Left 4 Dead 2 or Warframe. As I've somewhat stated prior, I still consider myself a closet brony, for I have yet to tell anyone in my family about my love for the show and what it has inspired others to make. Shock of all shocks, it's because I fear that everyone will judge me for it, even if not vocally. But, at any rate, it's nice to be in a place full of people with shared interests. It lessens the load of secrecy that I have to carry when I get to speak with others who may or may not have delt with this sort of thing. I look forward to meeting you all! ~BlyndInstynct P.S.: Please don't take the whole "search history" bit out of context. I meant that as far as MLP stuff in general.