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    The truth isn't an insult and reality isn't an attack. So get your shit straight because so what, I don't care
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    My interests are Gaming and Music. I love music specially Metal. I like to watch the sunrise and talking with good friends.

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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

    1. PhoenixGER


      Hey. Thank you very much. I hope you had/have a great and productive day just as I had. 

  2. I will miss you my loved little ponies. I started oktober 2017 and had a great time with the show. I had never seen the big events neither in the internet or in real life. Now with G5 many things will change. Will we change? This fandom is not only like a family. It's even more. When our paths lead to different directions I just want to say: "Thank you."
  3. *insert rainbow dash saying: Oh my gosh* Jokes aside. It has to be Christmas or my birthday or well neither but it's the best thing I heard since months. So hyped. That could mean until 2021 G4. So Season 9 would not be the end. Even more Hype. So hyped about the hype. If it's true get some more hype.
  4. I love the name Lisa. I don't know why but I totally love it.
  5. Currently..... waaaaaaaaaay too many but the one I´m reading the most and is number 1 on my list is:Thus Spoke Zarathustra from Friedrich Nietzsche.
  6. For me absolutely yes. After a harsh time in school and a long time without friends I found a gaming community with a very nice guy. He introduced me to mlp. At first it was weird but after the first season it gave this warm feeling of a nice tight hug. Aftererwards I can say mlp is a great pillar in my life and it helps me to hold things together. Specialy my emotions.
  7. Halloween? It's Halloween again? I do what I always do on Halloween. Go to my basement get a couple of beers, some shots and watch some movies. Well I'm 17. I shouldn't be out there and getting some candy. Wait you are never to old for candy (just as pinkie said). I'm not into this whole candy getting thing so a nice chill in front of a television.
  8. Well I'm not that often in a cinema and never had this. But I have netflix and experienced this many times there. I just quit the movie and never watched it again? Which one? The last was Matrix 2 and after I got myself to watch it to see the third one I totally quit. It's just garbage in my opinion. The first one is very good but the third not really. Recently I watched Meg with some friends in a cinema. It wasn't that mega hyper good but I stayed.
  9. Well I think I'm maybe together with some others here a little filly. I'm 17 but because of my deep voice and height of 1,92 meters many people had mistakenly thought that I'm 25+
  10. So make mlp great again. Nah it's not working. We have to consider two things. First the average person is thinking we all are total idiots or children. Yeah as harsh as it is. Think a second about what the average person thinks about mlp. So it's hard do get average people to watch the show EVEN when there is a big chance they would enjoy it. Second damn I forgot what I wanted to say. damn. Oh well.... The show is ending as we all know. well not the show only the generation so we have a small chance to change it with the next generation. In the moment because of the ending of the generation also Cons are ending and many older Bronys are leaving the community. But sure we are a big community. But it gets harder to grow with time. Maybe filthy rich can get us some bits but only if he stops buying statutes for diamand tiara (if you know what I mean)
  11. Nice to meet you. I wish you a great time here in the forums. Hopefully I will see something from you again. So again I wish you a great time here but also a great day. Bye
  12. I eat at fast food restaurants once a month or even less sometimes. But food for the microwave is standard for me nearly everyday.
  13. Okay it's just a little of mind but maybe these people (who writes and thinks like this) just maybe but only maybe have some big problems. I mean evolving a so big community that is 98% of lifetime not only present: I mean how many times do you heard of mlp and bronies before you were one? For my part no time. So how can someone evolve a so hateful opinion on us. I think these people maybe have big and I mean very big problems in their own life. Or even they are just haters and trolls but even then I think you can't have so damn much time for so much hate. So I smell some double standards also in the sentence: "They can't respect other people's opinions" so he said that we can't tolerate HIS opinion on the show and uses this as a critic and at the same moment he doesn't tolerate OUR opinion but sees that as completely normal. So it's a big double standard (If I do it's okay but when you do the same thing it's not) and that shows that he is A. totally of his mind or B. a total idiot (Yeah a bad word but sorry the truth hurts sometimes (every time)) and should see this paradox he created. But have a great time everypony