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  1. Watching the movie you recommended, and came upon this scene

    Little Mei clutching this piece of corn like her very life depends on it


    1. Amanita


      Oh no.... the goat. Don’t you take her momma’s corn!




      You keep that corn, Mei.


      *dramatic music in the background*


      *even more dramatic music*


    2. Amanita


      She’s still got her corn


    3. Elyrse
  2. Elyrse

    Daylight Savings Time: Good or Bad?

    It screws up my sleeping schedule. On Daylight Savings time is going so slow, that I’m always wide awake.
  3. Elyrse

    General Why did you choose your username?

    I’ve been thinking of a lot of usernames but Elyrse sparked me because my childhood friend from kindergarten always called me Elyrse (Take out the r and it’s just my nickname. Because imma just be honest; Elirzabeth would be a lot to remember )
  4. Elyrse

    Health Things That Help You Fall Asleep at Night

    this usually helps me sleep for the little bits of the night. -ASMR -Soft Music -Medication (I wouldn’t recommend it unless you have to) -Talking to yourself -Listening to background sounds that are relaxing (via rain,desert winds,ocean noises, etc. All can be found on YouTube) But I’m an insomniac so I’ve tried a lot. Different methods work for different people
  5. Elyrse

    Movies that Scared You as a Kid

    A lot of movies didn’t really faze me. But I always thought that Last Man on Earth movie (or whatever the title was) that Vincent Price stared in was terrifying
  6. Elyrse

    General Media What are your favorite YouTube Channels?

    Akidearest Lost Pause Vixella LaurenZside The Anime Man Otaku Berry Top 5 Anime Jared Dines and a bunch of others...but this is all I can list...I can’t think of any more of em without them being my friends’ YT channel or something
  7. Have a random horse


    1. Elyrse


      Thanks :3 


      Have a Mei 


  8. Elyrse

    Music Songs that you don't like that other people do

    Probably the pop bs they play today. (Side note: If you listen to it I respect that, but I can’t help but tell you how horrible it is. Most songs are just whining and meaningless)
  9. Elyrse

    The Corrupted Wish Game

    Granted, but there are 5,000 people that will trample over you I wish for pizza
  10. Omg I need these, like, right now!!


  11. Elyrse

    Hi, I am new here! M'names Venus :)

    It’s like a thumbs up or heart that you see on social media
  12. Elyrse

    Name One Thing You Regret In Your Life

    Slapping my cousin because he ripped my drawing
  13. Elyrse

    Food What is your ideal pizza?

    Pretzel stuffed crust pepperoni pizza :3