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    I love writing poems in my free time. Either I write deep, dark and meaningful poems or I write cheerful, happy poems that don't have much to do with me.
    I am a Swiftie (obsessed with Taylor Swift).

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  1. Happy, colorful, amazingly sweet Candy on Easter The taste stays on your tongue Until Halloween rolls around You're on your last breath Dying eggs turns to death You climb up those tiring stairs To your scary old neighbor's house You open the door Expect a treat but get a trick You take a gasp of air in But that dioxide don't come out Until springtime rolls around All throughout winter There was no life The flowers wouldn't bloom The trees were full of gloom You had frostbite For that whole winter season Couldn't feel any pain You had nothing to lose or gain You had nothing at all Until Easter candy hit your tongue Washed out all that Halloween gunk You live for everything You have all your leaves You started to breathe You have it all Winter will come around again But you'll be prepared With a jacket and boots And Easter Candy on your tongue Springtime stands for happy Winter stands for run
  2. Dancing, Smiling, Laughing, Moving My feet to the beat of my heart. Unaware of the pain in my chest Called Reality Was hitting me hard until I was Turning, Spinning, Flipping, Circling As the outdoors I was in Became smaller and smaller My beautiful dress turned to ash And they'd store it away in a dusty old closet Heaven knows what I'd just lost I was a stranger to myself my life, It was forgotten and all my thoughts were contaminated by the cruel world that is to exist i kept holding my breath to keep the toxins from coming in i was a stranger to myself my rhythm, it was forgotten i wanted to go back back to my naive self but it's better to leap forward than to tumble back and fall after all, it was when I learned to breathe again That the key to my life was uncovered I liked it better when I was dancing Until I learned to sing
  3. So here's a poem I wrote about time. Tweaking This next poem is about insanity. It's about how you can do better. It's about pushing yourself to try harder in life. When the person in the poem jumped, it symbolizes that they finally tried in life. It's written about insanity because I think that insane people have a bigger imagination. Don't quote me on that, because I didn't do any research. Where I am Now My only explanation for this one is if you hate math, read this poem. Math and Problems Now this one is basically a long and exaggerated way of saying I don't have nightmares because I'm not afraid of something that isn't real. Don't worry, everything else in this poem is totally made up for it to sound like a good poem. What's More Hatred Than Nightmares? I have 3 more poems that I have already written, but I feel like waiting a few more days to post them, just in case later on I see something that I can make better. Please tell me if you liked them! Tell me which one is your favorite, too! I can't wait to show you more! If you have any input on how I can improve my poems, please go right ahead and tell me.
  4. Aww! Thanks. I'm glad you like them. I really enjoy writing poems that people can interpret in multiple ways. I think I can write a poem about almost anything. Sometimes I just write poems that aren't about anyone I know, and not about something I relate to either. I just try to find something that I think maybe would relate to a few people. The poem "Meaningless" I actually got the idea from the shows and movies. You know how someone breaks up with you and then you hate Valentine's day after that. I'm really wondering if other poets can write poems about stuff that doesn't relate to them at all... What I'm trying to say is if you have any ideas of what I should write about, I will try to write a poem about it. It would be better if the topic was deep. I'm better at those. And again, I'm really glad you like these poems. I'll post a few more today since I wrote a lot of poems this week. (I feel like pointing out that my cat is being cute right now 🐈)
  5. This is a poem I wrote about my cat. It's meant to seem like it's about something else though. Read it and let me know what you think. -ChancelorPuddinghead Mountain's Snow This is a poem I wrote about bullying. Before you jump to conclusions, this poem is not about me. It doesn't matter who it's about. It just matters that I want people to stop bullying now. I hope you bronies are inspired by this poem. Don't Need Sin Hey bronies, before you read this, keep in mind that this is not how I think at all. I wrote it in a different person's perspective. I really hope you like this poem! Meaningless Hey! In short, this poem is about me and how I have so many ideas in my head about what to write, but once I pick one thing out of my mind and onto the paper, I forget about the rest. I really hope you liked it! Tell me what you think. -ChancelorPuddinghead What I'm There To Find
  6. Wait, wait wait... REALLY??? And to think I call myself a pegasister! Thank you for welcoming me. I have been having a great time so far here.
  7. I feel like I should know this, but I don't... Is it Jumanji?? "It was you. YOU were my ghost!" - This movie makes me cry. I'm literally crying right now just thinking about it.
  8. Hey, I was just looking at a deep poem that I wrote a few weeks ago. Do you want to read it? Happy endings Are just when happy ends And evil begins. Good can come But it doesn't last. A little girl’s hum May find the ear of a prince And they'd ride off in the sunset Dancing in the wind. But all that is past. Happy endings Are just a make believe pile of books. Designed so we’d smile Designed so we'd think what is false is true What is true is false. After all, the truth bites. When we read these books We zone out of our life Fairytales put us under a spell It's like we're not real It's like we're not here. Maybe it's better this way. Because in life There are only lies Because there is truth. There are no such things as happy endings They're more like evil beginnings. We only read happy endings Because they're better than the truth. The truth is evil. Evil is the truth.
  9. Well, I'm in English class, and I just started taking speech class this semester. Other than that, no. I kind of taught myself how to write poems. In school we don't normally have a poem unit sadly. I read a bunch of Shel Silverstein's poems when I was younger and I was really into them. I'm also very interested in listening to music, but the main reason why is the lyrics. Random fact: I think I wrote this one in either November or December.
  10. I want to write a poem, But I don't know what to write! So this is what I'll write about… Oh I give up! This isn't working, My brain is cooked, I've collapsed, I've fainted, I'm having a panic attack! I can't open my kit-kat snack! Should I write about the waving leaves on that beautiful tree over there? Or should I write about the raging sea? Or the angry bear, should I just leave it be? Or should I write about those stars who all look down on me? I think I found my subject. But where do I begin? The options are endless because this topic comes from within. I think I can do this, Just have to stay positive! Every time the moon comes out, The stars come- I'M POSITIVE I CAN'T DO THIS! The bell rang. The class is done. “It's time to turn in your poem, everyone!” I hit my head on my desk, bang! I had no poem, or so I thought, Until I saw my rough draft thoughts. They're perfect rhymes, To my delight. I honestly really didn't even try! That's the process of writing a poem.
  11. My cat ate my homework once and inspired me to write this poem: If my cat ever eats my homework What should I tell the teacher? I can't just tell them, “My cat ate my homework” ‘Cause that's the same thing as saying, “My dog ate my homework” Since my cat pretty much is a dog. I could say I lost it, But that would mean I’m irresponsible. What if I say the wind blew it away? Wait, what's the wind pressure today? Could I maybe just throw a fit? Ehh… My reputations definitely not worth it. Wait why am I worrying about all this? I don't have any assignments due Therefore there's no more homework to not do. OH NO! I have a poem due after lunch! What's my excuse? “Apparently my homework was my cats lunch” I said to the class Holding a blank shredded paper in my hand. There is no more to this poem, My cat ate the rest. No seriously.
  12. Aww! Thanks so much! Just remember, if you want to become good at writing poems, keep practicing. I was terrible at writing poems up until last year. Now I like to think I'm good at them.This is the first poem I've written about My Little Pony. I have written a few other poems before, but they're not about MLP. Maybe I will post them on the Everfree Forest sometime. I'm really glad you liked my poem.
  13. I act like I'm laughter But really I'm shy I act like I'm playful But I don't know why I care about animals And their wellbeing But I don't show it I'm reckless They're only seeing The outgoing me Not the downright Stagefright Tongue tied Fluttershy I try to be kind I try to be me But that never works out Since I can't speak up for myself I'm Fluttershy Trapped in a pink pony's body They call me Pinkie Pie
  14. Yeah, sadly not everyone likes Pinkie. Thanks for welcoming me! So far I am enjoying it! This fandom is epic!