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  1. @@Umbreon, Cilla joined the crowd as they applauded the wonderful show put on my the kimono girls. She waited until everyone was gone before she left the corner she was in and started heading towards the stage. "I hope they don't mind me doing this..." Cilla thinks to herself as she pulls apart the curtains and walks through them. "Hello? I'm sorry to intrude but this is very important." Cilla hesitates before continuing. "I need to know about a group of people called Team Storm as well as information about Johto's legendary Pokemon." Cilla's voice had a tinge of nervousness in it. Here she was barging in on these women that she had never met assuming they knew anything about these Storm guys. Of course since she had already made herself known so she couldn't just turn around and leave. No, Cilla would have to stay and hope that the girls would not only give her the information she wanted, but that they would not be mad at her for interrupting them. @@Vaporeon, "Good job Rufflet, return" Sable says returning the eaglet Pokemon to it's ball. "That was easier than expected. Come on, let's hurry up and finish this job." she says as she clips Mankey's Pokeball to her belt. "So Viro, would Silver have any objection to me challenging the gyms around here? It's kind of the whole reason I came to Johto in the first place." she explains while walking by Viro.
  2. @@Umbreon, "Nice job Rufflet, just a little more!" Sable says to her Pokemon. Now that the Mankey was trapped it was indeed time to finish this. Rufflet flies up into the air once more and suddenly starts flying back down towards Mankey at high speeds while surrounded by white streaks. Rufflet was using a new move; Aerial Ace. Between Rufflet's high speeds and the Rock Tomb that trapped Mankey, the little fighting type was hit by the attack prompting Sable to get out a Pokeball. "I'll take it from here, Rufflet." she says before throwing the Pokeball at Mankey. (I went ahead and just had Aerial Ace hit since it always hits in the games. Also Aerial Ace will be replacing Peck.) @@Umbreon, "Oh, sorry.." Cilla says embarrassed that she had walked into the middle of a show. She quickly looked around for an open seat. It seemed as if all the seats were full so Cilla simply stood in the back corner waiting for the show to end. "Hm. I can see why this place is so full, this is such a beautiful show." she whispers to Espeon. "Abigail and Elias would love it..." Cilla gasped as her eyes grew wide. She was suppose to meet the others at the Pokemon Center. Well it was too late now and frankly Cilla wanted to she this show to the end, the others would have to just wait.
  3. I mean I can try to post again and hope to revive it or something but it does seem interest has died off. Maybe wait a while and try again because this idea has potential.
  4. "I'm not actually this egotistical" I don't believe you.
  5. Hey dude, I'm sorry to bother you and I don't know how busy you may be but you should really post in Johto Storm again. Everyone traveling with Alery is starting to move to the next city and Cilla is trying to speak with him.

  6. @@Umbreon, Rufflet stops and tries to push the Mankey away by flapping it's wings and creating a small gust of air. "Good, Rufflet!" Sable says mostly ignoring what Viro had to say. "Now go in for a Peck attack!" Rufflet once again disobey's Sable and instead flies high into the air before dive bombing the ground a few feet from Mankey causing rocks to shoot up around the Pokemon and trap it. "Uhg, do I even need to be here right now?" Sable asks upon seeing the bird use Rock Tomb. @@Umbreon,@@Leafeon, "That worked out better than expected." Cilla says as she puts Deerling's Pokeball away. She turns her head when she hears Elias' voice. Strange, she didn't notice him as she made her way over here, he must have been right behind her the entire time. "Looks like he wants a Deerling too. I suppose I'll leave him to it." Cilla thinks as she begins to head back. "I'm going to head on to Ecruteak. We can all meet up at the Pokemon Center later." she tells Elias as she passes him. With that Cilla leaves Elias to catch the Deerling, and soon arrives in Ecruteak. "Hm. I hope Abigail and Alery don't get left behind." she thinks to herself. "I'm sure they'll be fine..." Cilla begins to look around the city. It was quite beautiful with it's old yet sophisticated air. "Maybe I can go ahead and check the Dance Theater while I wait for everyone. That sound like a good idea to you, Espeon?" the Pokemon gives a slight nod clearly not caring one way or the other. "Thanks for the input." Cilla says sarcastically. Once Cilla reaches the theater she eyes the two trainers waiting outside for a moment before entering. Though she could tell something was wrong with those two it would have to wait. Getting information that could help stop Team Storm was top priority at the moment.
  7. @@Umbreon,@@Windbreaker,@@Leafeon, "Oh..." Henry said slightly disappointed to find out that Bethany's wand was a simple stick. He was about to speak up again when the girl started crying out of nowhere. "Hey, why're you crying?" the Haunter Morph asked confused. It was then when Henry overheard Lhee has he spoke to the group, mentioning the pack of Mightyena that lived the woods. "That sounds fun..." Henry says thinking out loud. "Oh I know what'll make you feel better." he says to Bethany. "Traveling through Wolf Woods is a blast! The Mightyena there are surprisingly nice once you get to know them." he explains. "And don't worry, if anything tries to kill you I don't mind hunting it down and exacting revenge it in a rage-filled fury causing blood to fly everywhere." the boy says smiling. "Welp let's get going, shall we?" he says walking off.
  8. @@Umbreon, "Great." Sable said passively. She was starting to wonder how this girl even got into Team Storm in the first place. She didn't seem like the type of person who would want to further Silver's goals despite what she saw at the Dragon's Den. "How many members does Storm even have? And why did Silver create it in the first place? I thought he was all buddy buddy with the champion, what's his name...Gold?" she asks while looking around Route 42. She soon spots a Mankey sitting near one of the lakes and instinctively takes out a Pokeball. "Hold that thought." she tells Viro before throwing the Pokeball and releasing Rufflet. The eaglet looks around and fluffs it's feathers with it's beak before Sable speaks up. "We're in a rush Rufflet, let's make this quick. Use Peck on that Mankey." Rufflet ignores Sable's orders, instead scraping it's talons against the ground in an effort to use Hone Claws before flying up to the Mankey and suddenly jabbing at the fighting type with it's beak with Fury Attack. "Whatever floats your boat I suppose." Sable says to herself. @@Umbreon,@@Leafeon, "Ah there you are!" Cilla says upon finding Espeon further down the route. "Don't tell me your trying to find another Pokemon for me." she sighs. Espeon looks at her trainer slightly annoyed, afraid that Cilla would scare off the timid Deerling or cause the group of Stantler to come back. "You do have quite a knack for finding cute Pokemon though...Oh what the heck." Cilla reaches into her bag for some berries, as per usual, but soon realizes she was out. "Oh dear...Uhh alright so time for Plan B I suppose." she says before slowly walking up to the small deer Pokemon. "Hello Deerling, I'm Cilla and this is my friend Espeon." she says in a quiet and soothing tone. "I'm sorry to say I do not have any berries at the moment but Espeon and I would love it if you accompanied us on our travels." she then looks over to Elgyem and the other Deerling. "It looks like your friend over there might be leaving as well. You wouldn't want to be left behind would you?" she asks while taking out a Pokeball.
  9. Good night, sweet prince.

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      How about that 3rd gen remake?

  10. @@Umbreon, Sable takes a moment to inspect the train pass before looking back at Silver and nodding. She had already turned to leave when Silver spoke up again, telling her to bring Viro along. Sable winced a bit upon hearing Viro's name. The last thing she wanted was to spend the entire trip to Kanto alone with that annoying girl. She opened her mouth to speak but decided against it, not wanting to talk back to the boss on her first day. As such she gives a slight sigh and motions for Viro to follow her. "Come on, Viro let's just get this over with." Sable says walking towards the base's exit. @@Umbreon,@@Leafeon, Espeon watched as Elgyem tried to communicate with the brave Deerling. Normally she would try to butt in and convince the deer Pokemon to come with her but seeing as there were now two of the things Espeon didn't seem to care, instead going for other, more timid Deerling. "Espe~" the psychic type says happily while smiling.
  11. @@Umbreon, Sable's eyes widened when Silver mention they had caught Entei and Raikou, most likely giving him the reaction he expected. "You guys don't mess around do you?" Sable said impressed. She was no stranger to the idea of using legendary Pokemon to further one's goals but the feat of capturing two of Johto's beast trio was still quite an accomplishment. When asked if she was familiar with Kanto she responded by saying; "Not too much. This is the first time I've been away from Unova. I've only heard stories, mostly involving your pops getting beaten by a ten year old." @@Umbreon,@@Leafeon, Espeon opened her eyes and quickly dodged the Confuse Ray, anticipating it long before Stantler had fired the attack. Suddenly Espeon heard Elgyem's voice, only it was different. The Pokemon clearly wasn't talking and why did she feel connected to, not only Elgyem himself, but the Stantler and Deerling as well? Wait of course, the little alien was speaking to everyone telepathically. Well two could play at that game. Espeon's eyes started glowing blue as she concentrated and tried telling the group of Stantler that she too was harmless, simply wanting to talk to Deerling.
  12. @@Windbreaker,@@Leafeon, Henry ignored the fact Bethany was on the verge of tears, too busy wondering how someone with a wand couldn't use magic. "You really can't use any magic? Not even the simplest of hexes?" he asked surprised. The Altaria girl then spoke up in an effort to calm down her new friend with Herny soon chiming in. "Oh yeah, there are tons of things you can do with magic. Control shadows, set people on fire, electrocute people, curse people, reanimate corpses to do your bidding..." the Haunter Morph said not realizing he was probably making things worse. It didn't help that the only form of magic he was really familiar with was dark magic. "Of course a lot of this is higher level stuff and I'd need more tomes for that anyway. Maybe I can teach you some spells or something, you must have some way to channel magic if you have a wand. It'll be fun!" he says happily.
  13. @, Henry watched as Gallin walked away, grumbling about how weak this team supposedly was. "Wonder whats wrong with him." Henry thought. The titan of a man wasn't much for words and looked rather disappointed as he followed Lhee and the others. Still though he seemed nice enough and would be loads of fun to watch in battle. @@Leafeon,@@Windbreaker, With Gallin gone Herny decided to follow the rest of the group. He soon noticed the Altaria girl from before as it seemed she had teamed up with the Braixen Morph. Henry started in their direction, remembering the wand Beth carried. "So, you use magic too huh?" Herny asked coming from behind the fox girl. "Do you have any tomes or do you just use your wand? You know I once saw a guy transform into a Murkrow. With a little bit of teamwork I bet we could achieve something similar or die trying. Either way is fine with me." the Haunter Morph said smiling.
  14. @@Umbreon, Sable couldn't help but smirk a little upon hearing Kaleb struggle and call for help after getting caught in the Electroweb. "Hmph, serves him right." she said to herself. Umbreon watched as Galvantula rushed towards Kaleb only to be stopped by his Mightyena. "Tell your dog to back off!" Sable yelled at Kaleb despite the fact he was clearly on the ground and most likely in pain due to Galvantula's attack. Umbreon growled at Mightyena before both he and Sable heard laughter coming from another part of the room. It was Silver and from the looks of it he quite enjoyed the battle. Sable's eyes grew wide upon hearing Silver say she was in. "I-I made it?" she asked. Sable tried to restrain her excitement in an attempt to look professional but inside she was overjoyed. Finally her glory days from Plasma were back. Umbreon, on the other hand, was not very happy as he grimaced and turned away from Sable upon hearing the news. Back to the days of stealing Pokemon and plots of world domination. What's worse, this put Sable in a much more dangerous situation. What if the police caught her? What if Silver or one of the others decided they didn't like her anymore and tried to kill her off? Not to mention Sable...changed while she was in Plasma, as if she was someone else. Someone much harsher and more demanding. Still though, Sable seemed very happy about the whole thing and it wasn't like Sable was a horrible trainer or anything. Maybe she would be okay? "Thank you...Sir." Sable said not knowing how to address her new boss. "I won't let you down." she nodded back at Silver still trying to hide her grin. @@Umbreon,@,@@Leafeon, "I'm from Unova myself, Floccesy Town to be specific. I had a sister that came with me to Johto, though she ran off in another direction somewhere after leaving New Bark. She could be anywhere by now." Cilla explains unaware that Sable was about to go back to her old ways. "Anyway, I-wait where's Espeon?" she asks looking around. "Oh did she run off again? What has gotten into her?" she asks thinking out loud. "I'm so sorry about this but I can't let her run off again. Excuse me, please." she says to both boys before walking off in search of her Pokemon. Meanwhile Espeon put on an annoyed look at the sight of the Stantler. What where these things doing her anyway, shouldn't Sawsbuck be protecting this Deerling? Espeon didn't have much more time to think about this as two of the Stantler starting using Hypnosis. Espeon quickly closed her eyes in an effort to evade the attack as her forked tail stood up straight and started to twitch a bit. It seemed Espeon was trying to anticipate the Stantlers' next attack so she could counter it.
  15. Welcome back. FYI, Aged Rain wants to battle your electric team for one of his Elite 4 battles. It would be his third I believe, he's beaten my ghost team and Bolty's fairy team.