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  1. Hi guys, I been on here a while and I really want to a nice picture of my oc and her baby foal, My oc is a hybrid, half pony, half dragon theme colours are like skin colour for her coat and dark brown for her man and tuff on her tail, she has lilac dragon horns, a sticking out tooth and hazel dragon styled eyes and on her hooves she has dragon claws Her son is a draconiquis with a pony-dragon hybrid face, dark grey dragon horns, black lion man, yellow lion legs for front legs and dragon legs at the back which are dark grey with black dragon claws and he has the typical draconiquis colour eyes just dragon shaped I edit the best I can but I cant do them any justice, I dont mind paying people for a commission.
  2. DemetriaFlame25

    Meeting new Brony/Pegasister friends :)

    my oc and her little colt The fathers oc is called Voided Khaos My oc name is Demetria Flame and our son's oc is called Chaotic Flame :)
  3. DemetriaFlame25

    Meeting new Brony/Pegasister friends :) my oc and her son my oc and her son
  4. DemetriaFlame25

    Meeting new Brony/Pegasister friends :)

    this is my oc's baby colt when he's born on march the 4th he's half draconiquis and half dragon-pony hybrid (like his mom)
  5. DemetriaFlame25

    Meeting new Brony/Pegasister friends :)

    a new version picture of my oc :D
  6. Merry Birthiversary! 

  7. DemetriaFlame25

    Meeting new Brony/Pegasister friends :)

    Thank you Yuu Xeno, that would be nice to have a natter been on and off here, with live being busy and I’m sure your a very nice pony, if you wanna chat drop me a message
  8. DemetriaFlame25

    Meeting new Brony/Pegasister friends :)

    my oc carrying her foal :)
  9. DemetriaFlame25

    Meeting new Brony/Pegasister friends :)

    Decided I wanted to do another oc pic, hope you like how she looks, I like to change her hair but her eyes, horns, teeth, body colour and tail are all the same, like to keep her as realistic as possible as I change my hair a lot
  10. DemetriaFlame25

    Post your OC!

    Name: Demetria Flame Race: Pony-Dragon Hybrid Age: 25 Gender: Mare Appearance: Milky Fair skin colour for the body and dark brown mane and tail but she likes to dye her mane a lot so it’s never the same colour. Cutie Mark: Doesn’t have one, hasn’t found her special talent or calling yet. Personality: Shy, timid, a bit clumsy, honest and loyal but betray her and she’ll turn as vicious as a viper ready to strike. Hobbies: Listening to music and playing on video games. Biography: Demetria was a shelter filly, always tried to make her family happy even at the cost of her own happiness, one day she met a handsome draconiquus named Voided-Khaos that captured her heart, her family didn’t approve but she fought for what she wanted. She now lives with her draconiquus fiancé and never looked back, she’s friends with Mane 6 and visit ponyville from time to time.
  11. DemetriaFlame25

    What was the last food you ate?

    I was eating Cantonese spring rolls and egg friend rice then after that a bar of Cadbury’s caramel chocolate bar, nom nom
  12. DemetriaFlame25

    Meeting new Brony/Pegasister friends :)

    Oh just been very busy with cleaning and other household chores hehe
  13. DemetriaFlame25

    Meeting new Brony/Pegasister friends :)

    Hi and thank you
  14. DemetriaFlame25

    Meeting new Brony/Pegasister friends :)

    Hi thank you for the friendly welcome, I’m really enjoying it back on the forum, I have had so many wonderful ponies welcome me back it was lovely Hehehe thank you for welcoming me I sure will enjoy my time back on the forms Hi thank you so much Thank you Awwww thank you sherbert Hi it’s a pleasure to meet you too Hi Snakeeater, welcome back to the forums as well I have noticed that uk bronies/pegasisters are a rare bunch nowerdays hopefully we find more of them and thank you I’m sure I will Hi and thank you captain