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    If a unicorn is a horse with one horn, why is a tricorn not a horse with three horns, but a hat?!?

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  1. Dear Queen Chrysalis, Pardon my bluntness, but could you please give an explanation as to how changeling reproduction works? And no, not in the biological way. See, there’s a contradiction that I feel only you would be able to clear up. Thorax stated that he was born in a brood, as in he was one of several changeling grubs laid as eggs in a batch, presumably by you, their Queen. However, Ocellus was later shown to have a more nuclear family, with parents and siblings, and even knew what a cousin and an uncle were. So which way is it, or is it a different way entirely? I’m sorry if this question was a bit personal, and I hope you weren’t too offended by it. Sincerely, Knight of Clubs