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  1. There are people actually CELEBRATING NOTRE DAME'S BURNING!!!! Really, they're celebrating a massive lose of history, culture, and architecture because someone's ancestors did some bad things to someone else's ancestors hundreds of years ago!? My God, some people will use any excuse to earn political points! They're all disgusting! (and no, there isn't a Christian bone in my body so don't even come at me with that s***!)


    1. CloudMistDragon


      I am not a Christian as well and I agree, that kind of behavior is abhorrent. Much worse than the kind of crap they pull every Easter. Criticizing Christianity is more than fair game. However, we don't need to keep raking Christians over the coals for what's irrelevant and gone while we hypocritically mollycoddle Muslims. Using a tragedy like that as an excuse to spite someone is the kind of the thing the Westboro Baptist Church would do. :baconmane:

    2. Barnstormer


      This (people celebrating the loss) is (apparently) a hoax.

    3. CloudMistDragon


      @Barnstormer Nope, the reporting that it is a hoax is a hoax.

      Thank you for using "(apparently)" though. :fluttershy: