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  1. I think a few of your points and examples are somewhat exagerrated to sound more extreme, honestly. I agree with some things. Sunset is a lot more charismatic that Starlight. I actually put a lot of this down to the actress. Sunset's actress is incredible and commands more presence than Sheridan ever really did with Reformed Starlight. Sunset's arc is immaculately crafted to engender absolute sympathy towards her. Although, I think it also comes at the expense of taking away any feeling that she was ever a real villain. People are mean to her as if she's still a bad person, but what
  2. I don't like the idea of sidelining the Villain Trio, honestly. That's kinda the ultimate problem with the finale no matter how you slice it: Someone has to be margianalized. Either Grogar is sacrificed for the Villain Trio, or the Villain Trio are sacrificed for Grogar. And since the season has put far more emphasis on developing the villain trio, and they're the ones the audience is already invested in, they're the ones who make the most sense to get all the focus in the end, I think. Cramming everything to do with them into part 1 does them really dirty. And bringing
  3. I know she got taller after her ascension, but did she continue to get taller throughout the later seasons?
  4. Was Twilight actually getting taller as the series went on, or was it a trick of the mind by fans who thought that was what they were seeing? It seemed to come up every season or so, people making comments like: "Is it me or is Twilight getting taller?" or "Twilight's horn is slowly getting bigger, right?" Was that actually a thing? It was pretty consistant.
  5. Her power almost never actually helps her though. If anything it's the cause of a lot of her problems.
  6. Rockhoof and a Hard Place was weak? Huh, that was one of my favourite episodes in season 8.
  7. I always liked The Crystalling for the Starlight stuff (shrug)
  8. It was underwhelming, but I also noticed that when you look at the fights in order, the heroes actually do better and better each time in ascending order. The Pillars were curbstomped by Tirek. Starlight gets a hope spot against Chrysalis before being wrecked. The Mane 6 beat Cozy and she needs to be saved by the other two. I don't know if that means anything, but there at least seemed to be some kind of pattern to it.
  9. It was that sea side town from PPOV I believe.
  10. Chrysalis was technically on the loose. She was in the middle of a slump, but she was hardly harmless.
  11. Honestly, I think that alone is a testament to how strong Grogar is. When the full combined might of three different sets of ultra friendship lasers could only crack his artifact.
  12. I think this is a thing that has enough wiggle room to be up to interpretation. Discord said he was concious, but other characters refer to the spell as "stone sleep", implying that you're NOT conscious when under its effect. That was Rockhoof's plan. Discord is also the type of person who would lie about something like that. He mentioned being conscious when he was still a villain. So he could've just been saying that to mess with them or make them feel bad about stoning him.
  13. I do get why people were annoyed by the Discord thing. But I liked it. I actually thought it made sense when you look at Discord across the entire season. In all of his major appearances they've been reinforcing this idea that he allows bad things to happen just so that Twilight and her friends can handle them. It's flat out said that Discord could've stopped Sombra whenever he wanted, but he allowed Sombra to run rampant and brainwash everyone. That was just in the premiere. He got so much screentime there, and all of it is spent manipulating the cast. He didn't need to be in
  14. As I said in the original post: "What are some songs that you don't think get enough love by the fanbase? They don't have to be the best songs the show has ever produced, just ones that maybe clicked with you more than they seemingly have with others."
  15. What are some songs that you don't think get enough love by the fanbase? They don't have to be the best songs the show has ever produced, just ones that maybe clicked with you more than they seemingly have with others. I'm not a music expert by any means, but some of mine would include: Pinkie's Present (A Hearthswarming Tail) - I think this one IS liked, but I actually consider it to be almost as good as Smile. It captures the same raw essense of what makes Pinkie a good pony that that song does, and I think it's her best appearance in the show's later seasons. Her final line of "And the re
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