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  1. gingerninja666

    FiM Short: Starlight the Hypnotist

  2. gingerninja666

    Is the show made for bronies now?

    I disagree and I'm not quite sure where this idea comes from. The best regarded episodes in season 8 were (generally): On the Road to Friendship (a straight episode about Trix and Star's relationship) Hearthswarming Club (gives some information about the other races' holidays, but the core that everyone loves is the character development for Gallus.) Molt Down (Development for Spike) The Washouts (development for Scoots and RD) Horse Play (some lore in the background but mostly about Twilight and Celestia's relationship) What Lies Beneath (some lore for the tree, but also development for the Student 6 and showing off more of their dynamic) Rockhoof and a hard place (development for Rockhoof) Sounds of Silence (I guess it introduced the Kirin, but people specifically loved the character of Autumn. Not just the idea of the Kirin) Break Up Breakdown (all about relationships and the friendships between Spike, Mac and Discord) Best Gift Ever (ALL about the relationships of the cast) And back in season 7 what do you have? Perfect Pear and Royal Problem. Episodes that were loved in large part because of their character stuff. Where's this idea that all we care about is lore coming from? Like, from Shadow Play?
  3. gingerninja666

    FiM Short: Teacher of the Month

    I think not having watched Non Compete Clause and so not being aware of any inconsistancies helped that short out massively for me. I thought it was fine. Very simple. Fluttershy always won because she genuinely seemed to want the students to be happy, and RD and AJ’s self interested attempts to game the system harmlessly backfired.
  4. gingerninja666

    Have you ever cried during an episode?

    Grand Pear apologizing made me cry, as did the CMC getting their marks. Twilight graduating Starlight and telling her she'll always be there for her got me for some reason.
  5. gingerninja666

    FiM Short - Ail-icorn

    Ponk had my favourite gag in this one. Her responding to RD's indecipherable sound effects with "That's what I said!"
  6. gingerninja666

    Changeling's acting skills

    I'd argue the best one was easily the Twilight imposter from To Where and Back Again.
  7. gingerninja666

    Map of Harmony episodes

    Again, I think the map being the same thing as Harmony would answer that as well. In What Lies Beneath, Harmony mentions that it's abilities grow as it gets older, which would explain why the Map is slowly gaining the ability to summon different people and from further away.
  8. gingerninja666

    Map of Harmony episodes

    I kinda just assumed that the map, tree, and elements all have the same mind. So what we saw in What Lies Beneath is what's sending out the map missions. Harmony is "the living spirit of the land" after all. Applejack did question the map actually. Back in MAde in Manehattan. She wondered why Twilight wasn't summoned, since her magic would be able to easily get the stage ready for Coco's show. But then they realized that if Twi had done that, then the Manehattan crowds wouldn't have been moved to action like they were by the more conservative stage Applejack created out by the streets. The whole problem was that the neighbourhood didn't think their contibutions would be able to make a difference, and having an ultra powerful alicorn instantly erect a massive stage wouldn't have fixed anything.
  9. gingerninja666

    Are the Mane 6 not allowed to save the day anymore?

    It's weird that built into your question about whether the mane 6 are allowed to save the day anymore are 3 very recent examples when they did.
  10. gingerninja666

    Map of Harmony episodes

    Well, have they ever been given a reason to not trust it? They've never failed a friendship mission, and in cases like Made in Manehattan, where they've doubted why a certain pony was chosen to go over others, they've found out that there's a very good reason for it. People want the cast to doubt the map, but when has it ever led them astray?
  11. gingerninja666

    Map of Harmony episodes

    I feel like some of the map stories would require contrivances in order to happen anyway. The map honestly doesn't bother me the way it does for some people. It's mission control. It's like any show that has a character sitting at a computer who says "There's been reports of people going missing over in blah blah blah, you should go investigate. There's been weird energy readings over in yadda yadda. Send a team to report." It's like that but with every aspect of the story being a mystery to uncover. And I don't think any new race but the Kirin has been introduced via the map. Unless I'm really forgetting some stuff. Like, the entire student 6 were introduced outside of a map episode. Ember and Thorax were introduced outside of map episodes. Cozy wasn't a map ep, nor Neighsay, nor the Pillars. Who the map chooses to summon would bother me more if the map was demonstrating inconsistancy. But it isn't. It's been expanding it's reach steadily, and everytime something particularly noteworthy happens, Twi makes reference to it (like, she's stunned when it summons Starlight. She mentions that the map is "really branching out" with Spike, she mentions that Sunburst is the first person to be summoned outside of Ponyville). The Map is expanding in what it can do, which was confirmed in What Lies Beneath. This fits thematically with the show in my opinion. Friendship is being passed on. The cast needed to pass on the traits of the elements to gain the keys to open the box back in season 4. The map expanded it's reach when the cast traveled beyond Equestria. The map started calling on people who were close to the Mane Cast and touched by them (Starlight, Spike, the CMC), now it's calling people to it from greater distances. (Sunburst). Then in School Raze we saw the tree give it's blessing to a group made up of all kinds of races not living in Equestria. Harmony is growing. It wants to be paid forward.
  12. gingerninja666

    S08:E20 - The Washouts

    From my read, I think the switch is supposed to be when Twilight drops the "She won't be the only one who gets hurt if that happens." line. Before that she's mostly jealous. After that line it seems to get to her a little bit, and she's mostly genuinely concerned. When she goes to see Lightning she even says that her plan was to apologize to Scootaloo for trying to make her stop liking the Washouts. So at that point in the story Dash was willing to at least accept the Washouts and accept that Scootaloo liked them. From there the only reason they both turn is because Lightning almost gets Scoot killed.
  13. gingerninja666

    Hottest Mane Six Pony?

    AJ or Flutters I think.
  14. gingerninja666

    Spoiler S08:E25+26 - School Raze

    But who actually knew of these things? If the mane 6 didn't tell anyone about the magic key that conveniently exploded, or that it was Cozy who pointed them towards Tartarus, then where's the trail one could follow back to Cozy?
  15. gingerninja666

    Do You Think Starlight Glimmer is a Good Person?

    She was ready to banish him (her horn was charging) when he implied he wasn't going to stop endangering the students. Spike tried to calm the situation down, but Discord went on to insult her. She was already pissed off at him. The insult just sent her over the edge.