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  1. I wouldn't say she's "whatever the plot needs", because to me that implies there's NO recurring traits for her, which is flat out incorrect in my opinion. Although I'm a big fan of hers so I'm obviously going to be biased. She does have different modes she tends to cycle between though. She's impulsive when her emotions are running high, with a great tendency to overdo things, but consiously she's lacking in personal self-esteem and is very prone to nervousness, moping and getting melancholic, beating herself up. She gets really hung up on the relationships she has with her friends. She's needy. She has a lot of respect for Twilight, and is deeply grateful to her, wanting to do her proud. Even if that means trying to right Twilight when she veers from Starlight's perception of what Twi should be (like in Shadow Play and School Daze) Generally, if she's not the focus of an episode, she's snarky, observant, sweet, and is able to help out with things. When she is the focus of an episode, she's more self flaggelating, and impulsive. Which never felt like that much of a discrepancy to me, because Starlight's issues seem to be mostly internal. She can give good advice and help other people, but she can't apply that stuff inward. So she struggles when she's at the epicentre of a problem. She misses the point.
  2. The main reason I couldn't fully get into the movie is because it decided to not involve a lot of the show's more recent developments. I understand that it's objectively better not to overwhelm new fans with a bunch of characters and developments that happened over the span of 7 seasons, but I actually like Starlight, and the Changedlings, and the Dragons, and the Pillars, and Flurry, and Discord and all of that. So I kinda wanted to see them get some proper representation in an MLP movie.
  3. A friend of mine brought up a really cool little tidbit. One of Starlight's first focus episodes ever involved her forcing Big Mac to speak against his will. Her last focus episode includes a scene of her talking amicably to Big Mac about his voice, and being understanding about how he just isn't comfortable speaking around others. Just a nice little thing showing how far she's come.
  4. Cozy DID have that Equine skull back during School Raze. Presumably, she had to have gotten that from someone...
  5. Sadly, I think the only thing I didn't like about this episode is the thing that'll likely be followed up on. I thought the "Chrysalis convincing the unicorns that they're too good for this" thing felt a bit contrived and I didn't buy that they'd be swayed that easily. Other than that though. Great episode. I got a little bit emotional at the end actually. Something about Twilight's speech, her naming a new holiday in the sisters' honour. It made the idea of them going away feel all the more... real. Like, this is actually happening.
  6. I really didn't hate this episode all that much. I wonder why, because it's not like I can argue with people who say that Dash should know better by this point. I guess part of it is because, well, I like the idea of the moral. Smolder was the best part of the episode and what she said was true, Dash is highly energetic and unstoppable when she cares about something, but when she doesn't she's lazy and highly flippant. Like, that IS a true thing about her personality. So an episode where Twilight maneuvers her into coming to terms with that has merit I find. It's just that the episode goes too far in making RD look uncaring. I also like how in the final season we're finally getting additional characterization for Snips. I like his opportunistic capitalist persona. It could slot him into a lot of situations. Hell, give him a scene with Flim and Flam. In general though, I just find it hard to be mad at bad episodes of a show like this. Because it's so episodic that they're easily ignorable. Non Compete Clause didn't make me like the ending stretch of season 8 any less, because they have nothing to do with each other.
  7. Also, Your Heart is in Two Places. I like that one a lot too. It feels like the lyricist is just showing off at certain points with the rhymes.
  8. I loved both A Kirin Tale (to the point where it almost single handedly carried the episode for me) and A Better Way to be Bad. I'd also hold up all the songs from A Hearthswarming Tail (with Pinkie's Present specifically capturing the sweetness of Pinkie's character in a way that hasn't been done since Smile) Maybe they're not as consistantly good as they used to be, but they can still knock it out of the park.
  9. Parent Map arguably ends better than Glideance does. In Parent Map the parents are definitely, explicitly considered to be at fault.
  10. I think there's a bit of a difference in situations here. Twilight's school is an international boarding school, with students who are politically important in a few cases. The Students actually live there. While there's clearly a lot of trust placed in the students, and they're allowed to ride the train between kingdoms alone, I do think that if anything bad happened to them, it would be on the school. They're essentially the legal guardians of the students, at least until they return home. That's actually a thing that Silverstream brings up. In Starlight's eagerness to always be available, she inadvertantly encouraged the students to come to her with unimportant things. It's one of the implicit benefits of giving herself more concrete hours, it'll force the students to think about whether their issue is important.
  11. I know a lot of people dislike Mud for being very similar to Maud. But I find that he allows Maud to do a different type of joke than she does normally. She doesn't really interact with other deadpan people. So the two of them being utterly deadpan together, in my opinion, is just precious. I felt bad for Starlight in the first half of this episode. Like, I can really relate to being caught between two commitments where no matter what you do you’re letting someone down. Both Star and Trix had valid reasons to do what they did. It’s what makes it feel so awful.
  12. The main thing I want to bring up is, well, I didn't really see a problem with Yona and Sandbar winning the Pony Pals trophy. The way some people did. It's a friendship award at a school of friendship, given out by the presiding principal, and Yona and Sandbar both demonstrated great friendship for one another. Yona went through all that effort just for Sandbar's sake, and when things went badly, Sandbar trekked off to reconcile with her and bring her back. Who else who was attending that party did anything even remotely comparable? Who would you have given the award to?
  13. I feel weird for basically not forgetting any episode of this show. Even the bad ones have something in them I remember.
  14. Weirdly, I'm in the opposite camp. I kinda care far more about the new characters than the original ones at this point. At least in Slice of Life episodes. I just feel like I've seen the mane 6 at this point, and I like them more and more in a supporting capacity. The show just isn't interested in doing a long form arc based story, It never has been. I'm kinda weird in that I've liked basically every new character the show has introduced. Even characters I can't really defend properly I find really charming. Like Cadance.