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  1. Wh-What? No...I mean Yes...You know what? I think it's you to decide. Doc...My family says I hallucinate...
  2. Sure...Well, if I could physically hug her. Can I hug you?
  3. *Blushes* Aw...But I'm not into ponies, sorry. B-But I can offer you a cup of tea as consolation.
  4. Don't do work, of course! Doc, I feel I'm not real at all. And I still don't know why I look like that green boy above me....
  5. Never seen it. LEAST favorite thing about MLP FiM?
  6. He's pretty strong looking...I'd say about a 50% chance.
  7. I don't drink alcohol. I may have in the past, but that's behind me... Jailed for....
  8. I thought Roger was the only paranormal entity in my house....Roger, have you been inviting other spirits over without my permission?
  9. Years ago 0_0 I can't even count. Last time you wore a dress.
  10. Jailed for corrupting innocent peoples minds with your alien...Goo...
  11. As long as I'm sure I'm not hugging anyone while I'm...Intoxicated. In your years as a fanboy/girl/other, have you ever created any OCs or Fanfictions you've regretted.
  12. Bluntly. Not quite casino grade yet, but yes, I can shuffle. TPAM is of mostly English descent.
  13. "YEES! Time to reveal my next evil plan...."