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  1. Rainjay

    Oh hi there! ^^

    Thank you so much!
  2. Rainjay

    Oh hi there! ^^

    Thanks so much for the kind welcomes, lads! And for the sweet compliments too, it means a lot! Thank you! It’s always lovely to have that one oc with you right from the start! It took me quite a while, and a whole load of designs, to finally get Rainjay to a point where I’m completely happy with her look. It’s been absolutely worth it tho! I’d love to see your oc ^^
  3. I actually had no idea they were so sought after! I remember seeing pics of one online a few years back and I was like ‘dang, that is one neat shark plush’. Went by IKEA and found a whole shelf of them! Best €16 I’ve ever spent!
  4. IKEA shark. Best shark plush out there!
  5. Sounds like special snowflake syndrome to me, which is pretty trendy among young teenagers online. Pretty much an edgy phase that they'll cringe at in the future when they realise reality doesn't accommodate their every whim. But in the meantime, as long as they're not harming any person (or animal) and can function in society like a normal human being, then it's hardly worth batting an eyelid at.
  6. Rainjay

    Oh hi there! ^^

    Many thanks for the kind welcomes lads! ;u;
  7. Rainjay

    Oh hi there! ^^

    Thank you! ^^ Thank you so much! I always love seeing the designs people come up with. Always great for finding some inspiration!
  8. Rainjay

    Oh hi there! ^^

    Oh yeah, my main spot for posting my art is https://rainjay-xx.deviantart.com/ Haven't been too active with DA for the past while because of college and the like. Hoping to get back into the community and touch up some of my older ocs once I get a decent laptop! ^^
  9. Well! I've been a part of the mlp community on DeviantArt for years. Though I initially got involved because I enjoyed the show, I now enjoy the creative side of the community more than the actual show. I got into the oc side of things way back in 2012/2013 and since then I've absolutely adored designing ocs. My first oc, Rainjay Swann, has been with me right from the start and has gone through some major changes throughout the years. Looking forward to meeting new people and new ocs!
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