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  1. Awh, thank you!! Same to you! I might bake some muffins for lunch...
  2. A little doodle I did to celebrate Derpy! She's got one of my favorite color schemes.
  3. Wooow! I absolutely adore Sire Dusk. I like the look of this piece- it kind of reminds me of those really cool cutout shadowboxes!
  4. Haha, thank you! Yeah, I was going for an irritated little sister face.
  5. Thank you!! I use Photoshop CS6 for all of my drawings!
  6. I love Lunar Eclipse! Really gorgeous design.
  7. A drawing I finished up today of Luna~ ♥♥ Please let me know what you think!! (The post on my Tumblr-> http://lilith-luxe.tumblr.com/post/171326119834/a-luna-ive-been-working-on-between-commissions)
  8. Oh my god, I know this feeling. My hair is just past my ribs, and the main reason why I haven't gotten it cut is because there are no good hairstylists in my town, and I don't feel like paying $80 to test out a new hairdresser just to end up disappointed with it. I don't have any female friends, either so it's not like I can ask anyone for a recommendation. I just have my boyfriend trim my split ends for me every couple of months. So I just put up with my hair always getting stuck in car doors and feeling like I look like I belong in a cult with this long blunt cut I have. I've just been burned by hairstylists so many times, I've just given up and tried my best to come to terms with my crazy long hippie hair lol
  9. I really love the Golden Saucer in Final Fantasy VII. The music is so catchy, and I loved all of the different minigames there. (Especially Chocobo racing!) Honorable mentions include the Emerald Graves from Dragon Age Inquisition, as well as Havarl in Mass Effect Andromeda.
  10. I personally really wish that "furry" wasn't such a bad word. Honestly, I don't see why it ended up that way, seeing as there are bad apples in any fandom. I do think that Bronies and furries are branches on the same tree, just as I think people who are fans of werewolves are in the same boat. I think outside people just naturally recoil when they are associated with furries, because it has become the norm to hate on them. That's why I'm really open to say that furry/anthro art is one of many, many things that I like, because I think it sucks that when someone says they are a furry, they're automatically viewed by outsiders as icky. And, also, since the ponies from MLP are anthropomorphized, in my mind, they do kind of count as "furries."
  11. I love Big Macintosh. (Shining Armor gets an honorable mention, though!)
  12. I remember my middle school banned dark colored nail polish. I wore purple one day and had a security guard pull me aside and tell me that I'd better have it removed by the next day. I peeled it off that night and damned if he didn't come up to me the following day to make sure it was gone! At the same school, I also got in serious trouble (taken into the vice principal's office and late for class) because I was wearing a Naruto headband (cringe, I know lol ) and I also came to school one day when my hair was short, and the security guard pulled on my arm and told me my hair was too spiky. (I had seriously not even styled it- I had just woken up late and showed up a hot mess) He made me go in the bathroom and waited outside for me to soak my hair in the sink and flatten it, also making me like 20 minutes late to class with no pass or anything. That school had a lot of rules that were really obviously angled toward "alternative" type kids: no dark nail polish, spiked hair, no wearing all black, no fingerless gloves, etc. I think it was kinda discriminatory, especially since there were definitely still alternative kids who just dressed in rainbows and smoked weed in the parking lot anyway. I just feel more comfortable in dark clothing, and I was never, ever a problem student. Straight A's and incredible attitude, but they still punished any kid that dared to wear a dark pair of jeans and a black t-shirt. (Any kid that dressed that way was forced to wear a spare Gym t-shirt for the day, or if there weren't any extra shirts, they got sent home.)