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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. Merry Birthiversary! 

  3. Can we go back to shrek?
  4. Wow i'm an idiot, thought my computer was dead because it was running games like Skyrim at 5 fps and then wasted 2 hours trying to fix it when all i had to do was change where i placed my HDMI cord. 

    1. Scrubbed user

      Scrubbed user

      Let me guess, you had it plugged into the motherboard instead of the GPU.

    2. Quadropus
  5. You literally have the best profile picture to ever be conceived into this universe.

  6. Our little forums...
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  8. Deorp

    1. Quadropus



    2. WWolf


      Doreadepodehah :wacko: 

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  9. Reminds me of this
  10. Pretty much my situation with the show, i feel like my masculinity is slowly being sucked away whenever i watch it, i do on a very rare occasion though.
  11. This is what i like to call "THE MASH" "Thumbs up sir Gallopington for you have committed crimes against Skyrim, you may be entitled to financial compensation but the chances are really low.You have 1 choice, eat hay to move faster. You do that before the other guards arrive and then suddenly a half man half snake half eagle half cheese pops out a a barrel and offers you 5$ if you prepare to wash his shoes with your mouth, you of course do that and get the 5$ not long after the guards are half way to your location. You grab your c4 and throw it at them, 194-Damage not effective, you try and use ur amazing fire bolt attack doing 2 damage, you decide to run since you realise your naked and your not actually fighting anyone at all. your in your mothers bathtub filled with bathsalts you snorted and injected into your brain while drinking liquid nitrogen, meanwhile your mother (god bless her soul) was high af and cookin a batch of potatoes, you sip on your lemon tea, or was it lemon flavored tea, eh i dont know. she could of got it from the store but why would my mother do that (god bless her soul) i dont know, so you continue in the bath until you have just had enough and ask if the bangers and mash were ready, she said 10 more minutes so you past the time by going on the internet, little did you know that you actually spent over 991945238 years on the internet, the mash is probably gone, you check. it doesnt look too bad so you take a spoonful of it and eat it. then you die, but then you get revived from cheese man but he poors all the mash on your face so you wake up to mashed potatoes. the end." Did i over do it
  12. You activated my trap card! Whoever said the rhyme did the crime. Exposed.