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  1. iPonyLover27th

    Which one do you like better

    Second one ^^. I like pics with more shading better
  2. iPonyLover27th

    Unpopular Opinions Regarding the Show

    This show has one of the subtler character developments ever shown in a cartoon, and it makes sense given the slice of life format. Yes sometimes it feels like the characters re-learn the same lessons over and over again, but rl works like that: people often makes the same mistakes more then once, because acting like that is part of their personality, part of what they are; you don't change who you are in the snap of a finger. I don't expect to see Rainbow Dash ever stopping bragging about how awesome she is, or Rarity never being a drama queen for the most little thing anymore; what's most obvious after all this seasons however, is that they know there are times when acting like that is more detrimental for them, and those around them, then positive. I think the song "Works in Progress" says it better: they are always learning on how being better, just like most people do ^^
  3. iPonyLover27th

    The Royal Family, Pre-equestria

    Awesome . Have you ever considered doing a Fallout: Equestria based animation project?
  4. iPonyLover27th

    Hello everypony!

    Welcome. Hope you have fun here
  5. iPonyLover27th

    The Royal Family, Pre-equestria

    Well, holy s***t. Is this a Canon one approved by Hasbro?
  6. iPonyLover27th

    The Royal Family, Pre-equestria

    Whoa, is this an actual animated work incoming ?
  7. iPonyLover27th

    Forgotten Friendship

    Sunset represented someone Walflower could've never become anymore; she fought her own demons and was beloved by everyone in the school, while Walflower thought she could never be like her because for the fear of screwing up and removing everyone's memory of her because of that, like she did many times before. I'm sure it was the entire school, since everyone else was avoiding her for fear.
  8. iPonyLover27th

    Gaming Doom or Quake?

    I think what he meant was that Quake engine is the main inspirator for all modern graphical engines (the very first ones being actual modified versions of that same engine). Yes Doom codified the central mechanics of FPSs, but without Quake game graphics as we know them today wouldn't exist.
  9. iPonyLover27th

    Gaming Doom or Quake?

    Hopefully someone here still remembers them Which one of the two games you prefer the most?
  10. iPonyLover27th

    Season 8 Teaser #2

    Sigh, still a whole month . ... But at least I have time to catch up with season 7
  11. iPonyLover27th

    Hi, Redi here ^^

    Welcome. Hope we can be good friends
  12. iPonyLover27th

    Ask Luna

    How's your relationship with your sister right now? You two are not bickering anymore, right?
  13. iPonyLover27th

    Forgotten Friendship

    Ok, I finally saw it. It was pretty amazing, much better then previous specials. Thanks to this I now appreciate Sunset in a whole new light. She going back being "mean" told us more about her then most post-Rainbow Rocks stuff ever did; being isolated is most probably what caused being worse, which explains why Celestia insisted for Twilight making friends; she feared she would have become like her. Oh, and Celestia reuniting with Sunset was just as heartwarming as I imagined x3. Speaking of Twilight... DEAR GOD, TWILIGHT! Seeing her being her squeaky geek-self again after such long time was epic. I missed her being like that. About Wallflower, she's basically like a Fluttershy gone mad with power. I'd like to point out though that she's the most teenage character I saw in EqG, since she suffers in a way typical of a girl her age. Finally, about the humane 6, I've found the scenes where we see interacting with eachothers pretty good: we don't see them doing anything we don't expect them to do, but is nice seeing them dealing with irl problems using irl world words. Special mention goes to Pinkie; seeing her using some tough girl attitude instead of just her usual baby talking was surprising. Also, never expected to find a drone cute x3. I give it a 4.5\5.
  14. iPonyLover27th

    Forgotten Friendship

    If you mean her asking forgiveness at the end of the second movie, well, I've always seen that as her "dark side" taking over after she got the crown, making her saying and doing things she would've never tried (I mean, taking over Equestria with an army of zombie students? Yeah, that was too far even for her). But I agree with the way the movie and specials have treated her, which is why I tend to prefer Starlight Glimmer the most; while Sunset have been reduced to just the hero, Starlight still shows that she has her own issues to deal with, which leads her to screw up often, similarly to Twilight in the early seasons. (admittedly though, I love Sunset's voice the most <3)