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    Wolves, obviously! And ponies too!
    Throw in some music, tech, and video games and that's basically me.

    Figured I’d also mention I’m vegan. Animal cruelty is sad :(

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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. Lol where'd you go.

    1. Morose


      I disappeared, I can do that sometimes

  3. Very sleepy with a hint of sad... ^^'
  4. This... >·< I have bought all consoles I've ever owned, at least twice... Two PS3s, PS4s, Xbox 360s, Xbox ones, 3 3DSs, 2 PSPs, and like 5 DSs... I buy them, get buyer's remorse, sell them (usually a couple months later), then regret that and buy them again... Finicky and indecisive, that's me That's probably where a lot of my money went to...
  5. Morose


    Thanks, Loyalty
  6. *cuddles @ChB and @Rarity the Supreme* Nothing like cuddles on a lovely Thursday morning
  7. Morose


    Oh I see Awesome, I'll be awaiting that postcard! Thank you! I don't think that'll be too hard, with all these amazing people around
  8. Morose


    Hmm, I guess I can't be sure... We'll just have to wait another 100 years, and see It works for me, and that's good enough! Can't ever get enough of that sweet $$$ Thanks! I really have been so far :3 Haha thanks I really appreciaye the fact you took time out of your day to reply Also, I hope you slept well! Thank you! Oh I'm sure I will!
  9. I worked a job I hated, and barely got paid enough. Nah, gimme that sweet dough. I’ll invest it in my 401K so I can retire early. Or if it pays enough, just work part-time and spend my other hours enjoying life!
  10. Posting on the forums, probably sharing waaaayyy too much information
  11. A gray wolf, for sure! But I’ll take any kind of wolf
  12. Yes and no. I used to be a human garbage disposal, and I’d eat anything at any time. I went vegan a little while ago, and while I’m not picky, I also don’t eat everything people offer me. No, I don’t want a candy bar. Yes, I’m sure I don’t want icecream. No, I’m not going to die of malnutrition or starvation, but thanks for the concern! Gimme some apples though, I’ll legitimately eat like 10 in a row. I love apples :3
  13. Symbol: The Mountain GoatElement: EarthRuling Planet: Saturn — the planet of discipline and maturityBody Part: Knees, skin, bones, teethGood Day: Loyal, family-minded, hardworking, devoted, honest, fearlessBad Day: Pessimistic, unforgiving, cold, materialistic, snobbish, hopelessFavorite Things: Business cards, goals, official titles, being in charge, exclusive clubs, “leg sports” like soccer or track, motorcycles, leatherWhat You Hate: Quitting, shouting in public, careless mistakes, traveling without an itinerary, doing things “just for the heck of it”Secret Wish: To have every need taken care ofHow to Spot Them: Distinctive jaw, strong teeth, wise look in the eyesWhere You’ll Find Them:Enjoying quality time with the family, working obsessively on a large-scale project, running for Senior Vice President of the company, directing a full-length feature filmKeywords for Capricorn: Ambition, Structure, Goals, Long-Term Plans, Prestige, Public Image/Acclaim That was actually a very interesting read... But yeah I’d love to have all of my needs taken care of; who wouldn’t?
  14. Flipflops, because they’re cheap and easy to clean. They’re probably destroying my ankles though... I’ve also been thinking about walking barefoot, because it’d be better for the environment I suppose... o: