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  1. HELLO, FOLKS! It's time for another development update! PHEW... I've been hard at work adding various new systems to the game in order to make it more enjoyable, as well as polishing up some other things that needed bugfixing for some time now. And I'm glad to say: Demo V0.2.0 has finally been released! There is A LOT to unpack in this new release, so I'll make it very brief ( I am writing this at midnight, after all; I need to go to bed soon! ): *** NEW IN THIS UPDATE *** - Removed the music from the previous release and replaced it with the enhanced Golden Sun soundtrack
  2. Well, for now, I was able to get the new build uploaded to MEGA.com ( Thank goodness; MEGA never lets me down ). If anybody wants to download the new build, here's the link: https://mega.nz/#!KZ4jSA4T!kOJJCn_DNrSKH5jtMrGwOalWnOzG-nafB04uav20wIY I'll have a change-log of what's new with this release up on the game's GameJolt page shortly. QUICK EDIT: Just put the V0.2.0 changelog on the game's page. It'll be on the pinned comment.
  3. bulldozerman185

    no critique Maradice Isle box art

    Hahaha, can you believe a couple of my friends got together and threw this box art for Maradice Isle together!? I've been teasing at the idea of having a physical copy of the game for myself, but I didn't think anyone would put together something like this! This is seriously AWESOME!! Also, good on them for sticking that anti-piracy warning on the back. They're right; This game is meant to be "FREE", and any attempt to sell it for profit can, and probably will, result in legal consequences.
  4. Well, looks like we're running into some trouble trying to get Demo V0.2.0 of the game up! It seems no matter what I do, it just fails to upload the new demo build! I've tried and tried over and over, but with no success. I understand it's about 813 MBs in size, but this is such a kick in the teeth! Currently I'm trying to put the game up on GameJolt, but so far it hasn't been too successful. Every time I try to upload it, it gets to %98 through the processing phase, and then it breaks down entirely and fails. And since a hacker got my account on RPGMaker.Net shut down, I can't put it up the
  5. OOH MAN, I LOVE FINAL FANTASY 1. I still have it on my phone, and actively play it on a GBA emulator when I'm not working on Maradice Isle. That game rocks, whether it's on the Nintendo Entertainment System ( even if it is a little dated ), PlayStation 1, GameBoy Advance, or whatever. In fact, it was one of the inspirations for Maradice Isle ( along with Golden Sun and Wizard101, which is especially notable since it borrows elements from those games ). Honestly, I would be super excited to play such a game and see how it goes. It might be a lot of fun... as long as it's not using t
  6. Hello, everyone. It's been awhile, hasn't it? Well, there's some new stuff in the game I wanted to tell you about, so I figured I may as well put up another development update. Now, I know I promised you that Nature Hills would be joining the team, and Ponyville would be in the game with the next update, but sadly, this didn't happen. I don't have the assets I need to add them into the game yet. So your going to have to wait a little while longer for that. Sorry, everyone. Luckily, I have found some new stuff to include that will help pass the time until I'm able to continue with the mai
  7. I'm going to try and get another demo out while I'm waiting for the tilesets I need to design the rest of the game. I just finished designing the alchemy system. And if I'm lucky, I may be able to use it's menu design as a basis for FINALLY adding in an item that can warp you to any previously visited town. That will probably be the next thing I work on.
  8. Well, things are certainly heating up in the world of Maradice Isle. With the much anticipated "Alchemy" system on the horizon, players will FINALLY be able to gather raw materials around the game world ( either bought from vendors, dropped from monsters, collected in specific areas, or any combination of the 3 ) and either create or upgrade their items to help them on their journey to stop Strange Tidings from wiping out the world before Season 9 can even take place ( that is where the game is set; Between S8 and S9 ). So this has me wondering this: Since it will be possible to take a M
  9. That's excellent. While this has been going on, I've been able to spend some time fine-tuning the gameplay, mainly with balancing the game out. I got a few complains from players saying that Spark, one of the Thunder spells, was too overpowered, since it could utterly demolish the bosses and if used on the player by enemies, could quickly lead to some cheap deaths. Especially on Lava Mountain. Now that magic spells are no longer able to critical, and Spark itself having been nerfed, all those issues should be fixed. Hopefully that'll make the game more enjoyable.
  10. Hey again. Hope all is going well with those tilesets. I understand things have probably been a little chaotic lately, for both of us. I've been taking the time off to polish up some of the games content, such as balancing the gameplay a little.
  11. Just made it official on the games development blog. At the bottom of the latest entry, it says the following: *** IMPORTANT NOTICE!! *** As of now, the project has reached a point where the story can no longer be spoiled, so as not to ruin the experience for new players. As such, from this day onward, Bulldozer Studios will be enforcing a "ZERO TOLERANCE FOR SPOILERS" policy in regards to Maradice Isle's story. Any spoilers towards the games story must be marked with an appropriate tag so others know to avoid them. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action being carr
  12. HEY HEY HEY! It's been a while, hasn't it? But it looks like some new stuff is being added to the game, as well as some exciting new changes! And there's a few things here I can't WAIT to tell you about! *** NEW AREAS *** With the completion of the San Palomino Desert area, I've managed to incorporate a proper world map into the game, using an actual map of Equestria I picked up offline! Different colored markers on the map will lead you to different places: - Green Markers: Towns, settlements. - Yellow Markers: Passages to other maps. - Red Markers: Dangerous are
  13. I guess that makes sense. I just don't want the game ruined for people who haven't seen the story before, the same way Undertale was ruined for many. Perhaps I can replace that "EARLY ACCESS BUILD" message with something. That could work.
  14. I can see that the staff here on this website are quite serious about having ZERO SPOILERS for the finale of MLP: FiM ( aside from that one forum ). Frankly, I applaud you guys for the effort. Especially after all the criticism and backlash the shows staff has been getting on Twitter lately. If I had to count the number of accounts I've had to report to Twitter for harassment this past week, I'd set my fingers on fire! ( Also, am I the only one who wants to banish those idiots who leaked the final episodes to the moon for the rest of time? Seriously, guys, wait until the episodes are released
  15. How's it looking so far? And I forgot to mention earlier, but are you only doing the Ponyville sprites, or will you be doing all the tilesets for the locations in that game? I do want to be able to include famous areas like Canterlot and the like.
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