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  1. *PHEW* sorry if I alarmed anybody with my initial post ( my mind was wandering to a pretty dark place when I wrote that ). I've been in a pretty frail frame of mine as of late since this thing's never going to get done.


    I'll keep trying to get this game finished, but I'm not %100 sure how I'm supposed to find the help I need. Paying for it is still out of the question, so there's gotta be other options available.

  2. It's been so long since I started the Maradice Isle project, and no matter how hard I look or how hard I try, I'm still unable to get the tileset assets I need to continue development. At this point in time, I've pretty much given up all hope on the project ever getting completed, and so far in the main storyline, we've only JUST set hoof into Equestria!


    Sure, I found SOMEBODY whose willing to put aside their time to help get things done, but it's going so slowly, I predict it could be 2029 before I can finally get this thing out the door... if I'm lucky! I can't spend that much time working on this thing. If I had the help I needed since day one, the full game would have been out A YEAR AGO!! The fact that it's still sitting at %20 complete after several years in the development hole has me feeling pretty grim.


    Guys, I'm sorry for repeatedly bringing this topic up, but I need help getting the tileset assets I need to continue the game's development. And if this can't happen, well, not only am I going to have to cancel the project, I may just stop showing up on this website altogether ( possibly due to very, uh... "GRUESOME" circumstances I won't go into detail about here ). There's got to be SOMETHING that can be done to fix this mess. I either need some tiles of all/most of the main Equestrian landmarks ( Canterlot, Ponyville and all major buildings therein, etc. ) that I can tinker with to my needs ( and that actually WORKS with RPG Maker VX Ace ), or I need a team of people who can sit down and draw up the assets I need to continue development.

  3. Well, for now, I was able to get the new build uploaded to MEGA.com ( Thank goodness; MEGA never lets me down ).

    If anybody wants to download the new build, here's the link: https://mega.nz/#!KZ4jSA4T!kOJJCn_DNrSKH5jtMrGwOalWnOzG-nafB04uav20wIY

    I'll have a change-log of what's new with this release up on the game's GameJolt page shortly.


    QUICK EDIT: Just put the V0.2.0 changelog on the game's page. It'll be on the pinned comment.

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  4. Hahaha, can you believe a couple of my friends got together and threw this box art for Maradice Isle together!?

    I've been teasing at the idea of having a physical copy of the game for myself, but I didn't think anyone would put together something like this! This is seriously AWESOME!!

    Also, good on them for sticking that anti-piracy warning on the back. They're right; This game is meant to be "FREE", and any attempt to sell it for profit can, and probably will, result in legal consequences.

    Maradice Isle Box Cover V2.png

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  5. Well, looks like we're running into some trouble trying to get Demo V0.2.0 of the game up! It seems no matter what I do, it just fails to upload the new demo build! I've tried and tried over and over, but with no success. I understand it's about 813 MBs in size, but this is such a kick in the teeth!

    Currently I'm trying to put the game up on GameJolt, but so far it hasn't been too successful. Every time I try to upload it, it gets to %98 through the processing phase, and then it breaks down entirely and fails. And since a hacker got my account on RPGMaker.Net shut down, I can't put it up there, either!

    I'm running out of options to upload and publish this new build, and it's got me deeply depressed, and considering abandoning the project. My only option is to put it up on MEGA.com ( something that I can trust to not screw up on me mid-upload ) and find another site to host it on.

    If anybody can find me one such site I can host this thing on ( beside GameJolt, because I can already tell they're not going to help me fix this problem, and I can't access RPGMaker.net anymore ) that will allow downloads from MEGA.com, please let me know. The project is in serious danger, and unless action is taken immediately, the consequences will be catastrophic.


    UPDATE: A member of the GameJolt staff is trying to help me fix this problem. Maybe I'll catch a break and I won't have to relocate the game elsewhere after all. I'll let you know what happens.

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  6. OOH MAN, I LOVE FINAL FANTASY 1. I still have it on my phone, and actively play it on a GBA emulator when I'm not working on Maradice Isle. That game rocks, whether it's on the Nintendo Entertainment System ( even if it is a little dated ), PlayStation 1, GameBoy Advance, or whatever. In fact, it was one of the inspirations for Maradice Isle ( along with Golden Sun and Wizard101, which is especially notable since it borrows elements from those games ).


    Honestly, I would be super excited to play such a game and see how it goes. It might be a lot of fun... as long as it's not using the character development system from Final Fantasy 2. I still frown upon that system for how much it slowed that game to a crawl.

  7. Well, things are certainly heating up in the world of Maradice Isle. With the much anticipated "Alchemy" system on the horizon, players will FINALLY be able to gather raw materials around the game world ( either bought from vendors, dropped from monsters, collected in specific areas, or any combination of the 3 ) and either create or upgrade their items to help them on their journey to stop Strange Tidings from wiping out the world before Season 9 can even take place ( that is where the game is set; Between S8 and S9 ).


    So this has me wondering this: Since it will be possible to take a Minor Healing Potion, and upgrade it all the way to a Max Healing Potion with the right materials, at what point should the in-game stores stop selling the higher level Healing Potions ( heals a single character ), Mist Potions ( heals all characters in the party ), and Star Lights ( restores MP )?


    As of now, these are all the ones that are in the game, in ascending order from weakest to strongest:

    - Healing Potion ( Minor > Medium > Large > Ultra > Max )

    - Mist Potion ( Minor > Medium > Large > Ultra > Max )

    - Star Lights ( Star Light > Silver Light > Platinum Light > Premium Light )


    NOTE: There are higher level versions of Elixir's and Angel's Tears, but I'm already not planning to have those sold in any store.

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  8. That's excellent. While this has been going on, I've been able to spend some time fine-tuning the gameplay, mainly with balancing the game out.

    I got a few complains from players saying that Spark, one of the Thunder spells, was too overpowered, since it could utterly demolish the bosses and if used on the player by enemies, could quickly lead to some cheap deaths. Especially on Lava Mountain.

    Now that magic spells are no longer able to critical, and Spark itself having been nerfed, all those issues should be fixed. Hopefully that'll make the game more enjoyable.

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  9. Just made it official on the games development blog. At the bottom of the latest entry, it says the following:


    *** IMPORTANT NOTICE!! ***

    As of now, the project has reached a point where the story can no longer be spoiled, so as not to ruin the experience for new players. As such, from this day onward, Bulldozer Studios will be enforcing a "ZERO TOLERANCE FOR SPOILERS" policy in regards to Maradice Isle's story. Any spoilers towards the games story must be marked with an appropriate tag so others know to avoid them. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action being carried out. Nobody likes it when a games plot is ruined for them before they even get to play the darn thing!


    This was posted to the games development Discord channel as well. Any and all spoilers are to remain there only, unless given appropriate tags and warnings for those who don't wish to be spoiled.

    It may sound extreme, but believe me: It's for a good cause.

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  10. I can see that the staff here on this website are quite serious about having ZERO SPOILERS for the finale of MLP: FiM ( aside from that one forum ). Frankly, I applaud you guys for the effort. Especially after all the criticism and backlash the shows staff has been getting on Twitter lately. If I had to count the number of accounts I've had to report to Twitter for harassment this past week, I'd set my fingers on fire! ( Also, am I the only one who wants to banish those idiots who leaked the final episodes to the moon for the rest of time? Seriously, guys, wait until the episodes are released like the rest of us! )


    Which leads me to my main question for today: Would it be possible to have similar rules enforced for Maradice Isle when the full game is released, whenever that should be? At least for a couple of months. Keep in mind, the game will feature a very unique story full of twists and turns, and more surprises then you can shake a broadsword at! I don't want it ruined for anyone because someone couldn't keep their trap shut ( remember what happened with Vannamelons and people spoiling Undertale for her? Yeah, nobody wants a repeat of that disaster ).

  11. Fantastic. I got the tileset bases right here.

    The base Lower_Tileset is used for the ground sprites.
    base Staits_Tileset is used for anything involving stairs.
    base Wall_Tileset is used for walls, as well as the roofs of said walls. This is the one used to make all the houses in the game.
    And lastly the Blank Tileset is used for all those other sprites used for everything from doors, plants, scenery, background objects, and the like. Up to 3 of these can be used per map, in combination with the other 3 tileset types ( much more then RPG Maker 2003 ).

    I doubt you'll have any trouble getting them to work. So have at it and good luck!

    Base Lower_Tileset.png

    Base Stairs_Tileset.png

    Base Wall_Tileset.png

    Blank Tileset.png

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  12. I got the message I had written out here:


    "It gives me great pleasure that somebody out there wishes to help out with Maradice Isle and help keep it alive. However, there is one big problem: The game files are VEEEEERY big, and it could take a full week between uploading it, waiting for you to edit it, and then send it back to me.
    The better option by far would be to send you the base's that are used to create the tilesets, and you can put all the necessary sprites into them. After that, I can directly import them into the game over the current ones. It'll be much less time consuming then SLOWLY uploading the work-in-progress twice in a row just to update the tilesets ( how do you even GET those, anyway? ).
    Also, I STRONGLY suggest joining our development Discord channel, where we're all pitching around ideas and staying in contact to work on the game. I have the code right here: "VabKgSC" Please note that once you join, you'll need to manually be added to the "Supporters" role before you can see or post messages. This is to help keep spam and bots out of the channel.
    Let me know what you think ASAP. Thanks!"


    I can send the bases for all the tilesets here.

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  13. Say, SparkleSan, I sent you an email at the address above. Did you ever get it?


    I hate to say it, but at this point in development, I simply can't just send the Work-In-progress to just anyone. Simply because the games filesize is so big, it would take WAY to long to do that. I have another solution that's in that email. I would appreciate it if you could check it and reply back as soon as possible.

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  14. I never thought I would be coming on here to report this, but this situation is beginning to get out of hand.

    I'm beginning to think it may not be possible to continue Maradice Isle's development any further due to a lack of tileset artists to work on the game environments.

    I handled the tilesets just fine by myself when the game was still in it's early stages of development, but now that we're in Equestria itself, I just can't do it anymore. I don't even know how to begin working on Ponyville, the next stop on the list for the main party to visit.

    I hate to say it, but if I can't find anyone to help work on the tilesets, I may ultimately end up canceling the game altogether. And NOBODY will win when that happens.

    If your familiar with RPG Maker VX Ace and firmly believe you can help out with the tilesets, get in touch with me ASAP. I've tried my best to do this, and I simply lack the skill to do so. I need help to get these tilesets made, and I REALLY don't want to throw away all the wonderful work that's been accomplished here.

    Equality Shrine.PNG

  15. Hey, guys. Sorry I never got back to you, but things do get VERY busy.

    Loving what's been going on so far. We've got quite a few more sprites to use. However, we'll still need more just to populate Ponyville, let alone the rest of Equestria.

    Also, not to sound like a major drag, but the lack of tileset artists is REALLY starting to drag the project down. We need more people out here to help make the tilesets and soon. Especially the ones for areas like Ponyville and some of the other towns.

    If you think you can handle it, please let me know.

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  16. Well, I won't lie. Maradice Isle is coming along smoothly, now that my PC is back up and running! I've already started on the first batch of Equestria locations!

    Just one problem, though: WE'RE RUNNING OUT OF SPRITES FOR THE NPC's!!

    I had a large collection of sprites I made while the game was still in early development, but I've already used them up!

    The rest of the development team is hard at work with their own tasks, so I can't bother them with this problem. And I've searched the internet and collected as many VX Ace sprites as I could find, but I've still come up short!

    So ultimately, it's going to fall to YOU lovely folks to help populate the Equestria we know and love!

    How? Simple! I've put together a set of files that will help you design some killer NPC sprites for the game! These files include:
    - 2 Base sprites sets; One for adult ponies, one for the children.
    - A blank sprite sheet to put the sprites on.
    - An example sprite sheet using the main character sprites ( Melody, Embers, Storm and Nature, as well as Strange Tidings ). This will help you figure out how the sprite sheets are set up for use in RPG Maker VX Ace.
    ( All 4 files are available in a .ZIP folder for easy downloading of all 4 )

    BE WARNED, however! There are some conditions to follow:
    - The sprites must be RPG Maker VX Ace compatible, so the sprites MUST FIT within the sprite sheet!
    - The characters can be either OC's or random background ponies that can be reused multiple times ( like how the show sometimes does ).
    - No alicorns allowed! We already have all the alicorns from the show!
    - NO MANE SIX SPRITES! I already have sprites of the Mane Six, along with Sunset Shimmer, Trixie, and Starlight Glimmer.
    - The game is set in-between Season 8 and Season 9. So no characters from Season 9 are allowed ( it hasn't happened yet! ). Seasons 1-8, as well as the MLP Movie, are allowed.
    - When picking a background color, try to pick one that won't be used by any of the sprites. This will simplify the task of picking it to be the transparent color when the sprite sheet is imported to VX Ace.

    Certain high priority sprites I desperately need include:
    - LOTS of background ponies for the NPC's.
    - Spike with his wings.
    - The Ponyville residents.

    When you've finished with your sprite sheets, feel free to simply reply to this post with them attached, along with the name you'd like me to put in the games end credits ( gotta credit everyone somehow! ).

    If we can reach 500 sprites in total ( non-duplicate, preferably ), I will share a special code that, when entered, advances the four player characters to level 99. This will be the only time this code is revealed to the public. So if we fail to reach 500 sprites, say good-bye to those level 99 heroes!

    Good luck, everypony! IT'S TIME TO DRAW!!

    Adult Pony Base Sprites.png

    Blank Character Sheet.png

    Child Pony Base Sprites.png

    Playable Characters.png

    Maradice Isle sprite files.zip

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  17. HI-HO, everypony!

    It appears there is a glitch in the current demo build of the game that's causing the wrong battle theme to be loaded in after the cut-scene where Instrument Strums chews out the two colts ( after the Vile Spider Queen boss ) in his office, resulting in the game crashing when you attempt to enter a battle!

    Fear not! A hotfix has been prepared to remedy this situation, and a new demo build will be uploaded shortly to the games page on GameJolt!

    In addition to this bug fix, this update will also included:

    - GUARDS! The Maradice Royal Guards are finally in the game! You'll see them stationed around the island doing their normal thing.
    - A new event has been added to the Mt. Winter Western Pass! Make sure to check it out!

    - Monster stats have been fixed to properly reflect their classes. Ember monsters will no longer take less damage from Ember spells.


    Keep your eyeballs peeled on the games GameJolt page for when this update goes live!

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  18. An update for the game (Demo V1.0.1) is being uploaded now, to fix a few issues found with V1.0. I'll make some sort of reply to this topic when it's gone live.

    In the meantime, here's some screenshots from the current demo build!

    I was going to edit my original post to include this new info, but for some odd reason I can't edit that post anymore. If anyone knows why please let me know.


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