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Everything posted by monikakryza

  1. Oh, thank you very much. Unfortunately, no one in the world knows me except my friends. I registered for the MLP Forums. I want to meet the world MLP fandom. I want to show you what I can do. I want to see what the rest of the world can do.
  2. I want to show you my drawings! I just started a shop in this forum. I want you to see what I have to offer. And that I love drawing and making interesting orders very much. Please, rate them and give me some tips or advice. I want to be the best commissioner. Purchase here! This is the OC of my friend. This OC is very familiar in our fandom. Despite the sweet face, she is very arrogant and honest.
  3. It's very beautiful! It's nice that these characters are on the bottom. Do you have your own website?
  4. Yay, I think I have new strong candidate for my wallpaper And Tia is the best, of course You should carry on, your style is soooo cute
  5. Great cybernetic work. Wow. Maybe I'll try something like that ... Really great job. Cool perspective.
  6. You have to draw more, it's beautiful! Sombra looks great on this background.
  7. These hooves are wonderful. The whole character is slim and realistic. Very nice style.
  8. This is absolutely beautiful! I would love to have this picture on the wall in the main room. I try to have such skills.
  9. It would be better if you did not cut the character. Cool shape of the face.
  10. Dark and crazy, I like it! I have a big problem with dark drawings. I draw rather charming drawings.
  11. I finished This is a birthday present for my friend. OC I really like the colors and hair.
  12. Przepraszam! ; ( But I'm done. I will show the finished version soon.
  13. This is part of art, in progres. I'll be done soon. I will show her whole. I wonder what kind of background to give?
  14. This is cat-pony my friend Michael. (WIP) What do you think?
  15. Thank you very much! I made her a fanpage.
  16. I also sculpt a little, but I did not make a pony. Nice. You have another?
  17. Great idea! Do you have a story about this character? Draw more !!!
  18. A little late. But only now do I know this forum. This is me and my boyfriend Krzysztof.
  19. Hey! I would like to present you my Reda. This is my first imaginary character. This is my drawing. Cute, creative golden-haired pegasus. Of course he has all the abilities like me. She draws, paints, crochets and sews. Redi is a pegasus that regulates dew in nature. It has a very long golden mane. He loves flowers and looks after them.
  20. You are very nice! Soon I will start as an artist. I love to draw. I draw on canvas and computer. Sorry for my English Rate my drawings. Please visit This is my portfolio. In fact, this is the first non-Polish forum on which I write posts.
  21. Drop more! A beautiful style! It looks like it's cut from an animated movie.
  22. I I'm from Poland. From a small village, right by the sea. My favorite character is AJ. I have my own OC. Her name is Redi. I often use this name to sign up on the forum. I love drawing! I'm doing crochet. I sew a little. And I'm a professional Computer Graphic Designer.