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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Actually, not all sitcoms have live audiances. Their's a person that presses a button to have that "woooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaawwww" sound. Drake & Josh for an example
  3. I believe that Bulk just never exercised with his wings and, was just completely focused on the rest of his bod.
  4. I certainly don't think that modern music is trash.
  5. When the mean 6 turned into logs, i pretty much started thinking, "this isn't over." I think that anti-Twilight will be back with her plan at some point due to, that anticlimactic ending.
  6. depends if the person is a slob that doesnt take care of their body....than uh no
  7. meme intensifies


  8. Decided to ponify my laptop. RIP Rainbow. I wasn't able to get her at the sticker gacha machine at my grocery store. I just ended up with dupes until i ran out of quarters.


    1. Once In A Blue Moon

      Once In A Blue Moon

      I've put a few stickers on my tablet, and I do occasionally forget that they are there...

      "Royal Equestrian Air Force, 1st Flight Demonstration Squadron?"

      "Is that another Pony thing?"
      "Nice design."


  9. Hopefully, but some comments make me think otherwise
  10. So, the molt episode pretty much got me thinking about something. Everyone is always curious about Scootaloo's parents.But, what about Spike? How did Celestia get a dragon egg? Did she find it somewhere? Did spike's parents give it to her? Did his parents go missing? or are they deceased? In the molt episode, we learn that dragon parents don't let their children go until they hit puberty. Which really begs the question,how did spike end up with ponies instead of his own kind? Any thoughts?