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  1. 112 notifications? Really guys?:P:wacko:

    1. Tacodidra


      Just 112? :o I haven't been brohoofing you enough, then... :dash: *gives you a few more* :P

    2. Sondash Studios

      Sondash Studios

      Ahh! Soo many!:yay::BornAgainBrony:

  2. Sonic acting cute as usual.B)

    cute sonic gif | Tumblr

  3. If I had a baby Dashie, hell, I'd spend a million dollars to teach her to behave like a human.
  4. For anyone who remembers the old classic 'Croc and the Legend of the Gobbos, the third installment was canceled which really saddened me.
  5. For those of you that want to make it through Monday, I can help.:dash:

    The Big ImageBoard (TBIB)

  6. Rainbow Dash doing a quadruple Sonic Rainboom and blowing the Universe up
  7. Not yet.. I wish though.. Did you write your crush a letter before?
  8. So I checked my Nintendo Account's Payments and transactions and found out that my damn brother spent 300$ on Fortnite. (Which I'm 100% sure he stole from my parents since he has ZERO money)

    I'm barely scraping to get a Switch game on sale for 10$ and this kid goes and steals 300 for his stupid game.:angry:

  9. A nice jab to their crotch to liven up the situation and see how much of a "man" they are.
  10. Oak is probably my favorite since it's the easiest to get ahold of, but jungle is also nice since it's color is so saturated lol.
  11. Any tips on how to cope moving to another state?

    1. Kyoshi


      I've never done that, but I think a good idea could be to look up stuff about said state and learn its unique stuff. :yay:

  12. Heheh well for starters, if you notice her looking at you constantly from the corner of her eye, often bumps into you on purpose (if you see each other a lot in public), twirling her hair while she's around you, or when she gets a bit nervous talking to you might indicate some feelings there. It's funny though because I've never asked a girl out (well there was this one time but that's another story)
  13. I normally get in bed around 10PM and then stay up drawing till 11PM in which I begin to get tired by then. There are a few exceptions to it whenever I stay up till 2AM on certain nights playing on the Switch.