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  1. Who's the fastest thing alive?:dash:



  2. Never thought of it, but they both look pretty good in super form!:wub:



    1. Tacodidra


      They certainly do! B) I wonder what Rainbow Dash's equivalent to Hyper Sonic would be... :ooh:

  3. Hmm... I guess my main goal was to hang out with other bronies like me and make new friend's here. Guess it'd be also nice to hit 2000 posts, actually, make that 3000 and hit one of those juicy ranks . Maybe even trying out for staff?
  4. I have Skullcandy Hesh 2 for headphones. Spent 45$ on them. Definitely made for bass!
  5. I play the Piano, Cello, and the Violin. I also know how to play the flute a little as well with the guitar!
  6. So from what others tell me, the Brony Fandom is dying. Is that true?