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    Sleepy Talk: Temperature

    Your worst nightmare is trying to sleep in the heat wearing only underwear and yet it doesn't work. I prefer sleeping in an average room since I'm very sensitive to cold temperatures.
  2. Sondash Studios

    Do you judge people by their avatar?

    Yep. I deal with it all the time. Don't ask.
  3. Sondash Studios

    Movies/TV Aliens and Predators

    Alien: I really liked the first classic one with all the blood and suspense and everything so it wasn't too bad. Aliens: This movie wasn't too bad either and the story was lretty good as well and I actually enjoyed it. Alien 3: While the gore and horror in the movie looked great, I still didn't really like it that much with all those bald people I guess. Plus Ripley being bald just freaked me out. Alien Resurrection: Now this movie was bloody good with all the intesne gore in it. I really enjoyed it a lot. Prometheus: To he honest, the movie could've been better even though there were some pretty good scenes. (Which still could've been a little better) Alien Covenant: It was pretty interesting most of the time, but Ridley Scott could've done better in my opinion. AvP: I just loved this movie. I was just hooked to it the entire time. AvP Requiem: While the gore and violence was good (The bellyburster was too much though) The story and setting should've been better. Predator: The classic one. I lived every second of it with Arnold Swartchnegger. Predator 2: The movie was okay. Sure, it could've been better with all those gangsters and everything, but it wasn't that bad. Predators: One of my favorite Predator movies. Plenty of Predator action and suspense. The Predator: While most people hated it, I actually enjoyed it, especially with that ultimate predator. (Thought the jokes were just cringey)
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    Movies/TV Aliens and Predators

    What are your views on the Aliens and Predators series? (Fun fact: I'm addicted to them for some reason)
  5. Sondash Studios

    Do You Skate ?

    Skating isn't that hard (Although I could never ride roller skates even if my life depended on it) But the only "trick I can do is skating backwards and that's it.
  6. Sondash Studios

    What accomplishment are you proud of?

    Completing my animation that took forever.
  7. Sondash Studios

    How do you avoid Boredom? (Opinion/Discussion thread)

    Get some comic books to pass the time. Also try getting your hands on some of those MLP comics, because they're awesome.
  8. Sondash Studios

    Your favorite piece of clothing.

    My vintage hoodie. I love it to death.
  9. Sondash Studios

    What Makes You Happy?

    Good books A best friend My Little Pony MLP Forums Drawing Classic comics (Sonic Archives, Calvin and Hobbes, Big Nate) Good music (Particularly remixes and electric music)
  10. Sondash Studios

    When you're lonely...

    I try to read a book or draw something to take my mind off of things.
  11. Sondash Studios

    Name an iconic duo

    Vat Williams and Bruce Lee in the "Green Hornet".
  12. Step aside Mario, I'm the new hero of "Mario" Galaxy! 




    1. Snow le Canard

      Snow le Canard

      Yeah...he'd get her easy. And by that I mean a new g/f. :mlp_laugh:

    2. Arc Flash
    3. A.V.


      N b4 Shooting Stars starts playing. :laugh:

  13. Sondash Studios

    What's Your Longest Ongoing Conversation On Here?

    I have about 10 pages in pm with @Sherbert MGS and 16 pages with @AJ2489. The two most people I pm so far. On the forums, I think I was debating about 3 pages worth of chats.
  14. AVP 2. That movie is so gory, that I almost puked. Just imagine what a "belly burster" is and you'll know what I mean. (Makes me wonder why I still bought it)
  15. (If this idea was taken, please correct me.) Well, there's no one above me, so I'll just wait and see where this goes.
  16. Sondash Studios

    What do you hope people say behind your back?

    Well, I think it depends. I don't think my friends or others ever say anything negative about me because it's just who we are and that there's nothing bad to talk about ourselves. Except for this one friend who will sometimes blab garbage about me.
  17. Sondash Studios

    What is your dream job?

    I've always wanted to work for Samsung and get I'm on that juicy stuff how you make phones.
  18. Sondash Studios

    Why is the Brony Fandom dying?

    So from what others tell me, the Brony Fandom is dying. Is that true?
  19. Sondash Studios

    Who is using Windows 10/8/7/or Xp?

    Who is using Windows 10/8/7/or Xp? I'm using Windows 10. And if somewhere out there uses Windows Xp, you really need to upgrade.
  20. Sondash Studios

    General What makes art good

    It depends though... A good drawing has really good and realistic shading and texture to it. It also depends on the clarity and uniqueness as well.
  21. I'm into Cute Sonic Colors pictures now. They're just too adorable!!:wub:



  22. Sondash Studios

    Do you care about how you look?

    Yeah I do care how I look, but not that crazy. Sure, I wear nice clothing and comb my hair and all, but that's about it. I don't really care what people think about me or my style of dressing up. I'm happy the way I am.
  23. I wanna say PONY!!!! (It's just how I am)
  24. Sondash Studios

    Do you feel comfortable singing in front of others?

    I have a gift for singing, but I always nearly pass out just thinking about singing in front of others...
  25. Sight... haven't put an update for a while... Let's start with a cute picture:wub:

    See the source image


    1. Arc Flash

      Arc Flash

      Well welcome back!!:ph3ar: